Chiseled -Midweek Beatdown 6/30/21

Chiseled -Midweek Beatdown 6/30/21


Warm up –

We had a rather FAST warm up today !

Ran to the top of the parking lot. On the way back we stop at Mt Chiseled for the following.

20- Side straddle hops

Stretch those hamstrings

Runners stretch

Calve stretch

The Thang 

We partnered up at Mt Chiseled for a little partner work . We split the following .

100 Merkins- While the partner is running over the mountain … for 3 Burpees ..

75 Squats -While the partner is running over the mountain..for 3 Burpees ..

That took us a few minutes .. then we had an active recovery (lunges) to the middle of the parking lot .

We lined up for a jailbreak back to the blocks… When we go to the blocks we then riffle carried back to end of the parking lot … Everyone spread out … I revealed the work out of the day !

20 curls – run to the middle island … repeato  …..10x…5x… the run was to the second island ..

20- merkins – hand release … run….

20- Tri extensions – run

20-Bench press -run

20-Squats -run

20-Military press – run

Lastly — 20 Burpees Run


Great job to the entire PAX today .. Dilly Dilly was leading the way with Carbload and Chastain.

Welcome the FNG — SpiderMonkey !!

We got through 3 rounds … then we finished with a little pistol LBCs  and Have a nice day !!


Rice and Beans need donations of mens socks underwear and work shoes

Christ Closet needs house hold items… no TVs .. Please

Convergence on Monday for the 4th of July .

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