No running? No gear? No problem.

ByChastain Feb 5, 2021

The challenge? A no running workout with no gear. The reason? To prove it could be done. The outcome? See below.   5 other PAX joined

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stroll in the park

ByDasher Feb 5, 2021

DiCCS Warm-up 1 mile mosey & Stretching   The Thang 3 Headed Monster 10 Mike Tyson 10 CDD 20 Peoples chair shoul

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OG Day at Cerberus

ByGerber Feb 5, 2021

A few days ago Zinfandel called me because he was scared to Q Cerberus his parents were coming into town last night and needed a Q sub.  Cerberu

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The Body Shop has a side hustle: washboards

ByDasBoot Feb 5, 2021

8 PAX joined Chipotle in his side hustle selling washboards.  After a mosey and a little warm-up, the routine was Ab exercises x 100, run a lap,

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I’m meeting Murph at The Arsenal

ByBottlecap Feb 4, 2021

8 PAX crossed state lines for the warmth of the Palmetto state at The Arsenal WARMUP: Even though SC doesn't follow the rulz, the proper

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A Chicken loves his Burpees.

ByEasy Button Feb 4, 2021

Warm up Warm up lap around the block behind the church. Circle up in front of the church. 20 x SSH 20 x imperial walkers 5 merkins

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Bull Ring

ByDasher Feb 3, 2021

DiCCS Warm-up Lap around the lot Stretch The Thang Bull Ring Swings x 12 Bridge Chest Press x 12 Goblet Squats x 12

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“Blocks” Party at chiseled

ByFlanders Feb 3, 2021

Diccs were given   Warm up   Mosey to the entrance and back to the parking lot by mt chiseled for some ssh, runners stretch

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Express – Official Launch

ByDasher Feb 2, 2021

Official Launch!  Waxhaw Express was born out the the Rooster race from 2/29/2020.  Shortly after the race Wolverine signed us up to do a virtu

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Don’t let anyone read this letter

ByDasBoot Feb 2, 2021

15 PAX at F3 Sanctuary went against Brother Lawrence's stated wishes and read his first 3 letters in The Practice of the Presence of God. Althoug

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