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Old Course for no men

Well, YHC will never attend another Xmas party as I got volun-told by one Geraldo to Q in the site q’s absence.

I tease about the never again stuff. That’s just how F3 rolls. We’re all about the starfish. With that in mind YHC didn’t want to think/remember a complicated wienke. While G and Hoover were no doubt carrying heavy things at a local GoRck event by 7am – 8 rugged pax and 2 iron tossing, very gullible, Olympus pax ventured out to see what Rea Rd has to offer.

Quick jog out to the front of Calvary. Skeerrrt… Turn around and grab the LIFOs. I thought we got all that out of the way with floorslapper classically :30 late but no, he would be outdone by OT. Gotta love a Saturday morning. Things are always a little slower to get going.

COP for SSH, IW, Low Slow Squat, Mtn Climbers and Merkins x 10 in cadence. All warm we took entrance 3 out to rea.

Long run down to Bevington and plank to wait on the six. Take the long uphill haul to Old Course.

Quick instruction on peaks/valleys. It sounds like it says, surprise surprise. On the peak 5 Merkins. In the valley 5 squats. Stop at the stop sign – about 3/4 mile with 13 combined peaks/valleys. Repeato back out to Rea with CCD in valley and Jump Squats on the peak. Squats got those quads and glutes firing after nice uphill climbs. 230ish exercises and about 250 elevation in dem hills.

Slow mosey back to bevington. Wall sit w/50 arm raises to wait on the six. Strong push up the hill to entrance 4, also known as the forbidden hill at Calvary. But when the cats away the mice will play. One all you got up the steep incline and jog back to the launch.

Six minutes of Mary and we’re done.

4.5 miles does a body good. Now that you’ve earned that extra IPA tonight you can thank me later.


Taco Party next Friday. See SOB slack channel for more info. There will be some questionable beverages post workout.

Prayers for friends of Stalker whose lil girl is fighting cancer.

As always, it’s a pleasure to lead the fine men of F3. Merry Christmas to everyone. I hope this year has been good to you and next is looking good. Cheers


Roses and thorns

3/9ths and 2/12ths of 2 BRR teams joined forces to share our highs and lows of the morning.

launch from ye olde liquor house at the arboretum. Head east down 51 to Rain tree. Left and on down to wind bluff rd.

quick instruction of peaks/valleys workout with merkins at top and squats at bottom x 10. And go!

Joker and alf got 3 laps while Benny, retread and YHC did 2.25ish

anywhere between 300 and 400 exercises and 3-4 miles later we hoofed it on back to launch. At 51 we stopped to hit a fast 5k pace back on to launch.

Moleskin: YHC had some simple ideas for this morning. Hill repeats and exercises. It’s a grinder and we got some Strava segments in. There may have been some refusenik of hands touching the ground. But that’s what happens at a running workout.


blood drive next week. See Mighty Mite

look for some comz about A51 Xmas party soon.

Imitation is the Sincerest [form] of flattery

10 rolled into the weekly edition of Anvil this cool and clear morning. (Cobains for forgetting the 10th pax name. My memory only stores up to 9 apparently) We disclaimed and moseyed on down to the front side of Calvary to get some COP in. But first… some F3 trivia on the way and throughout. Shameless plug, I pulled this Q and adapted some from – give it a look.

Q: When did F3 start? Where?

A: 1/1/2011. AG Middle. (snowflake)

SSH x20. Squat x15. Merkins x10.

Q: What are the 5 core principles of F3?

A: Free to all Men. Held outdoors. Rain or shine. Peer led. Ends with COT. (Multi pax)

No penalty burpees at this time. Mosey on over to front lot for the next round.

Q: What is the F3 mission? Credo?

A: Plant, Grow and serve small mens workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you found him. (Snowflake/Point Break)

The pax we’re strong in the F3 trivia/history lesson. But we still did some burpees, as practice for what was to come.

The Thang – YHC participated in GrowRuck Clt in august and felt it important to share some of the Grow portion. So here it goes.

Q: Who knows about QSource? How many Q points are there? How many quadrants?

A: F3 guide to leadership. 50. 4. (Duh, it’s a square)

With varied wrong answers we did 10 penalty burpees

Q: What is the first quadrant Q point?

