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Kajagoogoo & French gloves

Tongue-tied or short of breath, don’t even try
Try a little harder
Something’s wrong, you’re not naive, you must must be strong
Ooh, baby, try.

That was Spackler’s disclaimer & encouragement prior to launch…don’t believe me?  Ok, actually that is the opening stanza of English band Kajagoogoo’s “Too Shy”, released in 1983.  Why do I mention this?  Glad you asked.

Puddin’ Pop, with a partial assist from Geraldo, gave me the history of the song and lead singer – Limahl, not le Maul after YHC mentioned posting at The Maul yesterday.  You never know what may come out of the nether regions of Puddin’ & Geraldo’s steel memory vaults — containing all things pop culture, TV, music, etc.

By the way YHC is Hops, not Spackler, as he refuseniked the backblast and said as much during COT.

So here’s a bit of Thang & mostly Moleskinny below:

Actually only 19 of us did the workout.  Site Q Emeritus and Poet Laureate of Area 51 – Sprockets – ran in for COT.

We ran over to the church parking lot for COP, where Geraldo soiled himself.  Spackler then had the pax partner up, grab a rock, and run with it to Evelyn’s Hill or Evelyn’s Rock or whatever.  So we ran the hill 3 or 4 times with rock exercises while partner ran up and did 15 merkins.  It was Covid compliant, as we were all wearing gloves, except Proehl and maybe Lorax.

Speaking of gloves – Hopper shared how his pair of French gloves had held up beautifully for 2 years.  He bought these wondergloves when he and M. Hopper were in Paris for their 20th.  Puddin’ Pop guessed the boutique at which Hopper bought these mittens.  Steel vault.  Weird.

Now back to the church, return rocks, and head over to SCLT baseball complex for starfish work.  Spackler called for modified burpees which YHC thought meant some feeble knee bends, but he actually meant squat thrusts. Also, at some point Hopper pointed out that it was the first time Brandi ever wore sleeves to an F3 workout.  25 degrees will do that, I guess.

Slingshot asked for donations to fill the monstrous pothole behind the school.  I’m donating an unused bag of Sakrete.

Deep Dish updated the pax on the Vegas odds for Clemson at VT this weekend.  #F3Bookie

Some other funny stuff happened…hopefully, you guys will chime in with some more flavor.

Good bootcamp Q Spackler – less than 3 miles.  Glad to be back on the bootcamp circuit.

Please keep Bout Time’s family in your prayers.  His young son Jennings’ cancer has come back, and they have another long fight ahead of them.  God is able to heal, so let’s boldly ask Him to do so.  Ask Him.  Often.

We all have things that weigh on us, things we need — relational, financial, mental struggles.  Risking getting too “faithy” here, but men –> there is a God who cares and listens.  He is not a genie granting wishes, and He is not some cosmic vending machine.  But even if you’re not a praying man – what do you have to lose?  Ask.  Knock.  Seek.  An ancient king named David once wrote, “Taste and see that the Lord is good.”  He always feeds the hungry.

 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.”  Matthew 11: 28-29


Dirty Steve finds the spirit world at Anvil

15 pax mustered prior to 0530 (Floorslapper would join us at 0533), and after waiting for Smokey to walk the 100 yards from where he parked – YHC asked if any pax needed a disclaimer.  Did have to reintroduce myself to Erin Brokovich.  Had only posted with him once at Hawks Nest.  So, we launched into the humpday south Charlotte gloom.  At this point, Spackler was already asking for mileage.  Anvil.  Bootcamp.  Low mileage.

We yogged around the Swole lot and a couple others and circled up for COP.  Welcome Floorslapper.  Ductwork said the warmup run pace was a little quick.  #cobains

Most of what follows will be Moleskinny with a sprinkling of Thang.

Standard COP but worked in some burpees which was met with some grumbling and refuseniking, of course.  Horsehead was doing some odd-looking stretches already at this point.  His knee is dinged up.  Later, I asked if that was why he wasn’t doing the burpees.  Answer: “No.  I’m just used to not doing them.”  Fair enough.  Purple pill it is.

