Mike Tomczak comes to Falcon Nest

Mike Tomczak comes to Falcon Nest

Q:  Who did Paul Bear Bryant defeat in his last game as head coach of Alabama in the 1982 Liberty Bowl?

What does that have to do with this morning’s events at Falcon Nest (née Hawks Nest, née Falcon Crest)?  You had to show to know, but because you’re wasting unrecoverable time in order to read this…I’ll tell you.

YHC threw out some 1980’s Big Ten Football trivia (more specifically 1983-84).  What do Jim Everett, Jim Harbaugh, Chuck Long, Jack Trudeau and Mike Tomczak have in common?

They were all Big 10 quarterbacks (Purdue, Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, Ohio State) in 1983…though Harbaugh didn’t start until 1984.

Some fact and fiction about these illustrious pigskin slingers from the heartland (actually Trudeau grew up in California and Everett in Albuquerque….but I digress as usual).

Fiction: Jack Trudeau is related to famous cartoonist Garry Trudeau of Doonesbury fame.   Siri & Clover were wrong.  Garry is married to Jane Pauley, however.

Fact: Jim Everett remains the only quarterback to defeat Michigan, Ohio State and Notre Dame in the same season.

Fiction: Jim Harbaugh owns non-pleated khakis.

Fact: Michigan leads all Big 10 schools with 9 football national championships, Ohio State has 8, Minnesota (yes, Minnesota) has 6 and Illinois has 5 (2 more than Clemson).

Fiction: Alabama leads the nation in football national championships with 16.

Fact:  Yale leads the nation in football national championships with 18.

So we did some exercises, and some of the pax, of course, didn’t do many of the called exercises.  Spackler, STOP TRAFFIC, did 5 burpees, which were the first he’s done in 4+ years #augustmiracle

Runstopper took his shirt off before the workout.  One of the pax asked YHC after teaming with the Stopper for the rock work if I was sufficiently shamed by my shirtless partner and the fact I couldn’t do tricep extensions with the rock Stopper chose.  I was, indeed.

Emoji begged for LBC’s, so YHC obliged at 6:12am.

Jet Fuel knows his college football.  He asked the question at the top of this backblast.  The Answer:  Bear Bryant defeated the Fighting Illini of Illinois by a score of 21-15 in the 1982 Liberty Bowl.  Bryant died less than 4 weeks later.

T-claps and praise God for Veg-O-Matic’s newest 2.0.

Floor Slapper was on time, and was also getting legal advice from Brokovich during the 6 minutes of Mary.  He returned the favor of free expert advice by giving Erin a “turn your head & cough” test prior to Brokovich’s doughnut run for the family.

Brokovich is also a geographical genius.  The capital city of Bulgaria is Sofia, and he answered it in a “Rainman-like” 0.87 seconds.  Impressive…and also a bit frightening.

Motorboat suggest monkey humper’s in front of the windows at the newly opened gym next to the Lodge.  We did a drive-by but no humpers.  Next week, perhaps.

T-claps to Slingshot & Bootlegger for running in.  Huddle House did not join the OP posse this morning.

War Daddy Snuka put in the work as usual and his olfactory toughness was on display during 6 MoM as the only pax within 15 feet of the rotting refuse in the dumpster.

Grits took us out with prayer after COT; he also was doing a myriad of his own exercises throughout the workout. #trifusenikwannabe

Clemson alums & devotees Deep Dish and Marge kept mumbling something to the effect that they thought the only team in the Big Ten was Ohio State.  #erroneous

According to Puddin’ Pop, we went a “legit” 1.65 miles.  You’re welcome, boot campers.

We did work in some burpees, some Makthar D’Jaiye’s (did you catch when we did them?), and his brother Walthar.  No CCV’s though I did give Erin a demo after the workout.  We’ll do them at Hydra on 8/25.

Have a great week, fellas.  Go encourage someone as you’ll likely be the only person who does so today for that person.

“encourage the disheartened, help the weak, be patient with everyone” – Saul of Tarsus in a letter to the pax in Thessalonica (modern day Thessaloniki, Greece)





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