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Rocky Q!

YHC scheduled this work trip back to NC from WI with a purposeful hope to post, and thanks to SwineFlu & CircuitCity for allowing a rusty ol veteran to Q.   Admittedly I was a little “rocky” and even rusty at times.  It had been a month since my last trip & post, plus I was often happy to engage long-overdue mumblechatter!!

Pre-runners came in from all directions, and gathered next to the theater for Nightmare on Elm!!  20 victims heard a disclaimer (suggestions, modify, safety across, no partner/contact…)

The Thang:

(several stops with Mary & Plank throughout…)

  • Mosey with butt kicks, side shuffle, high knees, carioca
  • Circle up near Firebird for Imp Walker, SS Hop, Potato Pickers, Arm Circles, Mountain Climbers, Merkins, and Bulgarian Ball Busters…YA!)
  • Mosey toward Smashburger…8 short light posts…stop at each and every other…
    • 5 Diamond Merkins, 5 Sister Mary Cath
    • 5 Wide Arm Merkins, 5 LBCs
  • Mosey toward BrownBag…
    • hop up the ramp on left foot, do 20 merkins at top, hop down stairs
    • flap jack right foot
  • 6 lights along wall – stop at each
    • 20 Carolina Dry Dock
    • 3 Burpees
    • All ya got toward boulder pile!!  (Mary)
  • Mosey to hidden rock pile…lifting rock
    • Curls, Squat, Shoulder, RDLs (dead lifts), Rows (all x10 in cadence)
    • second round of same, but this time x10 single count OYO
    • extra round of Triple Lindy!
  • Mosey back toward same path we took there – multiple stops for Mary, Plank
  • Finish at base with 1 round of “best stretch ever”


Really good to be out with everyone.  Like I said when we finished, please don’t take F3 for granted.  Having moved to a non-F3 area, I miss the accountability, camaraderie, and push.  Really hard to replicate all the benefits of posting and being involved.

Commish, glad Michael is at ASU, but good luck with season.  Twister took a tumble right away at a speed bump, but rolled and popped up like a stunt man!  Chopper used boulders for running, and thankfully corrected my “choppy” counting at times!  Great to see Teddy back going hard, with back in good shape.  Mary Kay and Heartbreaker both eliminated at least 5 lbs each in the past few weeks…from shaving and hair cuts alone.  Thanks One Star for my official “Weinke”…needed that today!  Billy Goat good luck with the new gig. Kirby awesome drawing up your service mission & plan. Strawberry congrats on the move- glad you are still close. Swine Flu-sorry I frightened you when walking from my hotel :).  WarEagle- one of the only with a light-up band…need to ramp that up with bright clothes & lights!  Olaf glad the shops are doing well-stay blessed!  Beetlejuice enthusiastically bantered while going hard. CircuitCity good luck with school, and enjoy the days off. Cable Guy has become a regular again after a couple years away – rarely says much, but goes hard.  Thunder Road & Floor Slapper stuck together & pushed each other through mumblechatter. MightyMite always shows up, does his thing, and looks out for Pax…#leader!


  • Happy Hour today 4:30 Bradshaws (outside)
  • FIA event over the next few weeks, they would appreciate our Insta support (War Eagle posted specifics, plus you be helping his marriage since his M asked him to promote!)
  • Likely blood drive Oct 23rd (MightyMite –  stay tuned for confirmation)

Dig down

6 were ready to roll for vArsenal/RebelYell.  Then the Q (YHC) showed up on Zoom at 5:29 (& 20 seconds). I was also ready several minutes earlier but then dogs started barking at my back door.  After taking care of that issue, we started!

Warmup up:
-Imperial Squat Walkers, Mtn Climbers, Peter Parker, Parker Peter, Merkin, Potato Pickers

Run Out 1 – do 15 Jump Squats & 15 Wide Merkins, run back.

WAMRAPS (approx 3:30 to 4 minutes each round…

-15 Monkey Hump, LBC, Carolina Dry Dock

-12 Curls, Shoulders, Sister Mary Cath

-12 Dips, Diamond Merkin, Romanian Dead Lifts

Run out 2 minutes – do 20 Flutters, 20 Side Merkins (each side…so 40 total).  Did some Mary and Plank upon return.

more AMRAP

-15 Superman, Calf Raises, Triple Lindy

-10 Incline Merkin, Speed Skater, Sit ups

Run out 1 minute, 15 Wide Merkin & 15 Jump Squats, and SPRINT BACK!!

some Mary and awesome Yoga stretches, and snuck in some 6 inches Plank Jack for good measure. Done!