Did some rock work with some sprints/runs, and then headed over to the pavilion for some Bernie Sanders Recliners (aka Peoples Chair).  This was the point in the workout when Clover said Rocky & First Blood II were the two finest movies ever made, and his personal favorites.

Puddin’, in between not doing the called exercises, was quoting Dirty Steve from Young Guns.  By the way, watching Blacklist on Netflix, and in the most recent episode I watched – the boxer (pugilist) member of Young Guns had a quick appearance until he gutted himself with some Samurai knife.

Did some overhead press and Walther N’Djaiye’s…thought Smokey was going to break down one of the doors during these…Calvary likely to send Lorax a bill for the replacement door.

Snuka and Magoo don’t say much, but they were 3 of the 5 Respects in the group, and were getting after it.  Snuka and Smokey were racing during the rock work.  Spackler said he held back waiting for slower-paced long mileage.

Lorax informed Point Break and YHC that he was staying home as it is his son’s birthday.  Birthday’s seemed to be the topic du jour at COT, and Clover strangely knew about 8 pax’s birthday’s.  Also said today was his 1/3 or 1/6 birthday?

Limey posted for the 89th consecutive weekday.  T-claps.

Snowflake, aka Area51’s War Daddy, ran in and put in the hard work.  You can thank him for the Walthar’s as he introduced them to me 5 years ago at some Union County AO from which F3 is now banned.

Stone Cold and 49’er may have clowncarred it over from their neighborhood?  The clown car is kind of a lost art form among the pax.  Let’s bring that practice back, shall we?!  Great to have 49’er back in the gloom after a temporary 4+ year retirement from F3.  And thanks to SC for taking us out in prayer.

Puddin’ waited until the 6 MoM to roast the pax with his flatulence, and Spackler regaled the pax with prolific tales of his 1st grader’s farting exploits.

Anvil and Swole should do a joint COT.  Lorax/Point Break and Voodoo (or High Tide) can coordinate.

For those of you who know Snoop of F3 Metro (and for those that don’t) – please pray for healing for his fiancée Laura who suffered an aneurysm a few days ago and is in ICU.  God can heal anyone, so let’s ask him boldly to do so for her.  Aye?!

Thanks to PB & Lorax for tapping me to Q at Area 51’s best AO.  Next time we’re going up NorthFace at least once.

Happy Hump Day.  We should really do a happy hour.  Where’s the damn camel?

Catch the mist, catch the myth

8 modern day warriors strode into Cerberus.  Their minds were not for rent.  It was a fine assemblage of pax, so be careful what you say about this company, as it would also say something of society.

They knew changes aren’t permanent, that’s why they continue to post.  No FNG’s in this group – though Smuggler & Bypass are relatively new to the south Charlotte gloom.  Keep posting, men.

All the pax caught the witness, caught Alf’s wit, caught the F3 spirit, and might’ve caught YHC’s spit (aka the snot rockets I was hurling as we ran the parking deck ramps).

Really not clear on what Neil Peart, Geddy Lee et al were trying to convey.  I do know my next FNG name will be Tom Sawyer…because: why not?

Reason for the references to my favorite Canadian rock band is that Udder’s brother was blasting some Rush as he screamed at the pay-for-play crowd in the parking deck this morning.

So below is a bit of Thang but mostly Moleskinny:

Swimmers was late, not Floorslapper late but after 0530.  We waited, nonetheless.  #cobains

Good to learn Bypass is also from the Heartland, Alf went for the dig right after YHC asked “which part of Indiana are you from?”  Well played, Alf.

So we ran some ramps, did a Triple Nickel and a Jacob’s Ladder.  Taught most of them the Walther N’Djaiye.

No idea how much ground we covered.  Didn’t start my watch.  Not much ground covered.  Fair amount of Mary mixed in with ramp running, some donkey kicks (hadn’t called those in a long time).

