Pre-Blast: CPR RUCK – Saturday Nov 5th 7:00am

  • When:11/05/2022
  • QIC: MAD (Guest Qs TBA)

Pre-Blast: CPR RUCK – Saturday Nov 5th 7:00am

What: CPR RUCK event

Wait, what is that? A team building endurance fitness/rucking event with a focus on CPR education and certification

When: Saturday Nov 5th at 7:00 am

Where: Charlotte , NC (alternative location: Matthews, NC).  Start/End point TBA.  Planning to finish at a local brewery for optional food/drink/fellowship after the event.

Duration: Approx 5-6 hrs

Cost: Total is $35.  Breakdown: $20 for the rucking event (this will pay for your unique velcro rucking patch to be earned at the completion of this event and your American Heart Association CPR certification card) + $15 to be paid directly to the American Heart Association for online CPR training to be completed on your own prior to the live event. (If anyone want to join us for the rucking event and learn/practice CPR but not pay for the online video or the certification card then cost is $5 (for the patch).

What can I expect during the rucking event?  Exact route and specific exercises will not be released.  Show up to find out.  This is part of the fun/challenge!  Expect to ruck 8-12 miles, complete approx 3 ruck PT workouts, carry additional heavy “stuff”.  Work as a team to complete the reps, carry the weight, complete the tasks assigned.  Finish together as a team.

Tell me more about the CPR component: The standard pathway is to sign up online and pay for the American Heart Association (AHA) virtual CPR class.  Complete this on your own prior to the event.  Should be a 60-90 min video.  During the live rucking event there will be some periods of discussion and training related to CPR and commonly used first aid.  There will be a specific point in time and place where everyone will have an opportunity to practice CPR on manikins and subsequently perform CPR for a skills check off.  Practice till you get it right.  Once you pass you will be eligible for your AHA CPR Card (which will come to your e-mail a few days later).  If anyone wants to join this event but not spend the money or time for certification in CPR that is ok.  You are still welcome to join us and learn/practice CPR with us.  Likewise, if you are already CPR certified but want to have fun with us for 5-6 hours you too are welcome.  Note: there is not enough time during this event to hold a traditional face to face CPR course.  We are using the blended CPR option for this event.  If anyone is interested in attending a traditional CPR class please e-mail me as well.

We will likely use the American Heart Association Life Saver First CPR AED course.  Once you register for the event we will email you a link to sign up for the online training.

Will I have to do CPR on someone else?  Absolutely not!  You will learn all the skills you need to know during the online portion prior to the event.  We will review some of those concepts and practices as we take breaks from exercising.  Everyone will practice on the manikins until they master the skills for the individual skills check off with the instructor.

Will I have to do mouth to mouth?  Absolutely not!  In fact, the rescue breaths will be simulated and are actually optional.  The main focus of CPR in 2022 is on the depth and rate of chest compressions and on how to call for help.

Do I have to be CPR certified to do CPR on someone who needs it? Actually, no.  You just need to be willing to help and need to know how.

How long is the CPR certification good for? 24 months

What is the anticipated pass rate for the CPR skills test? 100%.  If you don’t get it right on the first attempt you will get a chance to review and re-attempt again.

What is an AED? Automated External Defibrillator.  These are now very common in schools, offices, and other indoor spaces.  You will practice and learn how to use these simple but life saving tools as well.

What is the anticipated likelihood of finishing the 5-6 hour event? 100%.  Just keep going, don’t quit, and ask your team mates for help if you need it.  It is a team event.  It is not a race.  Everyone starts and finishes together.

Tell me more about rucking:

Is this a closed F3 event?  No,  This is an open event.  While it is anticipated that many F3 pax will attend, feel free to invite your friends and family.  This is not an F3 custom event or a GORUCK sponsored event.  It will have many similarities to the traditional GORUCK Light or GORUCK Basic events but there will not be a military focus.

How much weight do I need to carry in my ruck?  There is no required weight!  Recommended: 20lb ruck plate if < 150 lbs and 30lb ruck plate if > 150 lbs.  If you think you need to use a lighter weight, email prior to the event to discuss.  Alternative to a ruck pate would be wrapped bricks or bags of sand.

How many will be participating?  At this point we will cap the event at 25 participants.  We will have a waiting list after that.  This is subject to change.

Indoor/Outdoor/Weather?  Event is anticipated 100% outdoors, rain or shine.  Small chance if weather is terrible we might go inside for CPR manikin practice and skills test.

Gear List:


Ruck Plate -There is no required weight!  Recommended: 20lb ruck plate if < 150 lbs and 30lb ruck plate if > 150 lbs.  If you think you need to use a lighter weight, email prior to the event to discuss.  No judgment.  Push yourself but be safe.  Alternative to a ruck pate would be wrapped bricks or bags of sand.

Hydration Bladder

Nalgene type water bottle (electrolytes recommended)

Reflective Bands on the Ruck

Small first aid kit

Working gloves

Hand sanitizer or wipes

Medical gloves optional

Photo ID, $20 cash for emergency

Recommended: Oral rehydration salts, headlamp

Optional: face mask(s).

Team Gear List:

One 20 lb team weight

One American Flag

What if I want to participate but am unable on Nov 5? If there is enough interest, we hope to hold this event again – hopefully annually.

What if I want to get certified in CPR but do not want to do the rucking event?  E-mail me and I can direct you to many options for either blended learning or in person learning.  Also, we hope to expand the concept of combining CPR training with exercise in 2023 into other less intense fitness events such as a 1 hour F3 or FIA or other group workout or a neighborhood 5K to be followed by CPR training.  Let me know of you interest and stay tuned.

Where can I find like minded people to train with?  There is a growing rucking community here in the Charlotte area.  There are also online training programs that will offer to connect you with others as well.  Search for some of the following online and let me know if you need help as we can likely direct you further.  Rucking is simple and the ruck PT is simple to learn as well.  Once we have a participant list, if willing, we will create a group e-mail for purposes of training together if desired.

GORUCK Tribe-Training, Pathfinder Ruck Training, HDT (Heavy Drop Training), All Day Ruck Off – Event Training, Ruck.Beer, F3 Nation,  FIA Nation.

I’m in.  How do I sign up? E-mail  We will send you a link for payment ($20 to reserve your spot; $5 if you just want the patch and the experience but not the certification).  We will send you the link to sign up for online CPR training and other details as the event approaches.

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