Is someone buried here?

Is someone buried here?

6 pax mustered on a milder than expected Friday. Floorslapper was LIFO, of course. Not long into the downpainment, Spackler took of his Titleist golf mittens, and somebody else removed some clothing…but thankfully not too much.

YHC had not been to this AO in a long time, and apparently I parked too close to the road as Pop Tart asked “Why did you park all the way over here?” For the record, it was about 37 feet from his vehicle.

Neither site Q in attendance (Orange Whip excused), but Faultline did confirm my Q status yesterday.

Below is some of what we did, but more importantly, what was said. With Puddin’, Pop Tart and Spackler – there was much banter. I think Pop Tart is angling to be part of Trifusenik. He plays the part well, for sure. Quadfusenik just doesn’t sound as good. But since Gloss never posts on Friday (except in some trainer dude’s garage #notF3 and #yikes), I think Pop Tart could be officially part of Trifusenik on Friday’s.

Before we launched, Puddin’ and YHC discussed past workouts with very small numbers; and he remembered a time at DV where Smokey determined ahead of time they would only workout for 30 minutes and then head to Panera. Strong. Not really. Double-helping of DBP, please.

Smallest workout I’ve been a part had 3 pax. Pretty sure that was at the now extinct SOFAWIB…the name itself might have been its death knell. Don’t bring a recycled Metro name down here!

Anyway, the only thing on the Weinke that wasn’t completely or partially ad-libbed was the triple nickel with Mike Tyson’s and burpees on the hill. Pop Tart complained about the burpees from the get go, but did at least some of them. Spackler and Puddin’, of course, did none of them. Spackler, to his credit, did some modified deconstructed burpees. Puddin’ did nothing, whatsoever.

Rhapsody, as anyone knows who’s worked out with him and saw the above pax list, was far and away the most fit pax. He was limited, however, as he sliced off about 1/3 of his left thumb while cutting linoleum at home. He posted, nonetheless. That’s what I call choking down a 5 lb. red pill. T-claps, brother. He was also kind enough to run with YHC during the laps around the church. Another cool story about Rhapsody from about 12 years ago: He and M. Rhapsody watched our boys when Hops and M. Hops were away for a romantic weekend. While there – he replaced our dishwasher with one he said was considered damaged (indiscernible dent in lower corner) at one of the new homes he was building. Thanks again, and hope the thumb grows back.

Speaking of the laps around the church, we broke into 2 groups and alternated running a lap around the church while the other group did called exercises. During the first lap, Floorslapper said, “You guys aren’t going to dust me, are you? He then said, “’s not too far around this building.” Truth is – he put in some strong work on the laps.

Ok, no sense giving any more details of the workout itself, except that the backblast title is derived from the fact that when we got to the rock pile which is actually an ebenezer of sorts for the church – somebody asked: “Is someone buried here? Maybe we shouldn’t use these rocks.” Pretty sure the answer is “no”, but not entirely sure.

Some other sundry observations from this morning’s edition of Kevlar:

  • Disappointed no sighting of McRib, Horsehead or Bulldog…among others. Bulldog is excused as he has Foot & Mouth or Shingles or Mad Cow or something. Pray for our favorite Englishman to heal quickly.
  • Pray for Pop Tart, too, who’s probably just coming out of anesthesia from his ankle surgery as I type this. He promised to be back in 4 weeks.
  • There was not consensus, but Puddin’ was sure “Mask” was Cameron Diaz’ first film. And someone suggested she was married to Justin Timberlake or lived with him or some such. Important conversations going on at Kevlar.
  • I had not been to Kevlar (or Skunk for that matter) in many months. Nothing nearly as strange as the time some dude brought his girlfriend or wife, and she sat in the car the whole time. Pretty sure I remember M. Orange Whip dropping him off one morning, and I was worried she might sit in the car during the workout as well. Didn’t happen, thankfully, lest he would never have risen to the lofty status of site Q.
  • We definitely did not go on the tiny gravel/cinder, dimly-lit, ankle-wrecking track. You’re welcome.
  • 12 days of Christmas workout still a thing at Kevlar? Or was that Skunk?

Keep EH’ing your neighbors, friends, co-workers, etc. And don’t forget the pax who have ‘disappeared’. They need F3 as much as they did when they used to post.

Good to be back in the eastern Area51 gloom….I think the air is thicker there…or was that just Puddin’s exhaust?

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Orange Whip
4 years ago

Wow. This post made me miss F3 bad, even though somehow Hops only pulled 6 guys out of the sack. Looking for another doc to take my $$$ to find out what the hell is wrong with me so I can post. Witch is excused.

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