Some other observations from this morning’s mean, mean striding:

One Star and TL can call out some cadence.  T-claps…though One Star struggled with the math a bit…you sure you got schooled in the Ivy League?  I have heard they’re next-to-impossible to get into but easy once you’re in 😉

Smuggler was an FNG roughly 2 weeks ago.  EH’d by One Star who apparently failed to post for Smuggler’s FNG downpainment.  Good work out there Smuggler.  Keep at it, brother!

Ironsides is a huge Rush fan and said he has a concert t-shirt signed by the entire band….he was also going on about Tom Sawyer having attended Appalachian State for a couple years.

Ok.  That’s it.  That’s the backblast.  I like backblasts, and also since Waxhaw requires backblasts, preferably 2 for every workout, I figured I better post one.

Wait a minute.  This 3-headed dog known affectionately as Cerberus – is that SOB, A51 & Waxhaw or is Union County the third head?  Who cares.  Good work men.  Now go serve and love others and die to that selfishness that rises up in all of us.  Aye!

Keep giving away what you’ve found, men.

As has become the norm for Hawks Nest, a problematic (not really) number of pax mustered for the Tuesday morning downpainment in the Area51 gloom.  28, to be exact including 2/3 of Trifusenik, 1/2 of the men in OP neighborhood, and the rest of us.  Floorslapper was on time…if you’re superstitious, watch out for other strange occurrences today.

So after a very brief and weak disclaimer, the pax launched.  The following will be mostly Moleskine with a sprinkling of Thang:

Run around outside of Colony Place and back into the lot behind the medical building.  Circle up for COP, which stands for Circle of Pain.  Did some hand-release merkins, plank shoulder taps, flutters, IW’s, slow squats.  This was when Semi-gloss was lamenting all the Chinese he ate the night before. #peekaboo

We then ran into the adjacent neighborhood, but not before I heard Champagne voice his concern about going too far.  We didn’t.  I think we stayed under 2 miles for the whole deal this morning, but my Garmin and the ability to use it properly are suspect.

Did some exercises at various crossroads while looping through Stonecroft & a bit of OP.  Only had to stop once for a blue-collar driver who gave the pax the peace sign…or flipped us off, not sure.  We circled around back to Rea and back towards CP.  Beetlejuice pointed out he doesn’t notice the upward trajectory when he drives that route…it is a bit of a sneaky climb.  We then cut through the condo neighborhood where Gloss visited his office.  Hopper wisely suggested we tip over the Port-a-Jon.  Could have been an Area51 all-timer.  We won’t neglect that next time, so beware as that is likely to happen.  Take care of the paperwork at home, men.  Think we did some Dolly’s in the cul-de-sac.

Back to the medical building parking lot for some burpee broad jumps, lunges – frontwards and backwards, bear crawls & karaoke.  Moseyed over to the fountain for a bench set with some dancing Chilcutt’s and Makthar N’Djaiye’s in with the jump/step up’s & dips.

Jog back to launch lot for 6 Minutes of Mary including some Freddy Mecury’s, Boone crunches & finished with 13 burpees OYO (On Your Own). #crowdpleaser

COT (Circle of Trust) with Hopper taking the pax out in prayer

Sundry observations from this morning’s rendition of Hawks Nest:

  • Deep Dish, who is now co-site Q of Hawks Nest with Hopper (more on that later), wore his Clemson shirt.  He only wears that one and his Chicago Bears shirt.  He also might post at Hawks Nest in sub 40 temps this winter.  Place your bets.
  • Speaking of shirts, Brandi was shirtless from the outset…I think
  • T-claps to Erin Brokovich & Seabiscuit (FNG’s just last Friday at Centurion) for posting.  Glad you guys are part of the pax.
  • Sable was also back after having been an FNG last week at HN with a Hydra post in between.  T-claps to you as well, sir.  By the way, T-claps means Triple Claps.  #f3lexicon
  • Limey posts every weekday….every week.  Get it, brother!
  • Motorboat, who is looking to break into the Trifusenik starting lineup, actually attempted some backwards lunge walks.  Could hurt your chances of starting for Trifusenik, brother.
  • Speaking of Trifusenik — Puddin’ and Gloss sat on a park bench while the rest of the pax did the jump up’s & dips.  I’m always impressed yet saddened by the brazenness yet calmness of the refusenik’s.