A: Get Right. What a man must do to achieve proper personal alignment and Accelerate himself. We talked about how you can’t help others if you can’t first help yourself, so it’s time to get to work.

7’s in the front lot. Deconstructed burpees, hand release Merkin on one end of lot and jump squats at the other. The mumble chatter was strong to start but this round definitely got the heart beating and the talking got hard to maintain. The fast guys led a little Mary while waiting on the six.

Mosey over to basketball goals.

Q: What is the second Q point?

A: Live right. Pax need to learn to live right to maintain the Get Right. Live Right is focused on the HIM’s IMPACT on the lives of other people and how he helps them to Accelerate.

Partner up and Dora 1, 2, 3. This stretched each one of us as the short run from goal to goal helped to shorten the time in exercises. Making the total body quiver a real thing by the time you got to your last sets for each exercise.

Mosey to the baseball field.

Q: Q Point 3?

A: Lead right. To Lead Right, a person must be capable of applying the Leadership Skills and possess the Leadership Virtues. Anything less will result in disaster, Disadvantage and lack of Prosperity for the Group he Leads. The Pax got homework to look up the skills needed through the VAPE acronym and the 5Cs.

Split into 2 groups of 5 and start to lead. There was no instruction just a statement. Lead the four guys in your group for 2 mins. GO!!!!

As expected the Pax did not disappoint and took on the challenge. YHC saw sprints, Peoples chair, bear crawls and all sorts of other exercises for the 10 min session.

With the 45 mins coming to a close we moseyed back to the start but not before giving the Meathead crew a round of Monkey Humpers to think about.

Back at the start we talked about the last Q point.

Leave right. Legacy is what a Virtuous Leader leaves behind through the Effective performance of his Mission, which is the Course Of Action he pursues to achieve his Ultimate Purpose.

Closed out with a minute and a half elbow plank.

Moleskin: YHC has been slacking in the gloom since august. Some injuries and a general sense of malaise have kept my acceleration low. Thanks to Point Breaks msg about needing Qs to get me out of my funk. The nation slack had a post from Raleigh about this Q source workout and I wanted to give it a try. It did not disappoint.

The Pax didn’t disappoint as well. Speedy guys did their thing. Respects were out in numbers. What’s your excuse? Mumblechatter was strong in the beginning but died quickly when breathing became more important than talking.

Announcements: Blood Drive at the end of Oct. Matthew’s town hall. See Mighty Mite for all your blood donating needs. Freed to bleed is an amazing example of QSource in action.

Prayers for family members in declining health and friends with Covid. We’re still not out of the woods yet. Be safe and smart.

some links to QSource resources

F3 QSource Index:

43 Feet Podcast:

F3 QSource Hard Copy Book:

Hey Man, Don’t Pull My Hose.

4 was the magic number this am for a little ruckity-ruck at SACS. YHC pulled up and surprised the fellas with a 40 foot one eyed monster that could have choked a donkey and made Dirk Diggler proud.

Grab my hose and mosey on down to the track. We took turns yanking and pulling all the way around the track for close to 2 miles in 45ish minutes. Needless to say we were all a little tuckered after this workout. You might even believe that some naughty talk originated from CC’s face-hole. Why wouldn’t it? We’re middle aged men and still have the maturity level of teenagers.

We encountered the elusive TigerBall in the wild. The shirtless and clothed alike put down some track miles followed by a spirited frolic through the woods to Davie and back to where ever they came from. When asked if they wanted to grab our hose and join in the good living, they graciously declined. They may have said, “Good work” after we knocked out a 400 in under 2:00 with all four of us manning the wretched hose while looking like some version of the human centipede.

Quote of the morning goes to Geraldo. “This feels unnatural”, with regard to dragging the hose while bear crawling and receiving a little oil check from said hose. Dirty little bugger. Glad he went last with that maneuver as he said, “No more for me”. Understandable.

Wild Turkey gets the “enthusiasm” award for this morning as I think he was the most happy lugging that awkward pile of firehose around. Also, “best hair”. Let your soul shine through.

Cheese Curd gets the “bounceback” medal as he seemed to get stronger throughout the workout. He can add that to his WTF race win. #YoureWelcome

Kuddos to the guys for embracing my shenanigans. What I lack in complexity I make up for in on the spot creativity.

Announcements: Sign up for CLT GrowRuck – it will be fun and already has 50 fellas looking forward to a classic F3 CSAUP weekend.

