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Five O – “Don’t be last or you may get arrested”

Quick Disclaimer, more for YHC than anyone else due to lack of posting over last couple months.

Quick mosey to campus and up to the top level of the deck for some COP.

IW x 10 in cadence

Low Slow Squats x 10 in cadence

Slow Merkins x 10 in cadence

Mosey down the stairs

The Thang:

Strider work to get the legs properly warmed up

50 % sprint 50 yards down and back

But Kickers down – High knees back

Carioca facing right, down and back (had to look up how to spell that and evidently it is also called grapevine)

4 Corners (modified due to construction work – much apologies clover for not properly reconing the AO)

Round 1 – 5 diamond pushups, run down other end of field, 10 diamond pushups, back corner next to scoreboard – 15 diamond pushups, then back new the cop cars – 20 diamond pushups – back to start

Round 2 (slight modification) – run down to far end – 5 jump squats, scoreboard – 10 jump squats, back to cop cars – 15 jump squats, back to launch – 20 jump squats.

Mosey over to bottom of ramp

Hill Sprints

Big Hill

AYG to top of long ramp, followed by 5 jump squats jumping up as high as you can.  Walk back to bottom to recover – Rinse and Repeat x 3

Small Hill

AYG to top of short ramp (half way up big ramp), followed by 5 jump squats jumping up as high as you can.  Walk back to bottom to recover – Rinse and Repeat x 3

Mosey to brick circle

Bench Work

10 step-ups per leg

10 dips

10 derkins

Rinse and repeat x 2

Mosey back to launch

Six Mins of Mary (actually more like 3)

Flutter x 25 in cadence

High Plank / Right Arm High / Left Arm High / Regular for total 90 seconds



Great turnout today.  And the humidity did not disappoint.  Cooler temps are great, but 98% humidity still makes it tough to breath.

This was YHC’s second post since the world went crazy and it was much needed to have such a great group of guys join YHC – YHC has missed the gloom more than realized.

Everyone was getting after it today.  Found out that not only can Snuka run for days, but for an old guy he is pretty fast.  Lorax is crazy fast and was making the hill sprints look too easy – YHC may be a weight vest for him next time.

YHC was impressed by how hard everyone was working on the hill sprints – no sand baggers today.  They are sneaky hard and you may be feeling them later.  You are welcome.

And thanks to the boys in blue who decided to provide extra incentive to the workout with the threat to arrest anyone who was last.  Not sure if they knew someone or were just use to seeing the F3 crowd around campus.  Nice to know they do appreciate what we do.

Welcome FNG Mayday – the workouts won’t get easier but you will get better.  Keep coming out.

Thanks again men for allowing YHC to lead you around in the gloom this am.  It is both an honor and privilege.   Thanks Mermaid and Margo for asking and for your leadership.

Hops – thanks for the great takeout – saying things we are all thinking and need to hear.


Nothing to report – probably can start signing up for the Christmas Party soon or something.


Stay Safe

Champagne Out.

Modify as needed evidently means no burpees

Solid Hydra group – several guys running in – quick disclaimer and off we went.

First boot camp post for YHC in a while. Gummy called YHC out the night before – and he was correct – guess you have to Q to get back out to doing boot camp. And Hydra is a great AO for it.


Quick mosey to the small practice field:

10 IW – IC

10 Low Slow Squats – IC

10 Slow merkins – IC


The Thang

The Escalator – a favorite go to for YHC – mainly because it brings pain from the beginning and keeps everyone moving. YHC has a love/hate relationship with it.