Probably lots of other stuff to report, but it was all I could do to come up with the 27 other pax names who posted.  No phone recording; remembering the pax names is my mental exercise for the morning.  At 48, still have a little mental aptitude left.

As for Hawks Nest and passing the torch to Deep Dish — appreciate Hopper’s kind words during COT.  Don’t say it (or type it), Gloss.  We’re not getting a room.  In all seriousness, Q’ing a workout or stepping up eventually to be a site Q is how you become a better leader.  And for those that aren’t aware, the mission of F3 is:

“to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.”

Getting in better shape, sharpening others and being sharpened by others (Proverbs 27:17), and recognizing that you are not the primary reason you are on this ball of dirt –> that’s F3, at least in my simple, short way of summarizing.  My biggest “aha moment” in my almost 9 years in F3 was when God made it clear to me that He wanted me to give away what I’ve found in Him.  For those reading this, you may be familiar with something in the Christian faith called the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).  Two things on this: 1) it is not called the “Great Suggestion”, rather it is a Commission (an instruction, command, or duty given to a person or group of people); and 2) it is focused on others, not yourself.

After all the workouts, 3 sites launched, coffeteria’s, happy hours, 3rd F groups, etc., etc. — my biggest encouragement to you men is to “give away what you’ve found in F3”.  Not out of guilt, compulsion, or some over-inflated sense of F3 duty; rather, give it away to another man because you are grateful.  Grateful that another man thought enough of you to invite you to a workout.

Grateful for you, men.

Will there be burpees? And CCV’s?

Mermaid gave the disclaimer before YHC arrived….unavoidably detained and working on the Weinke on the drive into Centurion.  10 of us, including Mayday who was back from his FNG post last week, launched into the south Charlotte gloom.  By the way, when are we getting back on campus?  No need to unnecessarily cross 51, though Walsh Blvd. is arguably more dangerous…some a-hole pert near ran over a couple pax this morning.

Anyway, we did a bunch of stuff…not YHC’s best effort at Q’ing. #cobains. Spent some time on the Natatorium hill, also did COP in the hospice/palliative care parking lot.  Always feels a little weird…  Also visited Tartarus and did some rock work, and of course, 6 MoM.  Both Lorax and Mermaid remarked on this.  You’re welcome.

A little bit of olde moleskinny:

  • Snuka’s rock was smaller than a softball
  • Limey chose two rocks, both of which were larger than Snuka’s
  • Mayday posted for the 3rd time in 8 days; said he was nauseous after last week, but not this week.  Let’s go!
  • Clover’s cadence interrupting attempts are a staple now
  • Margo’s beard seems tamer, and he always brings the shovel flag….so proud of you
  • Cain – he’s able.
  • Mr. Magoo on Q next week
  • Margo promises to schedule Q’s more than one week in advance.  He’s still trying to get the hang of this site Q thing after 5+ years.  Longest tenured site Q in the history of Area51, methinks.

That’s it. Short & sweet.  only about 1.6 miles traversed….we’ll go farther next time…maybe.

Passez un bon weekend.

Where’s my office?!

A veteran group of pax mustered at Basecamp this morning.  Semi-gloss, who needed to take care of some paperwork in his office, was LIFO, but oddly enough – kept his shirt on the entire schweaty workout.  Strange Brew started the workout shirtless, only to put a shirt on after COT.

Anyhoo, after a weak disclaimer that included a warning to avoid the construction at SCMS, the pax launched into the soupy south CLT gloom.

Ye Olde Moleskinny Thang:

We ran down to the track for a lap then to midfield for COP.  Already much mumble chatter and complaining about actually being on grass – Spackles, Clover & Gloss were fulfilling that role as per the norm.  We did some stuff including the broken sprinkler.  Then up to the rocks near Gloss’ office for 3 circuits of rock work and some bear crawls which 1/2 the pax refuseniked, some did other exercises, some did nothing.  Strong work.

