Spack Classic

Spack Classic

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For the record – this system sucks. It can’t be that hard to fix or to go to something new, right? Start charging the new guys or something. Let’s turn this thing on it’s head. I had something all typed up and now it’s messin with me and homey aint got no time fo dat sh*t. I’m going back to OTF.

You can never try to tame the Gopher. Some would say you just need to bend over a take it like a man but I wouldn’t say that. You just gotta keep your head down, close your eyes and accept it.

Most got in 2.98 miles. Geraldo skipped El Stomache’ to make sure he got 3. Maybe the Smokester too. Er’body got their fair share of dips, supine PU, derkins, etc. Whatever.

Puddin shat his pants worse then I’ve ever heard, seen or smelled. That is it. Think skunk meets trash juice meets badussy.

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