5 jump squats, 5 merkins, 5 heels to heaven, 5 burpees – run to other end of field (approx. 50 – 60 yards)

10 jump squats, 10 merkins, 10 heels to heaven, 10 burpees – run back

15 jump squats, 15 merkins, 15 heels to heaven, 15 burpees – run to other end of field

20 jump squats, 20 merkins, 20 heels to heaven, 20 burpees – run back

15 jump squats, 15 merkins, 15 heels to heaven, 15 burpees – run to other end of field

10 jump squats, 10 merkins, 10 heels to heaven, 10 burpees – run back

5 jump squats, 5 merkins, 5 heels to heaven, 5 burpees

Finished – all total 80 reps of all and about 400+ yards of AYG


Next – divide into groups of 3 for some gopher / grinder work:

Pax 1 at the concession stand area – 10 jump ups, 10 dips, 10 derkins – rinse and repeat

Pax 2 run from the concession to playground – 5 pull ups – then to small track to Pax 3

Pax 3 –burpee broad jump around the track.

Pax 2 swaps with Pax 3 who then runs back to playground – 5 pull ups and over to relieve Pax 1 and start jump ups, dips, derkins.

Rinse and repeat until everyone had done each section twice.


Mosey to play ground – about 9 mins left

AMRAP – 5 pull-ups, 10 merkins, 15 squats for 9 minutes.




Great group out, even if Gummy decided to sleep in. 2nd F is always great at Hydra. Was YHC’s first post nearly 7 years ago. Thanks Sprockets and Gummy for the opportunity to lead. And why YHC may have given some people flack for the lack of burpees – everyone was working hard.

Thanks again men for allowing me to lead.

Thanks Puddin for the take out.

Champagne Out.


Foghorn is on Q next week at Hydra – his VQ – come and show is support.

Sprockets needs bags of frozen peas for his weekend.

SFG Prep Work Continued in the Cold

14 men braved the artic like temps as compared to a week ago to get stronger and throw a little metal around.

Disclaimer was given – then we got to work.

Quick warm-up:

20 swings oyo

5 prying squats

10 merkins oyo


The Thang:

Continued with the SFG Certification Prep program Voodoo revised and built.

On the menu for today – RDLs, Waiters Carries, Cleans and Squats.

1 x 10 RDL – right and left leg – moderate weight used – warm up the hammies

5 x 1 (R&L) Waiters Carries – approx. 45 – 60 seconds per carry – this started to hurt

5 x 5 double cleans

5 x 5 double racked squats

This can be done as super sets or all of one, then all of the other – think most pax decided for the superset route which makes them a bit harder (understatement) but did warm you up.

Finished with about 15 minutes remaining so

EMOM – 10 swings (your choice) for 10 mins


Full Body Tension hold


Hard Style Plank





Big group today in spite of the cold – great to see everyone out and working hard. Lorax asked how we had so many with as cold as it is – YHC things the Meathead faithful have finally all figured out the new time and place. Everyone was putting in hard work and looked like most if not all people were also pushing the weight and making it more challenging. Knowing what is in store also makes the workout a bit easier – more or less. Also, big thanks for Hoover for being the music Q – great selection – nothing like starting the morning moving some KBs and listening to Zeppelin.


Next installment will be at Olympus this Saturday – watch Slack for the details.

Thanks men for the opportunity to lead.

Champagne Out.



IT was cold and everyone was ready to get back into warm cars so pretty quiet.

Had a request for a KB 101 class – will discuss among the Qs and plan something soon on a Saturday – watch Slack.

12 Days of Christmas comes to Base Camp

6 men decided to start their week right by posting Basecamp.

Despite the nasty weather, they decided to partake of the 12 days of KB Christmas – Basecamp Style.

YHC has no interesting in getting soaked in 40 deg temps with wind and rain so did some recon yesterday and decided AO had some decent cover.

The Thang

Basecamp KB 12 days of Christmas – after quick disclaimer, YHC provided quick overview of the proceeding 12 days of Christmas workout. Provided a few KB tutorials to help some of the newbies. Entertainment was also provided to add to the holiday festivities. YHC is a huge fan of Vince Guaraldi – so it was Charlie Brown Christmas for the pax this am.

Quick warmup with a few prying goblet squats and halos – then to work.

12 Days of Christmas format – with each new day, do that exercise, then work thru all the previous exercises.

1st Day – 1 half dozen diamond merkins on your bell.

