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PSA: Not all professions are the same

ByDas Boot Oct 19, 2021

10 PAX meet at Timekeeper after Swift and Bagpipe to continue discussing the current read: Range by David Epstein. Not to be confused with Theo E

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Avoiding the floods

ByDas Boot Aug 22, 2021

Four PAX converged on Kohl's for some solid Marvin Miles and soaking up the lovely humid atmosphere after storms. Route had to be annotated to av

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Shirty Marvin Miles

ByDas Boot Apr 30, 2021

4 PAX showed for the 0600 version of Marvin Miles and with temps a hair over 60° and humidity doing its thing, the big surprise may have been th

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Nut up swiftly

ByDas Boot Apr 17, 2021

13 gathered for Swift in some form or another, with the call for 2/1/:30 intervals.  The target was 6 sets but 5 braved the Endhaven Hills of Nu

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What’s the hook?

ByDas Boot Apr 9, 2021

5 PAX met at Kohl's for a brand new route designed with love by Bunker. Fit the second week in a row the route avoided Marvin altogether but that

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You’re on Deck!

ByDas Boot Apr 6, 2021

YHC got a DM on Slack on Monday from Bratwurst saying that he was unavailable for Swift on Tuesday: "I can't be at Swift tomorrow and we need a Q

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Sonrise 7, 2021

ByDas Boot Apr 5, 2021

Six PAX gathered at the Morrison Family YMCA at 0630 on Easter morning Sunday, April 4, 2021, for seven miles on, as Astro reminds us, a GLORIOUS

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Out of the woodwork

ByDas Boot Mar 29, 2021

5 7 9 13 Many PAX showed up for Chicken Run to get their own miles in and to support brothers who were DR running races.  YHC was one of the lat

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Viernes picoso

ByDas Boot Mar 19, 2021

The 3/19 edition of Marvin Miles turned out to be a spicy one as the group of ocho picked up the pace. Two store FNGs made it out, but only Paper

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