To waffle or not to waffle…

To waffle or not to waffle…

This was the question on some’s mind last night after I posted about a possible location change due to the weather forecast. Would we have another ReCalc situation where Team Diesel invades another covered section at Cuthbertson? I like to think of it as Team Diesel is the NWO and we are invading WCW.

As luck would have it, once again the weather forecasters were wrong and we had a nice “cool” morning over at Five Stones.

DICCS given

My Q juices, adrenaline and my mind was going so fast this morning, that I forgot to ask about CPR and Cell Phones. Thanks J-Wow for the reminder!

And lets begin!


A: Moroccan Night Clubs

B:  Imperial Walkers

C: Side straddle hops

D. Potato Pickers

E. Stretch to the right foot / Stretch to the left / Stretch down to the center

F. Shoulder stretch: arm across body…each arm

G. Tricep stretch- elbow stretch each arm

H. Downward Dog and Upward Dog

I. Calf Stretch Each Leg

Now to the workout:

I had Popeye start us off with his Popeye 100’s workout. This is a great workout and I love when he does it.

Then we continued on with the rest in no particular order:

1: Squats

2: Bent over rows (coupon)

3: Overhead press (coupon)

4:  Canadian Beavers (bricks)

5:  Curls (coupon)

6: Merkins

7: Wood Choppers (bricks) 

8: Overhead Tricep Extensions (coupon)

9. Weighted Shoulder Shrugs (bricks)

10. Curb Squats (Re Calc style)

11. Scarecrow  (bricks)

12. In place lunges (each leg)

13: Big Boy situps

14. Cross Squats (bricks)

15. Bobby Hurley’s

16. American Hammers

17. Lay down chess press 

18. Speed Skaters (each side is 1) 

19. Plank Jacks 

20. Captain Morgan Squats (left..then right foot on coupon) 

21. Al Gore for 60 seconds holding the bricks

22. Outer Curl/Muscle Flex Curl

23. 21’s

24. Zombie curls with coupon (curl, then push/pull coupon straight out/in and return) 

25. Weighted squats 

26. Alpo’s 

27. Kettle bell swings 

28. Superman’s 

29. Popeye led exercise at the very end

30. J-Wow led merkin exercise at the very end

31. Have a nice day for 1 minute…some guys chose to do flutters during this time.



Christ Closet has activities going on tomorrow (Saturday). Check Group Me Service Opportunities Page for all details.

Planting at Five Stones Church tomorrow (Saturday). Check Group Me or contact Bottlecap for details.

Convergence on Monday. 1776 theme workout. Being held at the Cuthbertson Drivers Ed Parking Lot at 6:30am


Ghosted took us out

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