Last minute shopping

We’ve all been there before. Men, we’re just not good at managing time outside of the essential four walls of our family structure. That’s typically why we get married. To share the work and maybe few other reasons. So what do we do… we never learn and here we are again, one week and a half from the nation’s, nay the world’s most overdone holiday and… we have still not shopped for a single person.

Lucky for us there are wonderful tributes to the capitalist gods like Blakeney Shopping Center, where literally there is a Target one mile from another. Now that’s progress on a Starbucks level. But I digress. This is not a tale of anger and discouragement about our current state of affairs but merely a metaphor for the work we set out to tackle in this week’s edition of FIRESTARTER. AKA the rising phoenix of Genesis. So with no FNGs and a moderate disclaimer stated we set out for a shopping trip like no other.

Lil mosey out to Rea and down AK to circle up in the sun god of money storage’s parking lot to make a withdrawal/overdraft for our whirlwind tour. All the usual were performed. Silly saddle looking hops (that no one likes), star wars themed knee raises, merkins (velvet or not, you choose), super slow squats for the ladies and awkward looking horizontal climbing moves. Feeling fully warm, confident and our pockets flush with cashishe we headed over to take care of the “youngins” first.

Amazingly, there is a toy store, Justice (or like I like to pronounce it “Just Us”) and Old Navy all within 100 yards. Coincidence? I think not. Focusing on the upper body so we can get that picture perfect “kid toss in the air” photo on xmas morning while all wearing our matching pjs was on the list. With 5 rows of parking spaces (get used to this format) we allowed for 10 Carolina Dry Docks on each end. 100 of those smokers later and we were ready to impress the M and her friends with bulging traps, delts and necks. Plankity plank plank to wait on the six, cause bros stick together. Kids – CHECK

Next up – parents. Home Goods it is, although I heard an audible for the ABC store. Agreed! But here we are and Mom’s been talking something special up for the dining room and we might as well get Dad some weird holiday beer/glass gift box while we’re here. And since our parents are you know, old, we took care to remember our core while doing WW2 situps. John Wayne was smiling down on us as each row we sat down and laid in the cold wet puddles to the sound of wet backs slurping up and down on the ground. Taco seemed to feel right at home for more reasons than one. V up while we wait. 100 soggy bottom situps later we had taken care of the Rents.

Now we all have that debate in our families, if you have siblings. Will we buy for each other this year? What about all the nieces and nephews? My god why did Jimmy and Sara have 12 kids? Should we draw names? Secret Santa? Dirty Santa… ohhhhhhhh naughty. Well, what ever you do there’s a place that can satisfy all your needs for what ever situation you end up in. And that place’s name is TARGET, or Tar-Jay as the french say it. More squats were done than was needed for training to walk up and down or back and forth from floor to floor or outdoors to inside at your sister’s  McMansion or your in-law’s hobby farm on xmas day. Al Gore snuck in too. Sibs – Done and DONE!

We took a quick break to grab a slice of pizza hut and a Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino to help keep the energy up and the eyes on the prize, cause guess what? That special person, the LOML is last on the list. And even though she says, “I have everything I need and just want the whole family to be together for Christmas.”, you know that’s a trap like Admiral Akbar in Return of the Jedi. Well, maybe not a trap, but a beautiful part of her “mystery”. So what do we do? We get some Jeggings/yoga pants/pj bottoms (death wish), the newest Buffalo Plaid oversized shirt/vest/scarf thing (doing better), a giftcard (safe but insensitive) and a new frying pan (you wanna die for real) to replace that old worn out one with that teflon scrapping off. (Darn kids using the metal spatula) Oh yeah, I almost forgot, she said something about pampered chef things too. Where the devil is that isle? Jokes on you brother. Grinding out some J-Los to get that “my body’s to bootylicious” form, incidentally One Star is wheelhouse at this maneuver, helped us to identify with the “struggle” of doing ridiculous looking ab work. Some LBCs added to the early finishers fun.