2nd Day – 2 Goblet Cossack squats per leg

3rd Day – 3 Halos

4th Day – 4 Viking Presses – (2 per side)

5th Day – 5 High Pulls per side

6th Day – 6 OHP per side

7th Day – 7 Goblet Squats

8th Day – 8 American Hammers (R+L = 1)

9th Day – 9 RDL per leg

10th Day – 10 Hack Squats (crowd pleaser)

11th Day – 11 Cleans per side

12th Day – 12 2 H Swings



Great work by everyone today – this was a ton of work to get done in 45 mins. Made it most of the way, but combined 11th and 12th day at the end to make it right at 6:15. Thanks Men for braving the elements and starting the week off right. Kept everyone dry – mainly due to rain and KBs do not mix – slippery handles = bad situation. Everyone worked thru and made it thru the 12 days and no windows were taken out. .

Jello and Thunder Road – thanks again for the opportunity to lead and for covering for YHCs oversight earlier this year with the Q. Will be happy to be back and happy to bring the KBs back.

Thanks again men for denying the fartsack and joining YHC for some KB fun. Hope it was worth it.

And thanks to Voodoo for supplying extra bells and to High Tide, who is DR, who provided YHC with a large assortment of KBs to share – he may have a KB problem.




Holiday Happy Hour today – The Lodge 4:00 to 6:00 pm

Look for new gear workouts and schedules for the upcoming year.

New Monday gear workout at McAlpine Elementary starting after the first of the year – watch the schedule. – Site Qs to be Mighty Mite and Ickey.

Wednesday – Meathead to move to Anvil and launch with Anvil to provide options – Boot camp or gear.

Other changes coming too.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season.


Champagne Out.


Well that wasn’t a complete failure.

YHC had the reigns to Anvil this am as Flipper double booked his schedule is so excited to get back to boot camps.

YHC thought something different was inorder – so kettlebells were the focus of the day.

9 pax showed up ready to give the KBs a shot and get better.   

Disclaimer was given then quick mosey over near the hotbox.

COP – abbreviated

SSH x 15 IC

IW x 10 IC – YHC called it at that – a bit windy so time to get to work

Mosey to hot box and partner up.

YHC did a quick tutorial on the KB and its many advantages – most were listening somewhat.  Flavors of the day, Cleans, Goblet squats and swings.

Round 1 – total 100 cleans between partners – one partner doing cleans the other, 10 jump ups, 15 derkins, 20 dips – flapjack until 100 reps

Round 2 – 200 goblet squats – Partner  1 does goblet squats while Partner 2 runs to the nearest light post and does 5 burpees and returns – flapjack until 200 reps

Round 3 – 300 swings – Partner 1 does swings while Partner 2 does 25 heels to heaven, then flapjack until 300 reps.

Leave KBs for owners to pick up – quick mosey to launch

Few minutes for mary:

20 LBCs in cadence

20 flutter in cadence



Great work by everyone today and thanks for the willingness to try something different at Anvil.  KBs will kick your butt.  YHC highly recommends getting one and learning proper technique.  They provide a great workout in a little amount of time.  Great to see some old friends out too and great mumble chatter as expected.

Not sure what happened during mary but things got off the rails pretty quick luckily it was time.

Thanks men for showing up – that’s half the battle- and following YHC around in the gloom.  It was fun.  Thanks Brushback and Lorax for the opportunity to lead these great group of men.


HH at Brix South Park – Thursday at 5

Keep Fallout’s 2.0 in your prayers as he continues to heal up.

2019 coming to a close – hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season with their families and keep those less fortunate in our prayers.


FAMRAP – Centurion Circuits – or something like that.

FAMRAP time again at Centurion – YHC thought of using an oldie but a goodie with a few tweaks for Centurion – thus you have Centurion Circuits.

Not sure if it was the pre-blast or the concern of colder weather, but the numbers were a bit low for typical Centurion.  6 men decided to show and take up YHC on the offer to get better and try some FAMRAP for the weekend.

