61 cents for your services.

61 cents for your services.

yep.  a backblast.  remember those?

there was a shovel flag, too…God bless Snowflake, Centurion, and the USA, of course.  The only SF in Area51 that I’m aware of. Let’s plant a few more, men.

there were also 6 Respect’s and two forty-something’s…Lorax being the younger of the two – War Baby for the first time in his long, illustrious F3 career.

Snuka rightly called me out on Thanksgiving asking why I don’t post anymore.  It hurt because it was laden with truth.  The dude’s 61 and posts 4-5 times per week.  Just don’t ask him to swing a KB…..he’ll hurt himself.

Chelms returned to his old grounds and tracked exactly 1.94 miles, mostly uphill according to him.  He also said something for the first time at an F3 workout: “I’m focusing on form.”  True story.  His words….not his actions.

Snowflake is 2 weeks older than Snuka, but 3 inches taller…or 4.

Erin Brokavich was almost War Baby for the first time….if only Lorax hadn’t decided to start posting again himself.  Don’t call it a comeback.

Runstopper, broken wrist and all, was putting in the work….not sure the burpees, normally his forté, were happening though.  He wore more than just tights, and we gave thanks for that.

Emoji was all smiles of course; but he was complaining about the wall being too smooth for Walthar N’Djaiye’s as well as the additive nature of the burpees.

Pax stayed in the parking deck, aka Cerberus, for 35 minutes…then did some rock work and some Mary.

good to be back at Centurion, the best Friday Area51 bootcamp in southwestern Mecklenburg County.

All in all a good morning.  No one was held up at gun point.  YHC found 61 cents in the parking deck.  Chelms offered to watch it for me at one point…not the kind of accounting I was looking for.  And no one got hit by a car crossing Route 51.

“As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.”   You’ve likely heard that around F3.  It’s an ancient Hebrew saying.  There’s a lot more good stuff written by the same dude and several others.  If you want to check out some of it, I’d be glad to make a few suggestions.

Thanks to Snowflake for taking us out in prayer, and for tapping me to Q.


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Chelms aka Tatertot
2 months ago

I remember back in the day when we would get 20+ at Centurion and a back blast would get 10 or so t-claps and multiple comments. Seems like we may be decelerating. Don’t let it happen. Keep EH’ing and encouraging others to join us.

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