With one final lot on the schedule I knew what needed to be done. A wink, a nod and 100 Monkey Humper salute (#crowdpleaser) to this fine establishment and all its wonderful offerings. Until we meet again next year. Wall sit and Arm Raises to finish it off. It was at this time Midriff almost lost a shoe to a triceratops sized pile of poo which we couldn’t decide on a species for. #everybodypoops

Mosey on back home but wait, the day is not over. A last minute request for those Pilsbury crescent rolls or some other equally important dinner item is needed and you alone are the only person within 500 miles who can save the day. With our F3 logos bering proudly from our manly and chiseled chests we stopped off at the HARRIS TEETER (insert echo) to save Christmas!! Only it turned into a race of catch me if you can ’cause they are all out of rolls and we’re looking for any Hail Mary to get the win. Burpee and go catch that King’s Hawaiian roll before it’s gone baby. (It’s in the bakery section, or on an endcap, because they know. And don’t stop to look at the overpriced craft beer!)

Mission accomplished! We saved our A$$, maxed out the Mastercard and did it again. We did all the shopping in one day. And I can’t wait to do it all over again next year. Cause you know we will. It’s like a drug.

PS: Tks to the mustang for coming in hot and nearly plowing us while in our vulnerable positions. Reminder: the money machine starts before 6am. Beware.

NMM: While this is a fun and satirical post, some may feel it hits close to home. It certainly does for me. But it serves as a reminder that we are here to do more than satisfy simple physical needs and check boxes everyday.

We’re here to serve.

As men of leadership and faith it is essential that we serve. It helps us maintain momentum and focus on what is most important. Find your opportunity. Think about it. Pray about it. Then be led to it. We are Freed to Lead, if we embrace it. This is the purpose of F3.

Tks to MK and Teddy for allowing me to demonstrate bad habits and lead you into questionable situations. Always a pleasure.

God Bless men, and have a safe and happy holiday.

I would do anything for love

Meatloaf called for a last minute Q late yesterday. Everyone knows I love a good substitute Q and I jumped at it. With a route set and approved by the pax I tucked myself in bed nice and early to answer the early morning alarm.

on arrival YHC saw 5 shirtless pax moseying away at 5am.

sitting around alone YHC thought, “I could run with the locals if I needed too”. But voodoo came out of the gloom and joker pulled in with a min to spare. We waited for a few incase there were some late arrivals. Seeing none, we launched.

route went east on bevington, right left right left to strawberry lane, left on 51, all the way down to bay brook, right and you’re back on bevington. Woah! Like Magic were right back where we started.

YHC planned for 2-3 2miles at tempo and the boys helped me stay on pace. Tks guys.

Rain didn’t keep 8 from getting in the miles with smiles this morning. Great job everyone

this BB is for voodoo. #nantanguilt

obviously, I would do anything for meatloaf. Both the food and F3 pax. Tks for the opportunity to lead.

peace out

ps: I was not sure who the 5th beetle was in the early crew. Shout out below.

pps: sign up for the blood drive or MM will come take blood from you himself.

Putting the “Udderly” pointless in CSAUP

With September upon us and the promise of cooler temps and less humidity, there has been a new challenge set before the pax. A gauntlet if you will. (#TksF3Greenwood)

The IPC or Iron Pax Challenge has become a “fall classic” of sorts. And why not. It’s typically a CSAUP style event that for some reason we all gravitate towards like a fat kid to cake.

So when weighing my options of how to break down 250 swings in 45 mins I said to myself, “Self, why not do an EMOM and while we’re at it, why not make it this weeks IPC but literally with iron.”

Here’s what went down.

YHC arrived with much time to spare in order to make last minute checks of gear and the AO. Only YHC was in the wrong lot. Quick drive over to an adjacent lot, less littered with goose feces, and I find a Wild Turkey skipping double dutch solo and Unplugged loosening up the undercarriage.

As the pax slowly trickled in YHC dawned his amazing Weinke, in art form on a boardroom sized “Post It” paper. With my Weinke secured to the rear of my M’s SUV YHC did a quick demo of the morning’s work and an even quicker disclaimer.

Timer started and tunes pumping we began the long 50 minutes of the IPC Week 1 – Kettlebell Remix.

EMOM (every minute on the minute)

5 Swings

Then during the roughly 50 seconds of time remaining in the minute we did…

50 Hand Release Release Merkins

100 Leg Lifts

150 Jungle Boi Squats (basically a star jack)

200 Big Boy Sit-ups (WWII sit-up)

250 Single-leg Lunges

50 rounds of heavy metal, virtually no mumblechatter and some gaseous emissions later we arrived at the top of IPC mountain and planted our flag with grit and determination.