MOLESKIN-  great to see you guys on when I finally showed.  Irony of being almost late is I had a vivid, troubling dream that I had overslept my Q.   Weinke was set the night before (as always, and always written out), and was prepared for conditions of either heavy rain (or not).  Beautiful morning and great push.

Guys these are strange times.  We are all seeing people grow weary, and fall out of healthy routines.  And that’s when we need to dig down and tap into faith and grit- move forward personally and as leaders in our community, family, and work.  Get out and post F3, & grab a friend or 2.  You’ll benefit and so will we all.

after the adrenaline…

The adrenaline rush of the quarantine environment has passed.  People are in various stages – weary, fatigued, impatient, and even fed up.  We all want to get back out there, but there are many conflicting opinions & emotions.  But we have to forge ahead.  We have to create new momentum in the various areas of our lives.  And “fitness” is certainly one that seems to to be a huge influence on all of us.  And when we stick together, and look out for one another, it ripples positively in all directions.

Today we really built a bootcamp workout together.  As Q I mapped out a framework for what I hoped we could do, but then all 19 Pax helped “fill in the blanks” to put together a strong beatdown of a Weinke! (at least it was strong on me).  I may have called out about 5% of the workout!

Disclaimer given: Not a pro, suggestions, modify, but GO HARDER (at least by a little bit).

The THANG: (YHC called almost none of below.  And there were a ton of exercises, so this might miss a few)

Warmups of SS Hop, Imp Walk, Peter Parker, Squat

Run Out & Back (around 25 yards) – Butt Kicks there-High Knees back, Side Shuffle there-flap jack back, Carioca there-flap jack back.

Run out/back, but do 2 exercises at the turn, and then 2 exercises back at the base…

  • 1min/1min: Jump Squats & Mike Tysons, then Merkins & Monkey Hump
  • 1min/1min: 8 Count Burpees & LBCs, then Side Lunges & Merkin Shredders
  • 2min/2min: JLows & Box Cutters, then Sit Ups & American Hammers

3 minute “amrap” circuits – we did 2 of them.  Repeat each exercise x10 amrap:

  • 1st: Dips, Curls, Waiter Carry
  • 2nd: Derkins, Goblet Squats, Dips

Back to “1 minute out, 1 minute back”

  • Jump Squats & Calf raises, then Uneven Merkins & SisterMaryKath

Mary – 6 inches, Rosalita

various Plank & 6 inches while we waited, throughout.*

(again I may have missed a couple things.)



Thanks for playing along, and working together to build a strong workout.  So cool we still have 19 in this vMaul, including FlutieFlake in New Hampshire, and Tuck with 2 of his 2.0s and bro-in-law.  Many familiar faces, and some newer ones (welcome Bypass!!). Honeycomb was steaming at the end!

Great job all.  Let’s all make sure to keep reloading our positive effort & energy “after the adrenaline” to create positive momentum in our lives.  It won’t happen by accident.


  • Soft Pretzel- collecting for Sandbox family (significant need, disabled child in need of another home move)

Thanks Point Break for the takeout!

SOB schedule (next few weeks)

It’s been truly inspiring & motivating to see how the Pax of SOB (w/A51 & Waxhaw) have engaged, in the past two weeks.  So much initiative has been taken by so many so we can continue F3 in this digital way.  Attendance numbers continue to grow as we all face our “new normal”.  It is likely we’ll need to be in this environment for the next few weeks (at a minimum), and for many reasons being engaged with F3 will perhaps become more important than ever (boredom, job/economic challenges, toilet paper shortage…).

We expect to run the schedule below for the next few weeks (until further notice).  We will continue “digitally” until is a blatantly clear that in-person activities are no longer a COVID-19 risk to each other, our families, communities, and F3.  PLEASE NOTE that there will now be 6:30am bootcamp workout options on both Monday (“Garage Band”) and Wednesday (“The Maul” will switch from 5:30am to 6:30am during these “stay home” days).  Other workouts will continue at 5:30 as normal.  See below for more detail…

There are Pax names posted throughout this message that will help!  PLEASE ask questions of any of us if you need help with anything (accessing channels, how-to with Zoom, how-to v-Q, anything!) .   Don’t let “not knowing” stop you from working at your fitness, fellowship faith during these trying times!

This is NOT meant to be the official comprehensive list of all activities.  While the sessions below will be recurring, there will certainly be other and new opportunities as well. So please join & tune into the 3 new Slack channels for further updated events & banter.  These channels are also important to watch, since the Zoom links tend to be posted there soon before the workout or session.

