A51 Region

Three For The Filthy Five

ByGeraldo Feb 4, 2021

3 pax decided to nut up and post at Area 51's premier rucking/gear workout. The clock struck 0515 and we were off COP There wasn't one, we

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Five and a Half Days

ByMermaid Feb 3, 2021

Last Anvil post was 10/28/2020. Dang, that's a while back. Glad to be invited to Q this morning. 12 men joined me. Disclaimer offered and we took


This is one time where television really fails to capture the true excitement of a large squirrel predicting the weather

ByHorsehead Feb 2, 2021

Pax: Baracus, Hoover, Smokey, Cage, Madison, Lex Luthor, Yeti, Header, Tweetsie, Lois, Chicken Wing, Horsehead A rowdy dozen braved the chi

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A triumphant return

ByUncle Leo Feb 1, 2021

6 men assembled at the new (old) AO for Swole for our Monday beatdown.  Once again rain threatened, the PAX called it’s bluff and the rain fol

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ByGeraldo Jan 30, 2021

As we waited for an important 'cog' in the Rock Zero wheel to show up, we began our cold weather beatdown next to the cars, but it was not to be-

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I Don’t Apologize for Length

ByLorax Jan 30, 2021

Twas a cold morning at Centurion.  Temps in the low 20s.  The Pax eagerly questioned the Q whether or not we would stay moving, I answered with

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Crazy Little Thing Called Merkins

BySlingshot Jan 28, 2021

***Note : Site Q Slingshot is not only posting on behalf of Queen but apologizing for being a week overdue in doing so*** 18 PAX came in for t

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Pyramids, Ladders & Bridges

ByUncle Leo Jan 27, 2021

7 m3n assembled on the paved plains at the southwest corner of 51 and Rea Rd for another edition of Meathead hoping that the rain would hold off

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Finding New Territory

ByCheese Curd Jan 27, 2021

Light numbers this AM, just a total of 3 Pax showed up and ready to get after it.  The plan was to get off school property and look for some new

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Best of 2020

ByCheese Curd Jan 27, 2021

So this is probably one of my latest BB that I have ever done.  2 full weeks and now 1 full additional workout Q overdue.  That said on this gl

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