Unofficial results:

Frehelys finished first (20 mins) after he had to leave at 10 to 6. We were glad he took the gas with him.

Madison, Taco Stand, Soul Glo and Mighty Mite all finished around the 40 min mark. Leaving them with 50 swings to break up the last 5 mins.

Voodoo, Beetlejuice, Unplugged, Wild Turkey and YHC took it to the limit of 45 mins.


If I was the form police I’d have to arrest some Pax as there were modifications aplenty. WWIIs are no joke and a quick change to LBC seemed preferred.

5 Swings EMOM is not as easy as you would think. Amazing form turned to jelly arms and legs as the reps crept up.

Additional planks, glute bridges and hollow holds were used to chew up the remaining time.


Wild Turkey almost left after learning the plan. A mutiny was quickly squashed as YHC started the tunes, timer and there was no turning back. Timer issues were resolved swiftly. Frehelys had to bolt at 5:50. Don’t forget to do your remaining 150 swings. A new milestone was reached in YHC’s Q career as I was able to create a workout that left everyone speechless, and subsequently, almost kicked out of F3. The good news is, no one was hurt and we all finished. I am always humbled to lead our fine group of men. To see the trust, determination and fellowship displayed by the Pax makes it a joy to lead, every time.


Blood Drive 10/23/2020 at Brace YMCA – 2nd F strongly discouraged after 😛

Reminder to wear reflective gear, headlamp and blinkies as the mornings are darker longer.

Labor Day convergence 9/7 at SCMS – 7am

YHC with the takeout.

Soggy bottom boys

10 men rose from the fart sack to take the DRP on a moist hump day morning.

YHC arrived a tiny bit early to scope the terrain. Luckily, Calvary hadn’t moved anything.

Disclaimed and already sweating we launched.

Mosey one lot over for COP. IC – SSH x 20, Squat x 20, IW x 20, Merkin x 10, CDD x 10

All warmed up we hit the rock pile by the baseball field. Grab a manly pressing rock and circle up. Civilian count Curls, Overhead Press and Tricep extensions. Set 1 x 20 / run down around light pole. Set 2 x 15 / run. Set 3 x 10. Drop the rocks off at the pile. But wait, there’s more. Superset with smaller rock. 50 x Curl, Press and Tris. #smoker Deposit rocks in pile and mosey to the hotbox.

Leg work OYO: 3 sets of 10 jump ups, 10 split squats and 10 side step ups (Tks for the third exercise Puddin’) then run down soccer field sidewalk and back up between sets. Plank up when done.

Mosey out front to the circle entrance. Grab a less aggressive rock for some ab work. 3 sets of  LBC rock press, American Hammer and Flutter Press with a lap around the circle between each set. 20, 15 and 10 reps per set. Drop the rocks and mosey back to the launch with a little flyby of the Meathead PAX. They have gained quite a following.

Line up abreast at bottom of launch lot for 10 WWII sit-ups and all u got to the cars. Mosey back down for one more round. That’ll do it.

NMM: Haven’t been out to a workout in quite a while. It felt good to be among the PAX again. I dusted off my Q skills and we had a good time. To say it was humid is an understatement. We were all very moist by the time we got around to the ab work. Sweat angels were in full effect on the pavement. Lorax was missed, most were huffing and puffing and Clover was “chatty”. I recall breweries, shows and a pseudo cross fit work out conversation. Thanks for having me and reminding me to get my six out to more workouts. We are made for fellowship with other men.

Announcements: Nothing new in A51.

Prayers: Runstopper’s brother – health concerns

Stay strong and healthy during this trying time.

Pudding Pop with a strong take out.

Beastly Five Knolls

11 for a tour de Five Knolls Rd.
Short COP in lot to await any last min pax. Everyone is present so let’s get this started.

Mosey to five knolls neighborhood. Light pole intervals to the bottom of the hill. 5k pace with recovery each set.

The beast on Five Knolls hill. Exercise x 6 each manhole for 6 times up the hill. Recovery mosey back down. We did Merkins, Squats, CDDs, Lunges, Calf Raises and Monkey Humpers.

Mosey to bottom for one more trip up. This time no stops, just one steady state run up the hill to finish. Lots of Mary and plank in between hill sets.