Then back to the track for some four corners and some Mary in between – CCD’s, Merkins, Jump Squats at the corners.

Did some parking lot work after that while avoiding being run over by a backhoe.  Burpee broad jumps and some more Mary.  Finito.

Sundry observations:

  • Didn’t recognize Limey without the molestache…but glad that thing’s gone.
  • Jet Fuel was well-tucked, and actually did most of the called exercises.  Much obliged.
  • Geraldo admitted he’s never done side-plank work with R/L leg high as he would fall on his face.  #shortmanadvantages
  • Brew said there’s only 7 cases of Corona in his home province…might have been more than that in COT this morning.  But I feel pretty good about our chances of survival.
  • Point Break, newly dubbed co-site Q at Anvil, was not optimistic about school reopening next month.
  • Snuka continues to be an ageless wonder.
  • Some dude showed up on the track for liquor-cycle (pronounce ‘sickle’) practice at 0600…weird.  Spackler was taking copious mental notes.
  • Thanks to Magoo & Thunder for tapping YHC to Q.  Hadn’t been to SCMS in sometime, perhaps not since the Death Valley funeral.
  • #makebackblastsgreatagain

One editorial comment: It’s easy to bitch & moan these days, but try practicing gratitude.  If you don’t think you’ve got reasons for which to give thanks — give me a call.  I’ve got several for you.


Give me my donut….now!

Taking the liberty of posting a backblast;  Slingshot laid down a solid Q, and if he lays down a solid backblast as well, then there will be one solid one, and this weak entry.  Pretty sure I’ve seen multiple bb’s from some workouts in Waxhaw, so not unchartered waters.

Anyhoo, Slingshot gave a disclaimer, but no one heard him as the mumble chatter was already deafening.  We did have one car honk to clear the lot as the pax was mustering.  They were on a beeline for their morning shot of cholesterol and fat at Dunkin’ Donuts.  Never, ever get in the way of a person and his/her donut(s).

Off the pax went after circling back for some pax who got out of his vehicle with no shoes on.  Can’t remember his name, and in COT he couldn’t remember his own age.  Mumblechatter was again overwhelming so I couldn’t discern his nickname amidst the cacophony.  Also missing another pax in the list.  We had 24, but I could only come up with 22.  So, for the shoeless one and the other — #cobains

we did Jacob’s Ladder (aka 7’s) on some hill in Stonecroft.  I ran into Geraldo & someone else during those and pert near went down.  my comparatively low center of gravity (lots of gravity, at that) spared me

pax then ran to Hope OP for some running and rock work.  Good find by Slingshot – we’ll be back there again soon.  If Latin never lets us back on campus, that may be the next AO location for Hawk’s Nest.  Knowing about 50 people that go there, including Sprockets, Spackler, Queen, among other pax — we might well get the “go ahead”.

then over to the bank for some people’s chair and then over to the launch lot.  I’m a 5/3 certain that bank has been closed for 3-4 years.

Ye Olde Naked Moleskinné:

just random bullet-point observations

  • Curd ran in, also saw him running through our neighborhood as I drove home.  Logging extra miles or just not wanting to go home and help the M with the 2.0’s?
  • Sweater Set posted for first time in 3+ years.  Kept up with the pax ably.  T-claps and great nickname.  Ralph Lauren would have been better.
  • Speaking of Ralph Lauren, Floorslapper informed the pax that he went to Duke with one of Ralph Lauren’s 2.0’s
  • Really miss Deep Dish’s mustache….that thing was magnificent.
  • I think Queen told me this was his first Tuesday post ever in F3.  Welcome.  Come back.  You do know F3 happens on the other 5 or 6 days, too, in addition to Thursday’s at Hydra, right?
  • Gloss kept his shirt on for the entirety of the workout
  • Jet Fuel kept his shirt tucked in for the entirety

Other stuff happened, I’m sure.  Sound off if so inclined.