One FNG brought out by Lorax so marginal disclaimer provided.

Mosey over to the benches for instructions:

Starting at the benches – do 5 jump ups or 5 step ups per leg. 

Run to first stairwell – up to the top – 5 merkins

cross top to last stairwell  – 5 jump squats

down stairs to bars – 5 inverted pull-ups

run over to back corner under the scoreboard – 5 heels to heaven

Run up back side of field to top corner – 5 burpees and back to benches

Then repeat with 10 reps each, 15, 20, then back down to 15, 10 and finally 5.  Total count 7 laps and 100 of each exercise if you completed the circuit.


Great work by everyone today – everyone pushed it.  Tough workout that kept you moving the entire time.  Welcome Point Break – keep coming out, it will get better.

YHC wants to write more but the new BB application sucks – have to agree with Spackler – this thing is terrible.

Champagne out.

Centurion pre-blast – FAMRAP meetings Lochness Loops

Come join us tomorrow for a new installment of FAMRAP at Centurion. YHC will be your guide and promise to make it worth your time. A quick overview will be provided at launch then we will get after it, so don’t expect a COP or any fluff. It will be a derivative of the Lochness loops YHC use to Q south of hwy 51. Come ready to push yourself – this one is you vs. you. See you in the gloom.

Making Boot Camps Great Again.

Despite the warning that it was going to be old school and it would be painful, #OGs (both young and old) decided to get better and showed up in the gloom at the big pink church, aka Anvil

Veteran crowd with some Kotters, so quick disclaimer and off we went.   

Mosey over near the soccer fields for COP.

COP (5 burpees after each)
5 burpees
SSH x 25
5 burpees
Merkins x 20
5 burpees
IW x 20
5 burpees
Wide arm Merkins x 10
5 burpees
Squats x 20
5 burpees

Mosey to Sandbox & Partner up

Cycle 1
Partner 1 burpees
Partner 2 bear crawl across sandbox and back

Cycle 2
Partner 1 burpees
Partner 2 gorilla walk across sand and back

Cycle 3
Partner 1 burpees
Partner 2 dragon walk across sandbox and back

Cycle 4
Partner wheelbarrow across sandbox
Flapjack – wheelbarrow back.

Mosey to Shelter for “She-hate-me”
Exercise 1 – dips x 20
Exercise 2 – decline merkins x 20
Exercise 3 – jump ups x 20
5 burpees – rinse and repeat

Mosey to field and circle up:

Ring of Fire:
Good idea on paper, but not so much with 18 pax – called it after 15

Divide up into groups of 3
Sprint Grinders – 5 minutes – feels like a lot longer

Mosey to rock pile (watch out for snakes and cars)

Grab a lifting rock
10 x curls
10 x tri extensions
10 x presses

Rise and repeat for 3 total rounds

Mosey back to launch
6 MOM Flutters x 25
IC Bicycles x 15
IC Right elbow / left knee
LBC x 15 IC Left elbow / right knee
LBC x 15 IC
Heels to heaven x 15 IC
Over / Under x 15 IC



Thought it was time to make boot camps great again and go back old school, back before Area 51 became a run heavy workout kind of place. Decided to pull a couple of the old original workouts from Anvil out and take a look. This reminder YHC of how different the boot camps use to look back 5-6 years ago. YHC figured, maybe it’s time to bring some of these back. YHC took the first 3 workouts and pulled together a compilation thanks to BA and Young Love – the original site Qs. Granted, YHC did stay away from the Young love special of 100 SSH IC – figure with Margo, Haze and Gummy, there would be a full blown mutiny.

Lots of great work out there and it was great to see some old faces that haven’t posted in a while – great to have you guys back out. The sand was as bad as YHC remembered it. It needs to get used more often. Heard several pax say they didn’t even know those sand courts were over there.

The hotbox lived up to its name with a nice round of She-Hate-Me – not sure where that name came from but its what the combo use to be called.

