Party in the books!

Party in the books!

It was far from The Gloom for SOB/A51/Waxhaw Holiday Party. Mild conditions & a well-planned Weinke led to a great night. An unprecedented pre-Thanksgiving date was picked due to limited December weekends in 2019. Approximately 81 Pax & M’s came out to get their social on, and seemed to leave feeling just fine.

Disclaimer was given.

Mighty Mite & War Eagle did the bulk of the logistic work, and Doc McStuffins was the charitable host. We missed Thin Mint, who forgot he was running a marathon in Philly, and had to pack & fly to PA, but he was a wise consultant through the entire planning process. Kid Rock was also unable to attend due to a prior engagement to climb 8 mountains the next morning, but he was generous in helping arrange beverages, coolers, ice, keg etc. He even cleaned the kegertor lines prior, so the Goose Island IPA wouldn’t taste like White Claw.

Kudos to food choice & prep – Brown Bag. Chedder ate all of the bread pudding, but there was plenty of other excellent food. Beverage array was broad as well.

The karaoke was a risk, but a calculated one. Mighty Mite gets either credit or blame for the idea, while One Star & Bucky became accomplices (which is 100% in the comfort zone of One* but not the other). Mighty warmed up with “Wagon Wheel”, and bounced across genres all night. OneStar is practically professional in the karaoke/MC department, and brought it all night whenever needed. Escobar got his Ricky Martin shake on, and was soon swarmed by several M’s. The karaoke enthusiasm seemed to launch to a new level when “I Want It Than Way” created a swell of participation, both at the mic, and throughout the crowd (#guiltypleasure), making it unclear who actually picked the song. Buckeye’s M was googly-eyed watching him as he journeyed through the the Proclaimers “500 miles”. War Eagle took a break from CornHole domination to reflect about all his “Friends in low places”, clearly a shot as his fellow Pax. Culdesac put it all out there with “Paradise City”, as his M said she has never loved him more – (what a day for him…Q of The Brave in the AM, then singing & dancing in a sport coat in the PM) #MostInterestingManInTheWorld. Duets then got hot, as Circuit City & M finally couldn’t resist, going with a bold Whitney Houston cut (with Mrs Frehleys & Mrs Kirby dancing behind them in unison) , as did MicCheck & M with “Islands in the stream” and Frehley’s & M with “I’ve got you Babe”. Wingman’s M must have said 10 time that she wouldn’t sing any karaoke, but full on sprinted to the mic at least 5 times when undeniable favorites came on (“Gin & Juice”). Hops studied long & hard to pick out his song – his specs must have been detached & reattached 23 times before making the decision (one for each year of marriage), finally making his choice and demonstrating that he is not only a spiritual leader & master of trivia, but also a smooth alto crooner.

Kudos to those who attended knowing they were traveling early for big events (Philly Marathon for Tuck, Bunker) and Spartan Race (M of Tagalong). And T-Claps to those who also woke up to post Stonehenge (Chedder, Teleporter, Nard Dog, Culdesac, Circuit City)!!

Fun times, but so fantastic to hang and connect with Pax & M’s. We bonded, tipped a few back, and just hung out as brothers & sisters in this Journey called life. “Don’t Stop Believin”

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4 years ago

Some other sundry observations from the night’s events:

* You should’ve included one star’s pants in the disclaimer particularly for the M’s
* Mic Check looks exactly like Kenny Rogers and M Mic Check is the spitting image of Dolly Parton
* Whoever brought the private stash of sycamore Mountain candy, “thank you”. Poptart and his M drank three of the four
* funniest comment of the night had to be when Doc said that Escobar is the whitest Latino he’s ever met
* The over/under on Mario showing pictures of his swollen ankle had to be 30. Hope you bet the over.
* Is Mighty Mite hosting a karaoke party at his place tonight?

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