Solid Q, Slingshot.  Thanks for stepping up.  IHOP on Q next week at the Nest.


Jack Webb fartsacked.

Once upon a time, there was a workout called The Rock.  Upwards of 40 or 50 pax could be found under & amidst the south Charlotte Saturday morning gloom.  The goings on at this AO even were chronicled on local television.  Those goings on were bootcamp workouts.  Once thought to be extinct or, at the very least, no longer to be found in its former south Charlotte habitat — the experts were wrong.  Bootcamp workouts, albeit on the endangered species list, are not extinct.

This morning at RockZero (nee The Rock, prior to a forced and uncomfortable prearranged re-marriage with DayZero after they left the relationship a couple years earlier) 17 men confirmed that the bootcamp workout is alive and still sitting up and taking nourishment.  A la Marlon Perkins and Jim Fowler on Mutual of Omaha’s “Wild Kingdom”, Runstopper & YHC took the pax on a safari across the Calvary expanse (actually we didn’t range very far at all) to prove that the bootcamp workout is still alive.  By the way, do you remember how Perkins used to send Fowler on the most harrowing tasks while he just sat back in the elevated safari vehicle and prattled on?  Good humor.

Anyway, suppose some account of what happened should be included, so here’s a blend of Moleskinny & Thang:

TL was LIFO, we circled back a bit to pick him up after a weak disclaimer that included no mention of Covid.

COP consisted of the Sprinkler (stole that from Circuit City’s Q at RY on Thursday).  I just can’t stand to look at the atrocious form when IW’s are called. No SSH’s, of course.  We did some slow squats, a few burpees, some flutters..and some other stuff.

Then ran over to one of the lots for some bearcrawls, lunge walks (including back’ards), burpee broad jumps, etc.

Over to the picnic tables near the kitty litter.  The hotbox was full of crows and/or ravens picking the flesh from some carcass….hope it wasn’t human.

Anyway we did some Little Baby Haze’s.  Flipper adroitly corrected me when I called what I was doing step up’s.  Thanks for the assist.  See…I’m coachable.  Also did some incline merkins, though my co-Q and others were doing dips & Derkins and perhaps other stuff.  Choose your own Weinke, fellas.

Moseyed over to the pavilion for some people’s chair, overhead press, some little baby arm circles – forwards and back’ards, and some Moroccan Night Club’s.  Thanks to Snowflake for the assist on the name for those sneaky little  bastards.

Runstopper’s turn.  He, of course, took the pax immediately over to the rock filled bridge over the gunch down the hill from the kitty litter.  While many were expecting an appearance from Mr. Webb, alas, Jack never showed.  The pax did, however, carry the rocks for the remainder of the workout.  We did a bunch of stuff with the rocks – lots of old school sit ups, lunge walks – forwards and back’ards, flutter press, and some other nameless exercises that I’d never done before and will likely have me cursing under my breath this evening and all day tomorrow.  Thank you very little, Stopper.

We went less than 2 miles.  1.89753 miles was the official tally.  You’re welcome.  Did I mention bootcamps are not extinct?

Now for some sundry moleskinnish observations:

  • Mallcop was exhorted by a few to join the festivities but he was AWOL #epsteinsmother
  • Spackler, aka Sparkles according to his M, posted and then doubled on over to White Claw
  • Snowflake ran in #machine
  • Floorslapper was on time again.  Weird.
  • Beaver and his bionic (or reconfigured?) hip continue to show up and put in the hard work.
  • Cottonmouth produced a first for YHC as Q…perhaps a first for anyone.  During the People’s Chair work at the pavilion, he actually took a call from his daughter and spoke to her for a couple minutes.  Also weird. Don’t do that again.
  • Geraldo did not offer YHC any cinematic or 70’s/80’s pop culture trivial information, but he did appreciate YHC’s reference to Fletch after IH was describing his doctor’s diagnosis of his abdominal perturbulence: “I don’t seem to find anything wrong with you, Mr. Babar.”
  • Schmedium was putting in the hard work while still quarantined in Charlotte rather than Houston.  At least the humidity’s better here…..yeah, right.
  • IHOP & Slingshot eschewed the social distancing mombo-jombo and clowncarred to the morning’s festivities.  T-claps.  Also learned Slingshot used to be Cottonmouth’s boss.  Also potentially weird.
  • The “respectful” Spaceballs, FNG last week, was back and also worked in a post at Anvil this week.  3 times in 8 days – T-claps, brother.  Keep coming out.
  • Strawberry traveled way north, which is to say 3.5 miles or so, for an Area51 post.  Welcome back, brother.

