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The Scary Tuning Fork

Twas a muggy morning at Bagpipe.  It felt like it needed to rain but didn’t.  I don’t think I have been back since the last time I Q’d, so probably owe somebody something.  Hopefully this will suffice.  The swift folk had already left, the PAX in attendance heard rumblings of a Mic Check appearance but was not to be.  YHC gave a disclaimer that I was proud about, but Patent Pending had heard enough and started heading out.  Fearing a Q jack, the PAX were wrangled and off we went.


Mosey across Ballantyne Commons to the small fountain in front of the deck for COP.

Sharon Towers x 10 IC

IW x 10 IC, YHC started to give the call for IWs but Tagalong sidetracked me, but apparently just putting your hands on your head is the universal call for IWs as all veteran PAX started IWs on the count.

Low Slow Squat x 10 IC

Peter Parker x 10 IC

Parker Peter x 10 IC

The Thang:

Mosey up the deck to the crosswalk with a backwards run up the first incline.  Instructions given that resembled a starfishish type workout, except for the shape, which we could only come up with a tuning fork.  But the PAX partnered up with 8 making a nice even number.  Each partner would run out to one of the 5 points in any order, do the called exercise and back to the crosswalk to do the partner exercise.  The five points being:

  1. Down the deck 1 ramp to the end with 10 jump squats and back up, 10 incline merkins with partner for 1st round
  2. Across the crosswalk through the atrium on the second level to the left to the end with 10 Dry Docks and back, 10 decline merkins with partner for 2nd round
  3. Across the crosswalk through the atrium on the second level to the right to the end with 10 Dry Docks and back, 10 wide arm merkins with partner for 3rd round
  4. Down the steps through the atrium on the first level to the left to the end with 10 plankjacks and back, 10 diamond merkins with partner for 4th round
  5. Down the steps through the atrium on the first level to the right to the end with 10 plankjacks and back, 10 hand-slap merkins with partner for 5th round

Mosey back down the steps past the firepit through the buildings to the corner arch for a little Dora 1-2-3.  Same partners were responsible for 100 dips, 200 calf raises and 300 LBCs.  Partner 1 would whittle away at the goal while Partner 2 ran around the arch with lunge walks every other side.  Flapjacked.  And switched to Broad Jumps in round 2, and Squat Walk in round 3.  All Pax finished in round 3.


Mosey back to the firepit in front of the brightest sign I know of for Mary.

Freddy Mercury x 15 IC

Rosalita x 15 IC

Flutter x 15 IC

High Flutter x 15 IC, only 1 Flutter in the Cooter2 workout regimen

American Hammer x 15 IC

Mosey back to launch.  Had 2 minutes to spare.

10 Burpees OYO

Hold plank for last minute.


Enjoyed the chatter this morning guys, strong group that stayed together start to finish.  The guesstimating on the tuning fork set worked out well as all parties were back about the same time.  The tiles in the atrium were a bit slick but could be avoided.  A few guys with kids graduating high school so congrats all around.  Apparently there is a Cooter3 now floating around the region, I feel like it might be time to retire the name.  War Eagle gave the go ahead for some back to normal type F3 staples last night on slack, so YHC thought we would ease back into it by incorporating some hand slap merkins.  I’ll save the front partner carries for next time.  But great group, enjoyed meeting some new faces, and thanks for having me out Cooter2 and Cable Guy.

I Don’t Apologize for Length

Twas a cold morning at Centurion.  Temps in the low 20s.  The Pax eagerly questioned the Q whether or not we would stay moving, I answered with an affirmative but not knowing how true those words would be.  YHC offered up a pair of extra gloves to Overdraft, my brother who came out for the Q.  Those also would be important.  With a few thoughts in the head, we headed out after a quick disclaimer, then turned around and went the other way.


Mosey to the top of Palantine Hill for COP.  Granted it was pitch black and I had on gloves, but pretty sure there was some heavy frost resembling snow/ice.  Overdraft was pretty happy on the glove call.

