Keeping Me In Check

Keeping Me In Check

After taking my kids to sing Christmas carols at a retirement center with my son’s cub scout pack last night and the M away at a bunco Christmas party (or something like that), YHC was just settling in for some good TV down time. Sure there was the Q the next morning, but this is Anvil, I know every rock in that pile. But then Fallout sent a message over slack to our church group that I had the Q, and Point Break accepted ready for his 2nd post. At Centurion on Friday he mentioned he did 2 years of acting school before transferring to state, so Point Break was born. I am also willing to bet that he is the first person to transfer into the computer science program at state from acting school. Regardless, it forced YHC to write the weinke and check the weather.

YHC rolled in a few minutes early. Although the ride over was in the rain, stopped and stayed that way.  Disclaimer given and off we went.


Mosey around the side parking lot from launch to pick up Brilleaux then headed over to the turf.

IW x 15

Peter Parker x 15

Parker Peter x 15

Plankjack x 10, low plankjack x 5

The Thang:

Mosey to the hotbox. We had 4 groups of exercises that we would do 4 times through at 4 different stations. Hot box was up first with 4 rounds of Step ups x 10, Split Squat x 10, Dips x 10 and Derkins x 10. After completing the 4th round a short run down the concrete ramp to the fields and back up. Wall sits while waiting on the six.

Mosey to the large front rock pile and grab a lifting rock. 4 rounds of tricep extensions x 10, push press x 10, curls x 10, teabag squats x 10. Short run around all of the islands after the 4th round.

Mosey to the overhang by the front entrance off Rea. Some plank work before getting started. 4 rounds of calf raises x 10, squats x 10, incline merkins x 10, and burpees x 5. After the 4th round run down the sidewalk to Rea and back. Wall sits with air press x 50.

Mosey back to turf. Found the dry ground under the overhang for mary. 4 rounds of LBC x 10, Freddy Mercury x 10, Heels to Heaven x 10 and American Hammer x 10.


Fallout gave an update on his son Kai. They have been in the hospital in Greenville, SC for the past 2 days. Continued prayers for him.

Prayers for Mermaid’s family after the loss of his father in law.

YHC with the take-out prayer


Mixed group out there today, some seasoned vets and Point Break with his 2nd post. The last time I did this style workout, it was in case of rain and we stayed in the hot box with rocks the whole time. With Point Break’s first action at the AO and no rain, we tried to make our way around and see what all it has to offer. The group stayed together with Mr. Magoo and Brilleaux leading the way. The mary set hurt a lot more than I thought it would. I feel like I have been ripped off of my 6 minutes of Mary with the Qs lately, apparently my body needs more core work. Enjoyed the chatter and brotherhood as always.

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