A51 Region

I think I can taste my Gatorade

ByCheese Curd Mar 23, 2021

After weeks of pushing off this Q for various reasons, I felt the need to give the Pax something different.  So with an idea, now time to unload

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A Beer Mile for Covid, a backblast

ByHoover Mar 22, 2021

March 19th, 2021. One year of madness that feels like 10 have passed. You can argue the state of the world and our overall mental health has gott


Joint Board Meeting for Area 51/SOB/Waxhaw

ByBottlecap Mar 21, 2021

18 men from the 3 South Charlotte crime families Region Boards showed up at Cerberus AO (Waverly) to workout and then discuss how we can better P


PreBlast – F3 Functional Strength Challenge – 2021

ByHigh Tide Mar 19, 2021

What:  a challenge – to measure all of the hard work you put in week after week a query as to the truth of something, often with an impli

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An Italian, Some Math, and Rabbit Copulation….On St. Patty’s Day?

ByTommy Rose Mar 17, 2021

7 Pax arrived and completed #Meathead - voted south Charlotte's "most favored double-kettlebell workout that meets at Calvary that is currently f

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We Are the World – No wait that was something else

ByUncle Leo Mar 15, 2021

6 pax assembled on the slip resistant pavement of Swole to get our week started.  Disclaimer, check.  Music started, check.  Tabata timer star

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Historic New Ground Broken at Centurion

ByHops Mar 12, 2021

Floorslapper arrived at 5:30:42am, just after YHC commented he was potentially still to join us.  So after a weak disclaimer that talked about r

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Improvise as needed

BySable Mar 11, 2021

Things don't always go as planned.  After getting word that PAX needed to switch dates on the Q schedule, then realizing there would be another

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WTF!? – In Due Time…

ByCarb Load Mar 10, 2021

5 PAX converged at Walnut Creek to scope out the next path to stupidity for the Waxhaw and surrounding regions.  Between now and May 1st you wil

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The only thing to fear is cowbell itself

ByIce9 Mar 10, 2021

Hard workouts can be scary. We get it. That's why there are famous quotes like: "First of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only th

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