IW x 15 IC

Mountain Climbers x 15 IC

Peter Parker x 15 IC

Low Slow Squat x 15 IC

The Thang:

Mosey down the other side of Palantine, circled the back of the shopping center to the other side in front of Party City.  On the way back to Amelie’s there were 12 crosswalks (not speedbumps, crosswalks I tell you.)  We would be running a suicide using these 12 crosswalks and back to Party City.  At each crosswalk the following exercise, back at Party City 10 calf raises each time.  I did mention I had no idea how long this would take and we may audible, we did not, and crushed it.  YHC even counted right.

1 – 10 Merkins

2 – 20 Merkins

3 – 30 Merkins

4 – 40 Merkins

5 – 50 Squats

6 – 60 Squats

7 – 60 Walking Lunges

8 – 50 Walking Lunges

9 – 40 Dry Docks

10 – 30 Dry Docks

11 – 20 Dry Docks

12 – 10 Dry Docks

Circled back for the six.  Stopped in front of Chuck E Cheese, grabbed some wall as we waited on everyone to come in.  50 air presses, 20 donkey kicks, 30 air presses, 20 donkey kicks.

LBC x 20 IC

Freddy Mercury x 20 IC

Flutter x 20 IC

Rosalita x 20 IC

Held plank for the last minute.

Mosey back to launch.


I was telling Margo how ill prepared I was for the Q beforehand.  He was saying how he usually has 3 separate things planned and I agreed.  YHC had one, but apparently today that’s all it took.  I had no idea how long the suicide would take, but knowing the AO well, figured I would improvise once it wrapped up and head to the rock pile, other shopping center, parking deck, etc.  But after a quick yog and COP, suicide was a good 30+ minutes, leaving a few minutes for some air presses and Mary.  Point Break did 450 calf raises earlier in the week and was still feeling it Wednesday.  I added 120 for his quest to be Phil Mickelson.  Apparently YHC does not have the pull with the Valley guys that Sable does, but he came out nonetheless in the lead pack.  Snuka was there, the only guy that gets faster with age and colder temps.  I had over 3 miles with the new watch, not sure that constitutes a boot camp or not.  But stayed close to home, group stayed together, and was a tough one.  Margo stared down the group at COT and came away with Point Break and Snuka on Q the next 2 weeks.  Mermaid on IR with some shoulder issues, ice up son.  YHC took the group out in prayer.

A Recycled Election Hangover Weinke for the Respects and Meathead Reunion

Cool temps greeted the PAX as they rolled in, about 38 at launch.  Smaller numbers for the post election morning workout.  Point Break said he was up until 2 watching it but still posted.  YHC helped Margo get the best Christmas display in Charlotte started the night before.  It felt like a HC by Margo, but the fartsack prevailed.  Mr. Miyagi may be a more appropriate name for Margo.  “Before you learn art of Christmas lights, first, you trim the hedges.”  With little time to prepare, YHC went with a similar weinke from my Q last week at NOE.  4 respects rolled in and we were off.


Mosey to the turf patio for COP.

Sharon Towers x 10 IC

Imperial Walker x 10 IC

Low Slow Squat x 10 IC

Mountain Climber x 10 IC

Plankjack x 10 IC

Peter Parker x 10 IC

The Thang:

Mosey to the Avenue of Trees closest to the church.  Lunge walk to first tree, run to second and 5 jumpsquats, lunge walk to third, run to fourth and 5 jumpsquats all the way to the end.

Using every other tree, we next ran a merkin suicide.  Run to the second tree, 5 dry docks, back to start.  Run back to second tree, 5 dry docks, run to fourth tree 5 merkins, back to start.  Each time continuing the 5 from the previous run working up to 5 dry docks, 5 merkins, 5 wide arm, 5 diamond, 5 burpees for a total of 25 dry docks, 20 merkins, 15 wide arms, 10 diamonds and 5 burpees.

Mosey to the rock pile by the baseball fields, grab a rock and groups of 3.  YHC was the odd man out and used the timer from the other groups.  Ran a grinder from the rock pile to the hot box.  In the group of 3 someone always running as the timer between the 2 stations.

