Tune that Body

ByBratwurst Jan 5, 2018

Despite the Polar Vortex, Bomb Cyclone, or whatever this cold weather is being hyped with, 15 PAX made the decision to Tune the Body at Dromedar

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Joe Davis Dress Rehearsal or CSAUP? A little of both…

ByMadison Jan 5, 2018

The bone-chilling temps Thursday morning did not keep the #F3Sparta faithful from prepping for the Joe Davis Run for Recovery.  At 05:15, 5 beas

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Stone Cold Crazy

ByHollywood Jan 5, 2018

10 brave souls joined me on this ridiculously cold morning. I am not sure why. Maybe they just enjoy the feeling of intense pain in their fingers


Helping our Brother, Bout Time

ByMermaid Jan 3, 2018

So many men have asked how they can help Bout Time and his family.  2-year-old Jennings was diagnosed with Leukemia and is undergoing treatment

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hoping for redemption

ByTransporter Jan 1, 2018

So this Q was a couple weeks/months in the making.  It originally started when Bullwinkle was written in as a Q for Commitment and was given sho

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A Small Word Can Promote a Big Change

ByPaper Jam Jan 1, 2018

4 PAX came to Blakovery to begin the New Year. I could easily recall the route we ran, but I thought it was better to tell about the lesson I lea


AMRAP – 2nd Act

ByBottlecap Dec 30, 2017

The morning started with a scream bang, literally.  As YHC jumped into the family truckster parked in the garage, I noticed the mouse glue trap

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Pre-Blast: January Pull-up & Merkin Challenge

ByGeneral Dec 28, 2017

Before I begin, let me share with you a brief excerpt from the diary of Tuck (Joe) in 3rd person to help spark some motivation towards your swole



ByTransporter Dec 26, 2017

WU:  After a quick chastising From Mcgee for not saying the disclaimer,  mosey over to the side lot and circle up.  State the DISCLAIMER,  20

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It Was a Good Day, Part 2

ByHollywood Dec 26, 2017

11 PAX made it out on a lovely Sat. morning so they could better justify their choice later on that day to make poor eating and drinking decis

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