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Reflections of a Mongol

ByJRR Tolkien Nov 2, 2020

11 PAX chose not to run 10+ miles, exercise in Halloween costumes, or eat fried chicken and soda for breakfast at Blakeney. THANG 0600 - Le

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Crazy Eights

BySnowflake Aug 9, 2020

I usually like to build a weinke around some kind of theme, and the date 8/8 seemed close enough for government work. 6 hearty Pax made the decis

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105, 210, 420, 42

ByBillyGoat Jul 11, 2020

As YHC drove into Stonehenge territory to make sure I had the workout mapped out properly I passed 2 PAX pre-running... kudos to Lex and Kirby. 

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It’s Time To Get Uncomfortable

ByBillyGoat Jun 6, 2020

After being on quarantine hiatus from F3 workouts YHC realized it was time to get out of the routine I created for myself of solo running/workout

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Dig down

ByBucky May 21, 2020

6 were ready to roll for vArsenal/RebelYell.  Then the Q (YHC) showed up on Zoom at 5:29 (& 20 seconds). I was also ready several minutes ea

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Jack Webb Qs the last vBagpipe??

ByMighty Mite May 19, 2020

Cooter2 asked YHC to Q vBagpipe tomorrow.  Already on the calendar for Swole and Da Vinci, I was hesitant but I realized I might not have many m

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The best way to lose your F3 Virginity is Virtually

Bymidriff May 16, 2020

20+ Pax attended my Virtual Virgin Q for a sunny and warm beatdown. First came out to a Q in January and realized it was about time for me to ste

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Save the Burpees for the end

ByFire Hazard May 7, 2020

9 Men showed up for another virtual edition on of The Arsenal / Rebel Yell A discliamer was given and here is what we did. Warm-up 15 SS

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Patience is a Virtue

ByWildTurkey Apr 30, 2020

Traditional warm-up EMOM (every minute on the minute) is a type of interval workout where you perform a specific task at the start of every mi

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