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The 80s had the best music

ByVoodoo Dec 6, 2020

After a solo mission last week, YHC was hopeful to have some company for this week's edition of Olympus. I had 3 hard commits, so the odds were g

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Go, Shorty… It’s your Birthday!

BySprockets Dec 5, 2020

28 freeloaders responded to the rumors that there might be refreshments and morning booze offered up at the end of today's workout. 2 former Hydr

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Swinging into your 60’s

ByTommy Rose Dec 4, 2020

10 PAX overcame fartsackville on a balmy 42 deg Friday morn for the latest episode of #overdrive.  Our co-site Qs, Hairband and Lamont, needed a

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Kajagoogoo & French gloves

ByHops Dec 3, 2020

Time Tongue-tied or short of breath, don't even try Try a little harder Something's wrong, you're not naive, you must must be strong Ooh, b


Squat or Lunge….What’s the Difference, Really?

ByTommy Rose Dec 3, 2020

7 PAX conquered the fartsack for a cold morning of 28 deg.  YHC arrived at Calvary at precisely 516 for the latest Q of Meathead.  Parking lot

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Glute Bridges and Apple Pie

ByBaracus Dec 2, 2020

Cold morning at Anvil.  I rolled up with no time to spare.  Jumped out of the car and blurted out a choppy disclaimer and off we went....here

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Mid(?)Blast: The 2020 Passport Challenge

ByChastain Dec 2, 2020

Hey PAX, we're halfway through the 2020 Passport Challenge and I figured it was time for an update on the standings. But first, a reminder of wha

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Who is calling me at 5:18?

ByCheese Curd Dec 2, 2020

As I was still preparing for my Q last night, Brexit hit me up and asked if anyone preruns SACS...well we start at 0515 and anything before then

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Too much material

ByVoodoo Dec 2, 2020

It was chilly this morning, but 10 men dragged themselves out of the fartsack to sling some iron. Stone Cold, Horsehead, and YHC did a 3 mile pre

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Black Friday Hangover

ByVoodoo Nov 28, 2020

Saturday is lifting day, so YHC came up with a weinke, loaded the bells in the car, and headed for the hot box at Calvary for another week's edit

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