Ring of fire is always a crowd pleaser especially with 18 pax – not sure YHC has done one with that may pax before – but an audible seems like a smart idea. And sprint grinders are always a nice way to finish up.

Great solid work by everyone today, it looked like everyone was pushing it thru the entire workout. And as always, nice to hear mubblechatter – makes the workout more fun.

Thank you men for the opportunity to lead you thru the gloom this am. It’s an honor and a privilege.

Thanks Haze for the great takeout.


Keep BA in your prayers next week

New 3rd F – meeting every other Wednesday from 5:30pm to 6:30pm at Middle James Brewing in Pineville. Its called The Question – there is a new question each meeting to discuss and drive interesting conversation. See Champagne or Strawberry, the Q’s for more information.

That’s All.

Champagne Out.

Hair of the Dog

For some odd reason YHC decided it was a good idea to volunteer to Q the day after the 4th. In hind sight, it actually helped YHC from over doing it on the 4th. Happy Independence day. Merica

7 Men decided to start their second half of the year off right and sweat out the fun from the 4th of July.

All veteran crowd so mobile disclaimer provided.

Slow mosey to the top of the deck for the COP and a little warmup.


IW x 10 in cadence

Low Slow Squat x 10 in cadence
Slow merkins x 10 in cadence

Mosey to rails at far end of parking deck.


20 supine pull-ups – AYG to top of far stairwell and back
20 supine pull-ups – AYG to top of middle stairwell and back
20 supine pull-ups – AYG to near stairwell and back
20 supine pull-ups

Mosey to bottom of ramp in deck
Back peddle short ramps, lunge walk the flats – all the way to the top – leg burner.

Mosey to brick circle on the south end of the football field.
10 step ups

10 dips
10 derkins
rinse and repeat x 3

Mosey to close corner of field – 4 corners
round 1 – 10 diamonds at each corner
round 2 – 10 squats at each corner

Mosey back to launch
LBCs x 25 in cadence
Flutters x 25 in cadence
Plank x 60 seconds
Haze: Bicycle x 20 in cadence
Lorax: American Hammer x 20 in cadence



Solid work for this small group of veterans. All were glad they decided to post this day after Independence day and it was evident by the sweat, that lots of the things consumed during the 4th were sweat out this am.
Group pushed each other and stayed together thru the entire work – great group. Thanks men for the opportunity to lead and following YHC thru the gloom.
Thanks Frehley’s for making the trip north to join us. Keep coming back.

Thanks Hops for the great take out – great reminder.

Champagne Out

Little Soupy Out

15 Pax decided to get a little better a few days ahead of the 4th, and make sure they were in prop pool form.

Disclaimer given and off we went.

Quick mosey up to the turf field for COP


IW x 15 In cadence

Low Slow Squats x 10 in cadence

Slow Merkins x 10 in cadence

Mountain Climbers x 15 in cadence

The Thang:

Turf Field starfish

Corner 1 – 20 wide arm merkins

Corner 2 – 20 jump squats

Corner 3 – 20 diamond merkins

Corner 4 – 20 heels to heaven

Middle – 5 burpees.  

2 complete cycles thru, going ot the middle for 5 burpees after each corner

Mosey to Hawk’s Nest hot box for some bench work

10 jump ups

10 dips

10 derkins

Rinse and Repeat x 3

Short mosey to the back practice field

4 corners – 

first round – 15 diamonds merkins per corner

second round – 15 jump squats

Mosey back to start for some Mary

LBCs x 25 in cadence

Flutters x 25 in cadence


AYG to end of parking lot and back

Dollies x 30 in cadence

AYG to end of parking lot and back




Great work by all pax today. Super soupy and humid today, making it pretty tough to breath on the fields today.  Everyone one was pushing it and it showed by all the sweat angels by the end.

Thanks for the opportunity Hops to lead and thanks man for following YHC thru the gloom.


Scratch and Win’s Niece – Brooklyn –please keep her in your prayers

Champagne Out