Breath in thru your mouth and out your Anus?

Breath in thru your mouth and out your Anus?

Happy Friday Everyone!! Great day to be at Diesel. 14 PAX climbed out of the rack to joun in some Tabata fun. Anyone that has attended one of my Diesel Q’s knows how much I love Tabata. It takes the mumble chatter up a notch. 35 seconds of exercise then 7 seconds to relax.


35 seconds Moroccan NCs

35 seconds of SSH

35 seconds Imp. Walkers 

First Exercise Set: 3 Rounds – Miserable

Front Raise with brick

Lateral Raise with brick

Upright Row with brick

Reverse Fly with brick

Triceps Kickback with brick

Second Exercise Set: 2 Rounds

Curls with Coupon

Overhead Press

Overhead Triceps Extension 

Third Exercise Set: 2 Rounds

Captain Morgan

Slow Squats

Speed Skaters

Monkey Humpers

Fourth Exercise Set: 3 Rounds

Chest Coupon Press


Crab Dip

Skull Crushers 

Fifth Exercise Set: 3 Rounds

Front Brick Curls

Side Brick Curls

Hammer Curls



Great to see everyone this morning. The mood is so much better when the weather is right. I think everyone is stronger when they are not working under the purple lights. Great job by TB, Posse, Chastain and Fuse Box this morning during their pre-run. 


The Rooster this Saturday at 6 am in SC – a team marathon with each team member running 5 miles individually and a sixth mile as a team (sign up and see details on GroupMe).

CPR training on Monday, March 29 (I think) at Five Stones (see Surge and GroupMe for more information).

The Fuse Box 100 burpees Asylum this Monday (support Fuse Box by coming out, especially if you are not a regular at Asylum, and bring an FNG so you can reduce that burpee count to as little as 10)

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