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Falcon Crest??

ByMermaid Jun 29, 2021

Circuit City put out a Slack asking for someone to take his Q this week at Hawks Nest. YHC thought it was 0600 start. It was not, but responding

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Questionable Ball Usage

Bymidriff Jun 29, 2021

Is the game of golf dying? Is it a rich, old man's sport? How have One Star, Big Ben, Smuggler and the crew not being kicked out of the Firethorn

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Lou Ferrigno comes to Centurion

ByHops Jun 25, 2021

YHC pulled in to the launch lot after circumventing the massive faux-fireworks tent.  12 other pax, including 1 FNG - "Bixby", awaited the morni

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A cool morning in June?

ByVoodoo Jun 25, 2021

9 manly men posted at Meathead yesterday for the second round of the new kettlebell program. With weather in the 60s, a few pax noted that it was

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Is Mighty Mite a Druid?

ByVoodoo Jun 25, 2021

Seven of us showed up in the sandy parking lot at McAlpine Elementary on Monday. Mighty Mite had promised a new kettlebell program and he more or

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This one time at SACS …

ByHoover Jun 23, 2021

The following is equal parts Thang/Moleskin-age and the ramblings of a guy about to go on vacation who has mentally checked out ... you have been

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Trying to Avoid That Not So Fresh Feeling

ByMadison Jun 22, 2021

14 HIMs showed up expecting a Q from CRS, but a late day text from him "calling in sick" gave me the opportunity to run Back 2 Back Q's at Thrive

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Cavemen Complexes

ByBaracus Jun 22, 2021

It’s getting hard to hide in these smaller groups that have been coming out to Skunkworks  lately, so YHC raised his hand a week ago to take t

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July 5th Independence Celebration

ByWarEagle Jun 21, 2021

What: A workout celebrating our country's independence When: Monday, July 5th at 8:00 AM Where: Launching spot for The Brave.  The Communi

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Welcome to… Aspen? New AO coming soon!

ByHair Band Jun 17, 2021

Coming to you from the Wild West borderlands, the intersection of F3UnionCo, Area51 and Waxhaw… Thursday mornings’ newest F3UnionCo AO wil

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