Sweaty Bells

Sweaty Bells

Tad bit humid out there but 7 didn’t care and came prepared to swear to work hard in the thick air



Circle up-100 swings, 2 and 1 handed; mixed in some running with small sprints, 20ish presses, 40ish merkins, 20ish thrusters. All either in cadence or on my up.  I forget.


In Petsmart parking lot, rifle carry bell to first line, 10 renegade rows, 10 merkins.   Run back to start, on way back pick up bell and rifle carry to next line.  20 push press on back, 10 merkins.  Run back to start grab bell and carry to next line.  30 presses, 15 each arm. 10 merkins. Run back to start pick up bell and to 4th line.  40 swings, 10 merkins.  Back to start, grab bell and head back same way we came, 30, 20, 10.  Lunges with bells instead of carry.

15 minutes left-Back to circle-In sets of 20, did at least 100 more swings, 40 curls, more plank rows, upright rows, merkins, thrusters, goblet squats.  Basically anything I could think of.  Mixed in some express type running, throwing in sprints. Did this until time was up.


Tried to have the tunes working today but either it was not loud enough or I was too busy trying to breathe and count that I couldn’t hear as well as I wanted.  Cause that playlist was fire. Obviously classic rock and for the future all other types of music (non-rock) should be banned from a kettlebell workout.

Workout doesn’t look that hard after typing it out and maybe it was the humidity or the counting, but I think everyone got their money’s worth.  Heart rate up/mileage pretty low.  As has been stated before, Cowbell is a challenging and unique change of pace from most of the other Waxhaw workouts.   Guys crushed it.  If anything, YHC was slowing them down with the exercise call outs.   Hard to hide when you’re standing in a circle staring at each other for 50% of the workout.

Plus, with Hurry, Tool Time and Gerber joining past residents Fuse Box, Nails and myself,  Briarcrest comprised 75% of the workout group today.  Must be the detour.  Poor Glidah and Blue Screen tried to join in on the lot size comparison discussion, but were shunned.  I think I also realized that Gerber’s phone has a special Cowbell sunrise filter that makes everyone look like they have a six pack in the picture.  And I’ve seen pictures from Flash/Ignition and Impromptu/Swarm so I know it’s not a filter he uses regularly.

Until next time…


Monday Convengence -1776 6:30am

Dad’s Camp-sign ups still needed

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