Rock Pile                                                                                              Hot Box

  1. Goblin Squats with Rock                                                               1. Derkins
  2. Rock Curls                                                                                        2. Dips
  3. Rock Press                                                                                        3. Split Squats
  4. Tricep Extension                                                                             4. Step Ups

Mosey back to launch.  Smokey with the prayer.


Super easy group today.  The grinders always take more time than expected, should have kept it at 3 rounds to leave some time for Mary.  Not so much mumblechatter as it was real conversations.  Kind of crazy, ha.  Snuka and I got caught up on Smokey’s church and all the great things they are doing.  Plenty of election talk, Point Break was our knowledge base and just needed an interactive map and we would have been good to go.  The 4 respects I’ll put up against any other PAX in A51, some straight up fast and strong guys.  Now that Meathead is back at 5:30 we even had a joint COT.  The negotiations started a few weeks ago and we were able to iron things out at the blood drive.  Voodoo holds a hard line, but you got to stay on the good side of the Nantan.  Amazing what can be worked out when guys get together over a pint.  Ductwork on Q next week.

Pretty Sure This Is What Happened

YHC got to launch about the same time as the pre-runners of War Eagle, Cooter 2 and Drano were heading back from the run.  Conditions were pretty windy out there, temps in the 50s, setting up a pretty windy and rainy day.  YHC got home from the workout and lost power for pretty much all of Thursday.  With being off on Friday and a Halloween weekend, we have what has become my most tardy backblast.  So here goes remembering what happened 4 days ago after a Halloween holiday weekend.


Mosey to the parking lot in front of the Teeter for COP.

IW x 13 IC

Sharon Towers x 13 IC

Low Slow Squat x 13 IC

Mountain Climber x 13 IC

Peter Parker x 13 IC

The Thang:

Mosey down the parking lots to Target.  With 5 rows of parking spaces in front of us, we ran a merkin suicide.  Run to the first row, 5 dry docks, back to start.  Run back to first row, 5 dry docks, run to second row 5 merkins, back to start.  Each time continuing the 5 from the previous run working up to 5 dry docks, 5 merkins, 5 wide arm, 5 diamond, 5 burpees for a total of 25 dry docks, 20 merkins, 15 wide arms, 10 diamonds and 5 burpees.

Mosey across the street to St. Matt’s, grab a rock and groups of 3.  Ran a grinder from the Rea entrance to the wall at the Elm entrance.  In the group of 3 someone always running as the timer between the 2 stations.  Original plan was for everyone to have 4 rounds at the 2 stations.

Rea entrance                                                                                       Elm

  1. Goblin Squats with Rock                                                               1. Derkins on Wall
  2. Rock Curls                                                                                        2. Dips
  3. Rock Press                                                                                        3. Split Squats
  4. Tricep Extension                                                                             4. Step Ups

YHC was in the first group at the wall, and after doing derkins for that long we combined the first two rounds and did 3 total.

Mosey back to Stonecrest to the fountains for some Freddy.

F lutter x 13 IC

R osalita x 13 IC

E lbows to Knees x 13 IC

D olly x 13 IC

D ancing Chillcut x 13 IC

Y urpee x 5

Mosey back to launch.


Great group of A51 and SOBs this morning, solid chatter.  We started with 10, and at some point during the merkin suicides Pop Tart and Floorslapper joined us.  Pop Tart did give the full disclosure that we were his sloppy seconds of the morning after remembering Hydra started at 6.  We’ll take it.  The grinder run at St. Matt’s was definitely longer than expected.  Glad we combined those 1st 2 legs.  We lost Mighty Mite heading to the fountains.  He was going to go in the Teeter but didn’t have a mask.  He met us back at launch and gave the warning to avoid the hills behind the theatre for a few weeks.  So noted.  Point Break may have called out YHC for some poor counting/math at the fountains, but that was so long ago I just don’t remember it.  I do remember Mighty Mite showing us a picture of him as a kid with his dad circa mid 80’s.  His dad looks exactly like Borat, khaki suit and all.  Thanks Circuit City for the invite and giving me the lay of the land.  Will be back.