  • #virtual-1stF (workout updates, virtual links to join, posted workouts, etc) – Madame Tussauds, Tuck
  • #virtual-2ndF (social/informal opportunities like virtual-lunchs & happy hours) – War Eagle, Mary Kay
  • #virtual-3rdF  (faith/spiritual engagement opportunities…especially important in these times.  These are NOT to evangelize – they are here to support, encourage, explore, etc) Hops, Strawberry

The following 3 channels will also be very active in upcoming weeks:

  • #himpactlocal (community & charitable service opportunities, needs) – Kirby
  • #networking (layoffs, looking for opportunities, job postings, as well as resources to help support those in transition) – Kirby, Posse
  • #aprilvaochallenge (tracking, accountability, and friendly competition to stay engaged with fitness) – Flipper

List of recurring SOB and SOBish activities HERE  (The Pax names below are not necessarily the full Site Qs – we are still working on getting all hands on deck there, but are names of Pax who have been engaged in this transition to Virtual workouts and would be good contacts for questions, getting on the v-Q schedule, etc.).  All of these are “1st F” unless otherwise noted:


  • 5:30am Swole (Mighty Mite)
  • 6:30am Garage Band (Tuck)…this is new!!!


  • 5:30am Bagpipe (Cooter2, Kirby)
  • 2nd F – 6:45am: Timekeeper (Bratwurst)
  • Swift (Bratwurst, Frasier)


  • 5:30am Gumby “Broga” (Paper Jam, Chopper)
  • 5:30am Meathead (Mighty Mite)
  • 6:30am The Maul (Madame T)…this is an updated, later time from normal!
  • 3rd F – 7:30am (Paper Jam, MadDog, Half-Back) Prayer Meeting
  • 2nd F- virtual lunch (might become automatic)


  • 5:30am Rebel Yell/Arsenal Merged (Brexit, Swine Flu, War Eagle, Happy Meal)
  • 3rd F – 8:00am “Open Forum” (Hops)


  • 5:30am The Brave – (Taco Stand)…45 minute bootcamp – NOT the “normal Brave” 1 hour with 4 mile minimum.
  • 3rd F – The Stand (discussion…Champagne, Purple Haze)


  • 6:30 Stonehenge/daVinci merged “Stone-Vinci” – 1 hour! – (Wild Turkey, Mighty Mite, Nard Dog, Soft Pretzel)
  • 2nd F – 7:35ish- Coffeeteria!
  • 2nd F- 4:00pm Happy Hour (every OTHER week – 2nd & 4th Saturday each month)


  • 3rd F – 8:00am Open Door (Bottlecap)

In addition to the sessions above, there are more & more being scheduled & communicated on each of the 3 “#virtual” Slack channels. 

Area 51 workouts such as Kevlar, Rock Zero, Olympus, and others appear to be recurring as well.  (check “#virtual-1stF” on Slack)

Need help?  War Eagle, Soft Pretzel, Cooter2, Tuck, Transporter, Frasier, Taco Stand, Thin Mint, Madame T, Wingman, Strawberry are all SOB Board & functional Q’s.  And other very active Pax who have been very engaged throughout the past two weeks include Fire Hazard, Tag-Along, Point Break, and more & more coming!

We may not have the immediate answers, but we’ll try to help!

Engage, reach out to fellow Pax & friends, bring FNG’s, ask for help, offer to help, and LEAD WHERE YOU SEE  A NEED!




15 Bootcampers met digitally Friday AM 5:30.  Stuck pretty close to the PreBlast plan

…but also modified a bit along the way, and learned more that will improve future workouts.

We ended up doing 4 “1 out, 1 back” cycles, and 4 “Home Base Circuits”   And we actually got through far more than I expected!

(this should be fairly accurate…)

  • Disclaimer given- not a pro, suggestions, modify, be safe
  • Warmups in place (Imp Walker, SS Hop, Squat, Merkin, Mtn Climb, PeterParket, Bulgarian Ball Busters…YA!)
  • (lots of Plank in between all these, awaiting the Six)
  • 1 out, 1 back (with two called exercises at the turn, and will get audience participation on what to call) 5 Burpees, 10 Squats
  • Home Base Circuit 1 (90 seconds)  10 x Dips, 10 x Curls, 10 x Jump Squats (repeat until time)
  • 1 out, 1 back (two called exercises, from audience…10 Burpees, 20 LBCs)
  • Home Base Circuit 2 (2 minutes) 10 x Split Squats (5 & 5), 10 x Shoulder Press, 10 x Heals2Heaven (repeat until time)
  • 1 out, 1 back (10 Inch Worms, 10 Side/Side Merkins)
  • Home Base Circuit 3 (3 minutes) 10 x Curls, 10 x Derkins, 10 x Dips, 10 x Freddy Merc (repeat until time)
  • 1 out, 1 back (19 Dollys, 10 Diamond Merc)
  • Home Base Circuit 4  (2 minutes) 10 x American Hammer, 10 x Dips, 10 x Wide Arm Merk
  • Finished out with 10 Burpees OYO, and then Plank/6 inches.  Done!


