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Select Each Image Containing a Skunk to Proceed

ByHorsehead May 10, 2022

Pax: Stone Cold, Smokey, Chicken Wing, MAD, Lois, Funky Cold, Horsehead 7 Skunks got CAPTCHA’d at the Ye Olde Covenant of Christ this Tew

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The real reason we celebrate Cinco de Mayo

ByHoover May 5, 2022

Let's cut to the chase (or is it chaise?) here, Cinco de Mayo is about as much of a holiday as Administrative Professionals day.  No offense to


Cleaning the Rat Traps

ByHops May 2, 2022

YHC arrived somewhat early...site Q Magoo was first in...not including the dude cleaning out the rat traps around SCMS.  Next on Mike Rowe's "Di

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No Whistle, but still pain to gain!

ByTonyatine Apr 13, 2022

Beautiful morning today, so was happy to wake up and lead the group this day. Feel like I am at Marvin Middle and HS more times a day than I care

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WTF is going on in Waxhaw….Part2

ByKid Rock Mar 29, 2022

  That's right! WTF is back for a second year. For those of you that did not make it out last year, or are unaware of what WTF is... Her

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New kettlebell program – March/April/May 2022

ByVoodoo Mar 23, 2022

The program we're going to do at Swole/Meathead/Olympus for the next 8 weeks is the single bell version of the Kettlebell Only Muscle Gain (or KB

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Welcome the Welsh Dragon…

ByPoint Break Mar 21, 2022

Been a while since I had been out to the Basecamp AO, too long, however, when a new AO gets fired up 2 minutes from your house, well, you know ho

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2022 SCLT Passport Challenge BB

ByMARTA Mar 6, 2022

The obligatory South Charlotte 2022 Passport Challenge Recap from the 2022 Champion.   The Warm Up: Patented warmup to guaranteed f

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We’re #1

BySurge Mar 2, 2022

When putting together the workout for Chiseled last night I never knew the response I would get after the workout was over, especially from the B

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Don’t do the hill again

BySurge Feb 23, 2022

Warmup All the necessary safety announcements made.  Mosey to front of school.  Imperial walkers, LSS (mistakenly called lunges), plank, mer

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