Holiday Weekend Warm-Up

Holiday Weekend Warm-Up

Fresh off a week at Lake Anna, VA and a “few” Corona’s, Q was questioning his Wienke before even starting,  But cool temps and low humidity made for a perfect morning to get to work.

Recalculating conducted a one-man Mash.  Kid Rock and Rubbermaid ran the trails.  12 PAX for the post.


Mosey to the bridge and back to circle.  SSH, IW,  Moroccan Night Clubs & Mountain Climbers all x 15. Stretching – calf followed by up/down dogs and runner’s stretch.


Mosey from circle to rock pile stopping at every other tree for 10 SSH’s at each.  On to rock pile for PAX to select rock of their choice.  3 sets of 25 each of curls, overhead press, tri’s and laying chest press.  Run/jog a lap to end of road after each set of 25.  75×4 = 300 reps total with 12 laps in between.

Mosey to front parking lot for 4 corners and burpees in the middle.  Return to the middle after each corner.

Corner 1 – Merkins x 15, Bobby Hurley’s x 15

Corner 2 – Big Boyz x 15, squats x 15

Corner 3 – Dry Docks x 15, Speed Skaters x 15

Corner 4 – LBC’s x 15, Plank jacks x 15

Middle – Burpee’s x 3

Repeat above for second round with corner reps x 10 each.

Ladder-7 consisting of merkins and plank jacks.

Mosey back to COT.  Abs of Big Boyz, Flutters and Heels to Heaven until times up.


Q survived (barely) and all PAX had a good sweat, workout and close to 4 miles to start the holiday weekend off on the right foot.


Service yard / planting work at Five Stones at 8:30.

Monday convergence at Cuthbertson at 6:30 am for “1776 Challenge”.  Bring a coupon if you have one.  Also taking donations for Christ Closet and Rice N Beans.  Carb Load sent out a pre-blast with further details.

Have a safe and enjoyable holiday!!!

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