I can’t say I doubted “virtual workouts”, but did wonder how they could work for us.  I assumed they would be far more clunky than they have been – I have actually loved them.  In fact, before this week I couldn’t have imagined that arguably my best bootcamp week of 2020 would be this week – 3 Virtual Bootcamps (& counting) which were all strong workouts, and actually fun challenges in the new format.  (great job Cooter, Kirby, and Tuck for Qs earlier in the week that I could learn & steal from!)

Funny & great to see everyone’s home setups – garages, basements, San Francisco (Escobar!), climbing wall man caves (FireHaz), local parks (Wild Turkey).   T-Claps to Tuck & 2.0 “Wild Coyote” for acceptable partner work!

Pardon the cameo from our dog & my M!!

On the one hand our foundation of relationships makes it possible to shift to virtual.  Many of us know & trust each other already, and have each other’s backs.  Many of us have posted together dozens, if not hundreds of times!  On the other hand, I’ve now posted multiple times with guys I didn’t know before (Point Break, Cotton Mouth), and it’s awesome!  It’s been awhile since I’ve regularly had that “how did you get that name?” question in my head that I used to get in my first year or so in F3.

When Q-ing a virtual workout:

  • I would plan for the “Home Base Circuits” to have been longer…at least 2 minutes, if not 3 minutes.  And even when my circuit alarm would sound for each section, I gave more of a soft warning to finish up 1 that last set of 10, rather than immediately just move on…seemed to work well.
  • Any Virtual Q should do the counting for the Pax – not try to count all together. (the internet delay is out of synch)
  • Great call Tuck on the “audience participation” idea on Wednesday – I obviously stole & modified that for our running pitstops.  I think everyone had at least 1 suggested exercise (including “Wild/Wiley Coyote” 🙂


  • Lots of opportunities this weekend – check Slack “virtual” channels!
  • Remember, reach out to 2 guys you have NOT seen in recent weeks – get them connected to something, anything.

Wild Turkey put a shout out on Slack that “virtual workouts are legit“, and I immediately through of MC Hammer/Hammer “2 Legit 2 Quit“…that’s us!!!

I appreciate you guys – this has been quite a crazy world, and F3 continues to bring me inspiration, motivation, & camaraderie needed in all times, but especially now.


V-Bootcamp Pre-Blast

My first “Virtual” Q, but thanks to Cooter2, Kirby, and Tuck, I have seen 2 very well-executed sessions already this week!

Friday 5:30.  This will NOT be a “Brave” workout in terms of 4+ miles, but it will be a beatdown bootcamp of 45 minutes, starting at 5:30.

Most guys set up in the garage, and open the door (for running)…will call that “Home Base” below

Set up Zoom a few minutes early (I’ll have my iPad sitting on a box).

For this session, try to have:

1- Rock or weight or anything (curls, shoulder)…any weight is fine

2- Chair or stool or anything (for dips, split squats)

3- 1 minute run location (we’ll do some “run 1 minute out”, then will do two called exercises, then run “1 minute back” circuits…thanks Tuck for that example from Wednesday)  I’ll list those below as “1 out, 1 back” below…

The Thang:

  • Warmups in place (Imp Walker, SS Hop, Squat, Merkin, Mtn Climb, etc…YA)
  • 1 out, 1 back (with two called exercises at the turn, and will get audience participation on what to call)
  • 90 Second Circuit (Home Base)  10 x Dips, 10 x Curls, 10 x Jump Squats (repeat circuit until time)
  • 1 out, 1 back (two called exercises, from audience)
  • 90 Second Circuit (Home Base) 10 x Split Squats (5 & 5), 10 x Shoulder Press, 10 x Heals2Heaven (repeat circuit until time)
  • 1 out, 1 back (2 called at turn)
  • (from here will see how time goes…likely Home Base…Mary, various Merkins, etc)

Go to our “Virtual 1st F” channel for link, and any other communication/issues/etc

See you in the Zoom Gloom!!

Keep doing things

11 basically did warm up, burpees, and American Hammer…out!

Okay, there was a little more than that.

Obviously a lot going in the world right now – and things sure escalated in the past 2 days.  Folks are glued to every new headline, “news”, & financial twist & turn.  At this point F3 is an important outlet for all of us.  Obsessing about current events & every precaution is not a healthy way to experience all of this.

