Blowing Rock or Blowing Chunks-F3Dads Camping Trip

Blowing Rock or Blowing Chunks-F3Dads Camping Trip

12PAX and 16 2.0s (at least to start), left the city life behind and went west, found a little rain, no cell service, and perhaps one serial killer.


Roll in on Friday, set up tents, communal area, figure out who is camping where, and get a fire started.  The rain moved thru about 1pm and soaked everything for several hours. It did not dissuade the PAX from pushing forward (we had already paid for the campsites and the food) and by late afternoon the rain subsided, most PAX arrived, and the 2.0s were already running around the campsite.

Little did we know that on the way to God’s Country, a wrong turn was taken at a Lowe’s and a new name for one of the PAX was being born.

Upon his arrival, Chuck Wagon FKA Zinfandel, unloaded the food, then promptly informed us that one of his 2.0s did not fare too well and got sick on the ride up. Nonetheless, the promise of good times and sugar was the antidote for a quick recovery. So as the night wore on, with beer and Doritos consumed with reckless abandon, all seemed well…..

As daylight broke, Chastian’s truck was mysteriously parked in Chuck Wagon’s parking space, CW’s tent was gone, his minivan was parked in a different spot, and one stained covered sleeping mat was laying on the ground. As I walked closer to investigate, the minivan started and off it went, into the fog, never to be seen again. Upon closer examination of the crime scene, the stain on the sleeping mat was Dorito’s red, and one could easy surmise that we were down 1 PAX and three 2.0s for the remainder of the trip.

Chastain, as our Nantan, stepped up and took over the food duties. However, he quickly discovered, much to our chagrin, that Chuck Wagon stole the mac and cheese that was planned for dinner. We had 2 options, goto the FoodLion that was 10 minutes away and buy some, or gut it out. We chose the latter.

Saturday morning it was hiking trails for some while others decided to go kayaking.  As the hikers were able to witness the clear skies roll out and the rain clouds roll in from the top, the kayakers were able to experience the torrential downpour in the middle of a lake. After hiking, it was lunch at Woodland’s BBQ for most and the coin operated laundry in Boone for the remainder.

After lunch it was more hiking, but this time to the swimming hole and then rock climbing up a waterfall.

With night time settling in, time for hot dogs, brats, and beans, followed by s’mores.

As the sun woke up Sunday morning, time to get rid of all the food, pack up, and go back to civilization.

All children were returned to their Dads without any broken bones.


Official rename: Zinfandel to Chuck Wagon, if you can’t figure out the reason, read this backblast again.

Surge made friends with our serial killer, camping neighbor, who we counted as a FNG and gave him the name Dahmer or Manson. We left him a gift of blueberry muffins as a thank you for not cutting our heads off during the night.

I have figured out why they call him Chatterbox, the guy would not stop talking the entire time.

Happy Meal is our professional fire starter and wood finder but he cannot be left in charge of the six.

We are renaming OneNiner’s son as well, it is now Romeo.

Thank goodness for Marta who brought the camping gear that CW was tasked to bring, assign, yet somehow the stuff did not make it.

We discovered that Mad Dog enjoys a good bag of chips a hoy (and so do raccoons).

We all have chair envy over Mad Dogs rocking camper chair, but he will spend most of the week doing an internet search on my Toto.

Sad Puppy provided eye candy for a young hikers (and her mom) at the top of rough ridge.

Hazmat’s wife is going to kill him when she finds out he let Uncle PJ sugar up the kids.

Thank you all for allowing me to organize this chaos and being foolish enough to join me in the adventure.

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