Train Wreck my Weinke

Train Wreck my Weinke

F3 Waxhaw has a special AO in the down town area that I love. The Floater. We have certain rules at The Floater and one of them is Burpee Trian. Simple rule, really. Train comes through Waxhaw, the PAX stops what they’re doing and does Burpees until it passes. It doesn’t alway happen but it happens enough that the Q for The Floater should always be prepared to adjust their Weinke in the case that it does. Thankfully the Weinke was short today and easy to modify for the dreaded Burpee Train.


Mosey to Lutheran Church and 9 X IW IC, Plank up do 10 X Merkins CC, Calf Stretch R/L, Upward/Downward Dog

The Tang

Mosey to Baptist Church around the block and on the way do “a couple” burpees at the street light in the middle then do 10 T-Merkins, Return to Lutheran Church stopping for “a couple” Burpees (for those of you that don’t know, a couple means 2) and do 10 BBSU’s. Rinse and repat 2 more times for 3 sets. Way to finish Fuse Box!

Mosey to parking lot behind house across the street from Fox’s Pizza and do 11’s – Squat X 1 then BC to other side of lot and do MT X 10 then CB back. R/R until get to 10 S & 1 MT. Somewhere right in the middle of all this we were blessed with a Burpee Train. When we resumed the 11’s, I audibled to Lunges  and Dry Docks then after about two rounds, realizing my error in judgement, I re-audibled back to squats. We got to 9S & 2DD’s before YHC called it due to time and we moseyed back to COT.

I think it was a welcome respite to have the Burpee Train come right in the middle as the Shoulders were getting wrecked and YHC was ready for a little break but it was a sort of “pick your poison” moment when Zinfandel called out there were 11 minutes left. I pondered for a brief moment whether I would rather do burpees for the remainder of the time or continue the 11’s.

Every body worked hard today and I was glad for the ones who braved the below freezing temps this morning to come out into the gloom with me. Hopefully you got some good shoulder work along with a little bit of cardio mixed in.


Deisel 5:30 on Friday for gear workout and 0.0 runningCommitment 6:30 at Nesbit Park

Clean up after your workout of choosing starts at 7:45 on 12/14. 2.0’s and M’s encouraged. I will call it if the rain is coming down in buckets. Keep an eye out on Group Me for announcement at ~7:30. Coffeeteria is at Crossroads in down town Waxhaw.

Beer Exchange at Zinfandel’s house on Saturday 12/14.

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