Beastly Five Knolls

Beastly Five Knolls

11 for a tour de Five Knolls Rd.
Short COP in lot to await any last min pax. Everyone is present so let’s get this started.

Mosey to five knolls neighborhood. Light pole intervals to the bottom of the hill. 5k pace with recovery each set.

The beast on Five Knolls hill. Exercise x 6 each manhole for 6 times up the hill. Recovery mosey back down. We did Merkins, Squats, CDDs, Lunges, Calf Raises and Monkey Humpers.

Mosey to bottom for one more trip up. This time no stops, just one steady state run up the hill to finish. Lots of Mary and plank in between hill sets.

Mosey to Calvary rock pile out front. 3 sets of 6 x curl, press and tricep extension with lifting rock. Mosey to hot box. Donkey kick Webb to 6. Mosey to start via outer driveway to get the full 4 miles. 6 burpees to finish.

Fully dressed eating breakfast moleskin. Tks to the pax for going along with me to five knolls. If Gummy were here we’d have to stay on campus. #grinchy Not to much mumblechatter as we kept moving. Geraldo was showing us how it’s done out there. The pax were nipping at his heels like a pack of wild dogs. Everyone else were trading places regularly. The final push up the hill was met with TBQ and almost a merlot sighting.

Thankful for all the pax this holiday season.

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