Alright, that’s enough of this.  I’ll close with this.  As I prayed in COT, I am thankful for this fellowship, this brotherhood.  There’s a story in the Bible written by a dude named Luke.  It’s an exchange between another dude named Jesus of Nazareth and an expert in Jewish law.  It may be familiar to some of you, and it’s known familiarly as the parable of the “Good Samaritan”.  Luke 10: 25-37.  I commend it to you, men.  Notice the context in which Jesus tells this parable, and ask yourselves how that may apply to us in America, and the whole world for that matter.  “Who is your neighbor?”

Thankful for you, men.  It was a privilege to Q alongside Runstopper this morning, and it was a privilege and joy to pray for all of us, too.



Yesterday, I was jokingly bellyaching to Haze & Hopper about the potential for rain today.  Haze defiantly stated the rain was “NO FACTOR”.  That may well have been the case, but his alarm was a significant factor this morning.  YHC called him at 07:29:48 to see if he was going to show and if he was ok.  He was and ultimately ran in and joined us for COT.  T-claps to him for taking his medicine directly from the likes of some of Area 51’s toughest rabble-rousers.

Anyhoo, after a scan of the pax revealed a very veteran crowd and some Kotters such as Cane (Mermaid dragged him out of the neighborhood) – YHC grabbed the Hawks Nest reins, gave a weak disclaimer and off we went for a partial tour of Olde Providence and tidbit of Stonecroft.

The Thang & Ye Olde Moleskine:

Short run around the front of Colony Place and over to the parking lot on the northern end of the complex for COP.  Standard fare with no SSH’s, of course.  Puddin’ was not yet refusenik’ing even after pedaling in to the Nest. Clover adroitly pointed out he should add a basket so to pick up groceries next time.

Not sure when Safe Lite and O’ Tannenbaum joined us, but they were late, to say the least….not as late as Haze, however.

On the runs – Spackler, Marge, Semi-gloss (for a spell), and Turkey Leg were Larry Bird’ing YHC…so had to yell  directions ahead to them…one significant fail but no collisions during the Crazy Ivan.

We did a Triple Nickel on some hill with jump squats and hand-release Merkins.  During this, Jet Fuel rightly pointed out that Haze owes YHC a six-pack…so there’s that to look forward to.

YHC implored Cottonmouth, next week’s Hawks Nest Q, to set 2 or 3 alarms.  Could be a return of the laminated Weinke next week? One of those gems from Cottonmouth’s arsenal will surely be included in the Area 51 time capsule when we bury it behind the ABC Store at Arbo when we turn 15 or 20 or something.

Clover continues his annoying cadence count.  He does dance to the beat of his own drummer.  Gummy appreciates you ably carrying his torch while he continues to socially distance.

Lep was out front on some of the runs, as well…Irish blokes.

Snowflake ran in again…I think.   Didn’t give him a ride home this week.  Old man strong.  Can’t imagine even a 1/3 of us will be posting F3 when we’re 58.  Snuka and Flake will be going into their 80’s!

Prohibition was there, as was his beard and unwillingness to do Merkins.

We did some other stuff along the way, including some plank work while YHC ad libbed the morning’s feats.

Thankful we did not desecrate the brick wall outside Stonecroft…that would have cost Haze dearly.

We finished up with some Mary and some burpees.  Rumor has it that Spackler actually did the burpees…don’t bet on it.