Crushed Biscuit and Coffee Dreams

YHC rolled up early McKee to get a lay of the land.  I had only posted once at the Matrix and had been a few months.  I parked my car where they met last time and headed around with a few ideas.  With no rain in a few days (assuming dry grounds) and my bearings, I felt good about the plan so headed back to the car and waited.  Started getting a bit concerned that no one was coming, but after a late night that concern quickly turned into thoughts of coffee and biscuits.  By 5:32 I was in the car, figuring I would give it until 5:40 just to be sure.  About that time 7 others emerged from behind the bushes wondering where I was.  I was in the wrong lot, distracted, embarrassed and half asleep, but we gave it a go.  Temps were perfect, beautiful fall morning.


Ran to the lot behind the fields for COP.

IW x 15 IC

Low Slow Squat x 15 IC

Mountain Climber x 15 IC

Peter Parker x 15 IC

The Thang:

Mosey up to the rock pile to grab a non-running but moving rock and headed to the field.  We were to Paula Abdul around the soccer field, two sides forward, one side back.  First side forward was holding rock overhead, at the corner 10 tricep extensions, 10 overhead press, 10 curls.  Drop the rock and run the next side with 20 merkins at the next corner.  Run back 1 side for your rock and repeat around the field.  With more planned for the field but the complaint jar filled with wet shoe comments, we put the rocks back and headed for dryer ground.  YHC hates wet shoes as much as anyone so I’ll apologize for that one, and feel sorry for the kids that have to play soccer there.

Mosey to the side of the school facing the playground.  Format was 10 of called exercises at wall and 10 at playground.

  1. Jumpsquats and Pull ups
  2. Squats and Dips
  3. Balls to Wall x 5 and Derkins

Time for some Mary, so figured I would mix it up and knock it out in a grinder to give the abs a rest in between.  McGee was not a fan, but coming from the guy that at one point was planning a 45 minute COP mary workout, I took it in stride.

  1. LBC and Flutter
  2. American Hammer and Heels to Heaven
  3. Over/Under and Box Cutter

Ran 2 sets of suicides down the driveway beside the soccer fields using the light poles and 30 seconds of burpees ended things.

McGee with the take out prayer.

Blood Drive this Friday, see Slack for details.


Always good to mix things up and get out and see new sites, but obviously should have done more pre-work on this one, not my best work not knowing the territory.  The weinke was scrapped pretty early in this one with the wet field, although I guess at one point I thought it wasn’t going to happen at all.  We made due with what we found and the pax weren’t too punishing.  At least all our shoes got wet together?  Not so much.  But some strong work out there by all.  I’m committed to be back out, great site to keep going, thanks for having me.

Something to Keep me in Good Standings

YHC rolled up early to Hawk’s Nest on a pretty humid late September day, quickly joined by Snowflake and Sable.  Thunder Road wasn’t far behind, and mentioned he thought Floorslapper was on Q.  I told him I got the 1 week head’s up from Deep Dish with a well thought out blast on Slack yesterday.  About that time Floorslapper rolls up early, walked up to Deep Dish and asked if had the Q.  I offered it to him but off we went.  22 was the count, trifuseniks accounted for, Site Q Hopper down range but Deep Dish present.  Pretty good disclaimer given, not my best, but no one has sued me yet so I’ve got that going for me.


Ran to the office building up Colony for COP.

IW x 15 IC

Low Slow Squat x 15 IC

Mountain Climber x 15 IC

Peter Parker x 15 IC

Plankjack x 15 IC

The Thang:

Mosey across the street to Summerhill Ridge Dr to the sidewalk just in the front entrance.  About this time before any instructions given, Semi told me they did this same thing last week.  Ran down the hill to the dead end, 10 merkins and back with 20 jumpsquats at the sidewalk.  Ran to Stonecroft culdesac, 10 merkins, 10 wide arm merkins, back to sidewalk for 20 jumpsquats.  Ran to Amberwood culdesac, 10 merkins, 10 wide arm merkins, 10 diamond merkins, back to sidewalk for 20 jumpsquats.  Ran to other culdesack on Summerhill with 10 merkins, 10 wide arm, 10 diamond and 10 burpees.  Back to sidewalk for 20 jumpsquats.  Some mixed up the order a bit, #socialdistancing.

