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Meat and Potatoes. Mostly Meat Though.

ByIckey Shuffle Jul 19, 2017

Due to the planned convergence with Death Valley, today's Anvil Weinke was designed to keep things simple since things can get out of hand quickl

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Visions of Donut Run

ByBushwood Jul 19, 2017

9 guys ran the route while 1 was snuggled in bed and here is what "happened": Fletch and Fraiser ran the Long John North Route. Fletch made a


Magnificent Seven stretch and mold mind and body

ByStone Cold Jul 19, 2017

YHC's VQ of Gumby...after almost 6 years of working out and lead-in F3 workouts, I have to admit this one made me the most nervous.  Not sure ex


“Unsavory” was an appropriate description

ByGoonie Jul 19, 2017

Intensity: the quality of being intense High intensity: a heightened level of being intense Well, shit.  Google dictionary was no help on

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A Lovely Stroll Through the Neighborhood

ByGoonie Jul 19, 2017

13 goats showed up at the weekly "moderate" running workout.  Some saw the Twitter warning of "BRR Training."  Some didn't. Some came because t

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ByRetread Jul 18, 2017

25 strong for another hot and humid edition of Fast Twitch: BRR Training Season. YHC arrived at 0505, and was greeted shortly thereafter by Rache

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The Big House aka VQ Central – BB for 7/10

ByDumpster Fire Jul 17, 2017

11 PAX showed for the opening episode of what Entertainment Tonight calls one of the hottest shows of the summer; VQ Central. After the audience


The Triple Lindy

ByAlf Jul 17, 2017

15 or so men showed up in the pitch black parking deck at Horsey.  Some had read the pre-blast and showed up anyway.  Some didn't.  It didn't


When Friendship Hurts

ByThin Mint Jul 17, 2017

5 of Area 51's finest respects (and 17 other guys) showed up to Centurion on Friday to fit 60 minutes of pain into a 45 minute workout. The dripp


Old School

ByAgony Jul 17, 2017

7 men arrived on time to #DMZ. The Thang: Warmup run to Carmel Prez Parking Lot Warmup: SSH, Squats, Mtn. Climbers Mosey to Benches

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