A51 Region


ByMadison Nov 28, 2017

It was cold & it was the first Saturday after Thanksgiving, but 4 HIM's decided to throw caution to the wind and post at F3Outland to work of

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Duck Duck Goose visits Basecamp

ByBenny Nov 28, 2017

8 Pax made the smart decision to not #Fartsack and enjoyed sub freezing temperatures this morning. Following a proper disclaimer where we'd keep

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The Brave / Centurion Post-Thanksgiving Convergence

ByTuck Nov 27, 2017

11 Centurions and Braveites converged at Ballantyne Corporate Park for a special late edition convergence the morning after Thanksgiving.  5 mil


Ruck Zero

ByGeraldo Nov 25, 2017

13 Pax including a 2.0, lifted themselves from their tryptophan slumbers and made the right choice by posting to #RockZero for their DownPAINment

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A Little Jam on Thanksgiving Morning

ByPaper Jam Nov 23, 2017

16.2 PAX from SOB, Area 51 and UC gathered at the fountains of Blakeney Shopping Center on a chilly Thanksgiving morning in anticipation of Devil

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Cornucopia of Kettlebell w/side of Slosh Pipe

ByFault Line Nov 23, 2017

My long awaited VQ at Meathead finally arrived. Just so happened to be on Thanksgiving. And with that said, I had a slower than normal work day o

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Making it up as we go…

ByProhibition Nov 21, 2017

11 men kicked off Turkey Week by getting it done at The Matrix.  With the temps in the low 30s, the virtual shovel flag was planted firmly in ou

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Build a burpee workshop

ByUdder Nov 21, 2017

27 eager beavers decided to get after it this morning in the balmy 31 degrees. No matter what the season, NC always stays humid. With 2 FNGs, who


Back where I come from

ByChinMusic Nov 21, 2017

On a chilly Monday morning as we awaited take-off, Pele reminded me that Base Camp was where it all began for me as an F3er, and he was there to

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Too much mumble chatter

ByHuggieBear Nov 18, 2017

4 PAX showed up on a brisk November morning to do some work before Turkey day. OT and Joker asked a few legal questions, the disclaimer was give

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