Some American Hammer and Flutter while waiting on the six.

Mosey back down Colony to Hope Church and grab a lifting rock.  We did basically a variety of the beast, but you can’t do the beast in the front yard of the church.  So we modified with 5 reps, 5 times walking across the grass in front of the church.  Several comments about a perfectly good parking lot right beside us were made.  First round was squat push press while holding rock overhead in between stations.  Second round was tricep extensions while holding rock overhead, veterans walked while doing exercises.  Third round was curls.  Fourth was bent over rows.  I guess there technically should have been a 5th, but seemed like a good place to stop.

Headed back to the Colony Place fountains.  20 step ups (10 each leg), 20 dips, 10 decline merkins, 3 times through.  Air press x 50 then back to launch for some brief Mary.

American Hammer x 15 IC

Freddy Mercury x 15 IC

Over/Under x 15 IC

Snowflake with the take out prayer.


Great group today, lots of chatter as to be expected.  Puddin could probably teach Spackler a little patience with the flatulence, sounded forced.  But Spackler did chime back in with some country club golf swagger.  As I was trying to find a Q for Anvil tomorrow Snowflake reminded me I had already asked him and he had it, bonus.  Great connecting with Sweater Set, he leads the Young Life contingent in S Charlotte.  Covid cancelled Family Camp this year but always an awesome time.  Slingshot out front for the Summerhill Ridge set.  Huddle House with a VQ at Hydra Thursday so show your support.  Clover really wants Hawk’s Nest changed to Falcon Crest.  Pretty sure he planned the overthrow while in Bald Head.  Not sure what the posting count is for Limey, but he keeps showing up.  When I asked Deep Dish about the rocks at Hope last week, his eyes lit up and he said, “really nice rocks.”  So we had to check them out.  They were very nice, but unfortunately I still have to give the nod to the large smooth river rocks at Bagpipe.  Only Ballantyne.  Enjoyed it guys, thanks for the ask Deep Dish and Hopper.

They Invited Me Back, sort of

The last time I Q’d base camp was March 2, 2017.  I had a few years of F3 under my belt at that point and was feeling pretty cocky in my Qskillz.  I remembered a set from a prior SCMS workout at the benches beside the Chili’s Arboretum so that is what we did that day.  Except that prior workout was the hour long Fast Twitch and that Chili’s is a lot further away then I had remembered.  Goonie at the time said that was the most Base Camp had ever run and I was never invited back.  Until today, a few site Q’s later and I’m back in the saddle, temps in the 70s but still pretty humid.

Rocking my son’s fitbit with some watch face I could barely read, I think it said 5:30 so off we went.


Ran to the preschool for COP.  I was then informed by Clover it was Cadence Preschool and that I should attend.  It was one of those jokes I laughed at, and then went on to think how many times this joke has been made.  I put the odds of 75% of the time the PAX step foot in this lot.  It’s like Hops saying he is sleeping with the Carmel Christian admissions director (his wife).

IW x 15 IC

Sharon Towers x 10 IC

Merkin x 15 IC

Mountain Climber x 15 IC

The Thang:

Continued up Strawberry Lane remembering the aforementioned right turn to the Arboretum, so this time we turned left to Davie park.  YHC had bought the F3 deck of cards a few years ago that have sat in my bedside drawer ever since.  Upon returning from a backpacking trip last night and putting away my flashlight and knife I saw them.  Figured I was exhausted from the weekend and was going to sleep but this could be something so I grabbed them on the way out the door this morning.

We got out the deck at Davie and did 8 rounds (1 for each PAX) of the exercise on the card and then a hot lap around the parking lot.  Face cards were 25 and low cards were the card plus 10.  We then grabbed a lifting rock and did 3 sets of curls, push press and tricep extensions (pax choose descending 20, 15, 10 reps) followed by a walking lap around the lot with rock overhead.  Put the rocks back and headed back to SCMS.

Wall sits at the shelter/bathrooms waiting on the six, then air presses x 50 civilian count.  Switched up some leg lifts, Magoo and Point Break with some 10 counts, then time for Mary.