Mosey to Calvary rock pile out front. 3 sets of 6 x curl, press and tricep extension with lifting rock. Mosey to hot box. Donkey kick Webb to 6. Mosey to start via outer driveway to get the full 4 miles. 6 burpees to finish.

Fully dressed eating breakfast moleskin. Tks to the pax for going along with me to five knolls. If Gummy were here we’d have to stay on campus. #grinchy Not to much mumblechatter as we kept moving. Geraldo was showing us how it’s done out there. The pax were nipping at his heels like a pack of wild dogs. Everyone else were trading places regularly. The final push up the hill was met with TBQ and almost a merlot sighting.

Thankful for all the pax this holiday season.

It always looks better on paper

It’s inevitable. You say to yourself, “Self, let’s make this easy on ourselves.” Then as you mull over “the plan” you add a little something here and there, then take away or theme it somehow. Two hours later you’ve crafted the “perfect” steaming pile of workout you can think of and avoided work successfully. Theme? Check. Cones? Check. Paper handouts? Check. Trivia? Check. Confusion and mutiny? Maybe. Let’s do this!

8 pax accepted the challenge of cold, wind and most certainly, pain. They came layered in spandex and sweats to battle the cold as best they could. Some had shorts. There were no t-shirts. I had the famous baklava. I looked silly, but remained toasty warm. #winning

Quick DCCS, partner up with similar speed and off we go, but not without 5 Burpees OYO. Stop quick as a possible LIFO drove in. Nope, just security. Well, we’re here already so let’s do some COP.

  • SSH x15
  • IW x15
  • Merkin x10
  • Mtn Climber x10.

All warmed up, we mosey out to the lot adjacent to HWY 51 where I introduced a rather aggressive Weinke. But first a message from Monday. It was Veteran’s Day, I missed it. Well a workout at least. But hey, we can celebrate veterans any day right? RIGHT! So we did. Introducing the Calvary Asphalt Post-Veteran’s Day Trivia Challenge. It’s simple. No really, it is. Pshhft. Whatever!

We started at the first parking lot row and answered a Military Trivia Question. The answer held our fate as number of reps in exercises.

Q. How many branches of the US military are there?*

Answered correctly by Lorax. We now do Merkins at each row end and beginning incrementing by 1 starting at 1. 🙂 11 stops = 66 Merkins, 6 rows = .5 miles.

Q. What was the Air Force formerly known as?*

Wrong! Thanks Snowflake, Space Force is incorrect. Time for Squats. The penalty for insubordination is multiply the reps by 2 at each stop starting at 1 and incrementing. He subsequently stated, “I guess it doesn’t pay to be sarcastic.” 132 squats and .5 more miles we arrived at our next question.

Q. What is the Smallest branch of military? (In the USA)*

Correct! Nice job Fallout. WWII sit-ups it is. 1 each stop with 1 increment. 66 WWII and .7 miles later lands us at question 4.

Q. What is the Navy Mascot?*

Wrong! Ok, I admit that was unfair, but really fun to hear some guesses. Penalty of 2x increment for SSH each stop. 132 SSH and another .7 miles got us to the start lot where we had to cut short our goal of running all the parking lot asphalt. But we still got time, one more question and exercise set. This ones for all the marbles!

Q. What was the Army in charge of exploring and mapping in America?*

Correct! Sweet 8lb baby boy, Snuka is an animal both physically and mentally. Burpees all around for the last 2 row runs. 15 Burpees later we arrived at the bottom of the launch lot where we laid down to die, but not before a called AYG to the cars. #waytoleaveitallouttheremen

As I said, this was an aggressive workout and my hope was to get all rows in which would get you 3 miles and up too 660 reps if you sucked terribly at trivia. Thank goodness we have brains to go with our brawn. I’m always amazed at the level of fitness in our Respect pax. I would put our guys vs your guys any day. #respect Next time we’ll get it all in. Here’s the link to strava route if you’re interested.

*Chime into the comments to try your hand at answering the questions from the workout. Or just google the answers if you’re a no fun having cotton ninny muggins.

Announcements: Xmas party RSVP is over, but I’m sure if you ask pretty pretty please with sprinkles on top, MightyMite will let you come. So do it. It’s always a blast and who doesn’t want to see F3 Karaoke.