Insert complete pattern interrupt here:

Ever wonder why crazy things happen?  Stuff that’s way out of our control?  What’s your prevailing emotion/response to it?  Fear or trust?  In YHC’s prayer to take us out – prayed that all of us would grow in trust that there is a God, and He really is for us.  All of us.  And we’re not Him.  And he frankly doesn’t owe us explanations nor set his watch to ours.  That being said, YHC has grown to trust and believe that He is good and He’s calling all of us to believe and trust even in & especially during the storms of life.  You know who knows this full well?  Bout Time and his family.  Here’s a link to the story God is still writing in their lives in/through the life of their young son, Jennings – a cancer survivor.  Hope you’ll read it and watch the video!

There was a dude named Isaiah who inked the words below about 2,700 years ago:  

“Have you never understood?
The Lord is the everlasting God,
    the Creator of all the earth.
He never grows weak or weary.
    No one can measure the depths of his understanding.
He gives power to the weak
    and strength to the powerless.
Even youths will become weak and tired,
    and young men will fall in exhaustion.
But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength.
    They will soar high on wings like eagles.
They will run and not grow weary.
    They will walk and not faint.” Isaiah 40:28-31


“I love you guys” – Coach Norman Dale of the Hickory Huskers

0530. Area51 getting back on track. Fear not.

A lucky 13 mustered for the “re-opening” of Hawks Nest, albeit at a temporary location (Dunkin Donuts at Colony Place).  Floorslapper was early.  Snowflake ran in.  And Schmedium is still back in Charlotte until the Houston Texans get back to business again.

After a disclaimer that included the Covid silliness, a veteran group of pax launched into the glorious south Charlotte gloom for a Tuesday morning pain fest.

Here’s a bit of the Thang but more Moleskinny.

Pax ran down to OPES, and we did most of our work there, at the church across the street, and then finished up back at Colony Place.  We did some mini-track work with various exercises, a few burpees, some burpee broad jumps, some rock work at the Methodist church.  Ironically, Semi-Gloss, Deep Dish and the 0600 crew of White Claw (is that the name of all the OTB workouts that start later from Arbo or the aforementioned church?) launched from the church and then ran down to CP.  We shared the parking lot for a few minutes.

Wasn’t sure how many we’d have.  13 it was, my favorite # as my mom was born on April 13th.

Anyhoo, here’s some observations from this morning:

  • Covid did not post at Hawks Nest; with just 2,100 confirmed cases out of 1.1 million people in MeckCo — small wonder.  That’s 0.19% for those of you keeping score at home.
  • It was Thunder Road’s birthday.  He, of course, failed to mention…out of fear of burpees, presumably
  • Clover is a savvy veteran now, angling for less painful calls and improving in the fine art of stalling (Gummy would be so proud)
  • Jet Fuel was there – appreciate he and Marge cheating on the 0600 crew and joining us for the re-opening of Hawks Nest.  You can make up the 30 minutes of sleep this evening.
  • Snuka posted for the first time since this crazy Covid overreaction
  • Dreyfuss posted – good to see him, but his hamstring pulled him out of the game early.  Get well.
  • Circuit City is back at it, too…having posted at RockZero Saturday as well.  BaseCamp or Matrix yesterday?
  • Cottonmouth was pushing hard, and was also on call had we needed additional Q’s.  T-claps.

Truly am thankful to be back in the gloom with you, men.  I missed it, and I need it for many reasons.  We went 2.3’ish miles.

YHC’s mom went to be with her Lord Jesus Christ 25 years ago today.   Sharon S. Blankenburg, age 54 – wife and mother to 3 boys.  Rough day for this youngest and momma’s boy.  I’ll share this much and would love to talk further with anyone who is interested in hearing more — while 05/12/1995 was the worst day of my life, it was also the best day of my life in that it was the day God rescued me.

No one gets out of here alive, men.  It’s a matter of when, not if.   The only question is what’s next?  What’s your destination?

Look forward to seeing you in the gloom again soon.

Thanks to Snowflake for taking us out in prayer.