American Hammer x 15 IC

Flutter x 15 IC

Freddy Mercury x 15 IC

Rosalita x 15 IC

Heels to Heaven x 15 IC

Floorslapper with the Take Out Prayer.


Glad to be back out and seeing some faces I don’t usually see.  Everyone stayed together and not much waiting around.  Limey has been a posting machine lately, I think 5 was the count last week and already 1 for 1 this week.  That mustache was holding him back.  He’s like the fall 2020 version of Point Break, now to get him on the Q schedule.  Clover’s electric BMW sounds like a space ship.  I’m not sure if this is a new one, or if the white one was, or if he just upgraded the engine, but sounds like something out of Star Wars.  Great catching up with Hopper, Sardine and Floorslapper and Magoo, thanks for representing the site Qs.  Appreciate the opportunity.

I Promise My Shoulder Hurts

With the last few weeks of an extended tax season, haven’t been posting as much as normal.  Also, at some point have hurt my left shoulder.  Apparently it is not a normal injury, more on that, but I figured we would try to stay away from the merkins and burpees that seem to bother it.  So I figured this would be a good day for legs and rocks, and 8 others unknowingly agreed as well.

Hot muggy morning, the sweat was flowing like the salmon of capistrano.


Ran to the Panera shopping center for COP

IW x 15 IC

Mountain Climber x 15 IC

Peter Parker x 15 IC

Hand Release Merkin x 10 OYO

The Thang:

We ran 50s on the stairs and the calls for Omaha started immediately.  We did 10 squats, ran the stairs up, across, down, 40 lunges back to start.  Then repeated sets of 20/30, 30/20 and 40/10.  LBCs waiting on the six.

Mosey across the street, or a few streets, to the rock pile behind the building on Carmel.  Grab a lifting rock.  20 of called exercise at first island, run loop.  Pick up rock and take to second island, repeat first island reps and pick up 20 of second island reps, continue until we reach the last island.

20 tricep extensions

20 curls

20 overhead press

20 bent over rows

20 RDLs

Return the rocks, out the back entrance to Carmel Commons Blvd, ran that road crossing Carmel, all the way back to launch.  Past a lot of other options along the way in that hill beside Cranfield Academy, Palantine Hill, etc.  Will be back.

Finished with 20 American Hammers, 20 Freddy Mercury and 20 Over/Unders.

Centurion needs a Q next week.

Hops with the take out.


Easy group today, Bout Time gets credit for the run in although Semi accused him of parking at the BB&T (he can’t get enough of that corporate brand).  Hops squeezed out his shirt again and the floodgates opened.  He accused his camo pants of “shrinking” being the reason they no longer fit.  Semi was on YHC about the shoulder injury.  Apparently I moved it too much to be a real injury.  But everyone stayed together, great group.  I would write more but apparently I am buying a car tomorrow after some bad news on the current one so back to it.  Thanks guys.

