Pursuing those hills

Pursuing those hills

Wasn’t sure how to avoid hills since you are either going up or down hills the entire time at this site.  So YHC decided to embrace it and we attempted to go up one of the less forgiving ones a few times.  Mixing up speeds if possible.

It sucked and they all hated it.  We tracked some miles though which is what we all came to do anyway.



PaperJam–Not a fan of the hills despite moving to a neighborhood with all hills

Deflated–Great taste in music, despite repping the wrong coast

Ghosted–Hills make him poop

Rubbermaid–If you ever need a sign up for running far for no reason, he’s interested

Foundation-After today, swore off all marathons until 2022  2024


Contact PaperJam for a fun camping trip with your 2.0 end of month;

F3 dads open as well

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