Back from break Q

Back from break Q

It’s hard after a break and then having to Q gets more tough. But lets do this.

Disclaimers given.

Mosse to Animal hospital. Thanks Dasher for taking care of the circle time. SSH / Merkins / Imperial squats / Moroccan nightclub and some stretches to warm up.

The thang:

Floater always if good for the hills that it offers. So decided to include one on the run between the 1st set of exercises. Heard Schneider didn’t like it. 20 merkins at Animal hospital run up the hill and do 20 bigbois. rinse and repeat 3 times. Mosse to providence road north. Start with 12 mike Tyson then run 2 light poles 12 bobby hurlies come back 1 light pole ¬†and 12 mike Tysons and keep progressing. All PAX loved it and called for an audible. Audible did come as time was running out and I had burpies on my winkie. Mosse to near bike store. Start with 50 dips run to COT and do 10 burpies. Run back to do 40 step ups. I was tired and took the lowest spot for step ups. Site Q did notice and called out. Run to cot and do 8 burpies and run back for 30 dips and then 6 burpies and so on. Got an ear full from bottle cap. The break from f3 did get to me and I had to modify. Glad it was time.


It was good fun at the camp. everyone enjoyed it and pushed hard.


Prayers for Nichole (Rice and beans) as she is getting treated for a spine issue.


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