5 Years, But It Felt Like the First Time

The last Anvil workout was March 4, 2020, Point Break’s VQ 40th birthday celebration.  The next week, March 11th we all converged at Death Valley for that sendoff.  But after that things went pretty dark pretty quick.  With my 40th on April 11th, I distinctly remember PB telling me I was just a month away and up next for the 40th B-day Q.  Man, how much changed during that month as COVID-19 became more widespread and AOs were shut down..  SYITG went to SYITZ, and while the zoom workouts were good, nothing close to the real thing.  It was good to take this first step of being back at Anvil for a socially distanced workout. My first F3 workout was a one-off that was done at my church sometime back in 2013 time frame before an upcoming men’s retreat.  But I didn’t start coming out to F3 until 5/6/15, my first day at Anvil.  I read some of those backblasts from that time period and remember the one from 5/13/15 (exactly 5 years ago today) quite well.  Maybe we should reenact that one.  Let’s see, Lobsta Roll led it, burpee ladder going up from 1 to 15 and then back down to 11, with 25 of another exercise in between.  Then a burpee/air press Jack Webb for a daily total of 225 burpees.  The audible was called, we would not be doing that again. Weather was pretty perfect, mid 50s, 5 other guys made the count 6 and were disclaimed, although it probably should have been an hour long in our current environment, but we were off. COP Mosey around the parking lot beside 51 and then headed over to the turf for COP. IW x 15 IC LSS x 15 IC Mountain Climber x 15 IC Alternating Shoulder Taps x 15 IC Merkin x 10 IC The Thang: Mosey to the traffic circle at the end of the Avenue of Trees for good ole 5 fingered Starfish.  We would run out, perform exercises, and back to the middle with 20 merkins. 1 – Back to the turf for 3 rounds of 10 plankjacks, bear crawl the turf and 10 Carolina Dry Docks.  Back to middle for 20 merkins. 2 – Mosey to the fields for 3 rounds (which ended up being 4) of 10 American Hammer, run the hill and 10 LBCs.  Back to middle for 20 merkins. 3 – Mosey to the hot box for 3 rounds of 10 step ups, 10 dips and 10 derkins.  Back to middle for 20 merkins. 4 – Mosey to the rock pile for 3 rounds of 10 curls, 10 overhead press and 10 tricep extensions.  Back to middle for 20 merkins. 5 – Finished the starfish on North Face.  3 rounds of 10 jumpsquats, run the hill, 5 burpees at the top.  Back to middle for 20 merkins. Mary Flutter x 15 IC Rosalita x 15 IC Freddy Mercury x 15 IC Moleskin: Chatter was pretty good today, and the 1/3 refusenik held his ground well.  Although Puddin’ did tell me he did the bear crawls for me just because it was my 5 year anniversary, thanks?  Some great commentary on the Last Dance, football, golf, etc.  But really just great to be back together. 5 years of F3 go by pretty fast.  When I started F3, I was already in multiple men’s groups through church and being from Charlotte had a pretty good network.  But dropping our Y membership so I could play golf at Raintree I just needed someplace to workout.  Therefore, I feel like for the first few years didn’t really give F3 it’s due.  If I’m being honest I just needed the workouts and felt like I was pretty good everywhere else.  But after a while the people are what draw you in.  My wife, as I’m sure some of yours have as well, has been doing those enneagram personality studies and I’ve since learned sustaining that model for me just wasn’t going to be possible.  Whatever I do, I need to be in it, just not someone who shows up for 45 minutes a few mornings a week.  But man has that been a struggle with weekend activities with the kids, both sides of our family in town and other groups as well.  But I’m trying, and will continue to do better.  It’s an awesome group of guys and I love the camaraderie and accountability.  Keep doing what you are doing and we’ll bring a whole bunch of sad clowns up with us.  SYITG.

The 40 Year Old Virtual Virgin Q Birthday Preblast

I guess it’s time to pad the F3 resume and add virtual Q to my “skills”.  I’ll check back afterwards to see if anyone has offered any endorsements.  Unfortunately I’ve only participated in one of these, but Bucky did a fine job so we’ll see how this goes.  Find a home base somewhere where you can have access to:

  1. Rock, dumbell, etc for curls, tricep extensions, overhead press and skullcrushers
  2. Wall, chair, bench for dips, step-ups
  3. 1-2 minute run route for a few out and backs.
  4. To keep with Rock Zero fashion, I’ll be having a non-virtual bourbon virtually for anyone who would like to join.



Imperial Walker x 10 IC

Mountain Climber x 10 IC

Peter Parker x 10 IC

Parker Peter x 10 IC


The Thang – some 40s

In each round, you will perform each exercise x 10, 4 times through, or a total of 40 of each exercise.  After each round, run out 1 minute and back.

Round 1


Alternating Shoulder Taps

Rock Curls


  • Run, Calf Raises waiting on six


Round 2

Wide Arm Merkin

Plank Jack

Rock Tricep Extension


  • Run, Dips waiting on six


Round 3

Carolina Dry Docks

Makhtar Ndiaye

Rock Press


  • Run, Al Gore waiting on six


Round 4

Diamond Merkin

10 Second hold low plank

Rock Skullcrusher

Romanian Deadlift

  • Run, Monkey Humpers waiting on six


Mary (same format)


Freddy Mercury


American Hammer


I’ll put the Zoom link in slack in the Virtual 1st F channel.