A few precautions we did take…

  1. We avoided direct contact partner work.
  2. For the most part, we adjusted from “fist bumps” to “elbow bumps”.
  3. For COT we stayed in “circle” rather than “ball”, but all got on one knee – that felt right!

The Thang:

  • Warmups of Imperial Walker, Squat, Peter Parker/Parker Peter, Bulgarian Ball Buster…YA!!!
  • 10 (or so) trees – stop at each and do 3X Carolina Dry Docks & 3 Jump Squats
  • 14 (or so) trees- 2 Merkins at first, 2 Monkey Humpers (“Stretchers” for PG version) at the second, then 4 Merkins, then 4 Monkey, then 6, 8, 10, 12, end at 14 each.
  • 14 (or so) more trees- 1 Burpee, then 2, then 3 (+1 all the way).  AUDIBLE!!!  Once you get to 10, then start counting down.  Several rounded up and that was 100 Burpees!
  • 4 light posts – 5 Superman, 10 LBC.
  • “All you got” to park area.
  • Park mini-AMRAP: 10 pull ups, 10 calf raises
  • Mosey to base for Mary: Planks, Awesome Yoga hip stretch, a million American Hammers (Job), and Protractor (One-Star)


  • One-Star was pulling in – “coming in hot!” – as we left the AO, only to circle back.  No Man Left Behind…especially OneStar 🙂  Great take-out, by the way.
  • So it was like 75 degrees and Transporter goes BACK to his car mid-warmup for a hoodie?  Dude is from Kenosha, Wisconsin!  How is that even possible?!
  • Thanks Mighty Mite for making sure the YA of Bulgarian Ball Busters were was being properly executed – very important!
  • And One-Star gets 5 stars for burpee form!  So does Swimmers – nice job to & through the end!
  • Love seeing Ice-9 for 2 big reasons.  1) We work at same company, but have never worked out togther.  2) He brought his 2.0 “Bolt”, who is a 10-year-old silent assassin.  Fun to have them both.  YHC quickly modified the name “Monkey Humpers” into “Monkey Stretchers”.
  • Big Ben has become an automatic Pax in recent months, and it shows.  Nice job!!
  • Snowflake asked if I were angry at the Pax for calling all those burpees, and I responded that I was only mad at him!  (Of course, it’s the opposite – he’s the best).  I actually hate burpees, and tend to be very slow at them (#SuboptimalBuild), which is why I called them.
  • Alf is always super fast at everything.  Such a beast!
  • Speaking of “angry”, how about those 50+ cadence American Hammers called & led by Job!  Wow, ouch!

In the daylight I avoid Waverly like the…#TooSoon.  Cerberus is actually the closest AO to our home (we live directly through the woods behind Waverly).  But my only prior Cerberus post was the big Dredd event in ’18, and I have posted WAMRAP around 5 times last Summer.  I don’t avoid Cerberus – it’s really due to Friday family schedule, as well as posting weekday workouts close to my YMCA & office to avoid home & Ballantyne traffic.

Thanks Alf & Transporter for the opportunity to lead.  Fun to Q a site that is new.  I had to scope things out beforehand!

This week was my 5-year F3 anniversary.  First post was Bagpipe, Q was Soft Pretzel.  That was the start of many great relationships, experiences.  Today was no exception.


  • “Gladiator” Saturday, the monthly random “black diamond” workout. (not to be confused with “Camp Gladiator”).  Remember, F3 is “always free”.
  • Thoughtful takeout by One-Star- thanks!


Leap Day? Oops!

F3 does not just run itself.  It takes guys stepping up, raising their hand, taking on responsibility, and taking action.  Site Qs, Board, special events, etc  It may not pay well in terms of $$$ but the relationships & impact cannot be quantified.

SITE Q…Passing the leadership (“Site Q”) torch…and Shovel Flag.  Engaged Site Q’s are so key for all of us.  They are making sure Q’s are lined up, look out for others during workouts, and promote & grow their site.  It’s not a ton of work, but it takes attention & engagement.  Even “auto-pilot” sites need engaged Site Q’s or they will fade.  It really does “take 2”, like Rob Base AND DJ Easy Rock.   If you have benefited from F3, please make it a goal to be a site Q (once, or again).

I was site Q of Bagpipe along with MorningAfter throughout 2017.  The irony is that I took that over from SoftPretzel (who is now taking the torch for DaVinci from YHC!).  You will always have a bond and connection with your co-site Q!

How did I get DaVinci?  I was there when DaVinci launched in January of ’16.  I posted regularly, even on Saturday’s when only 3-5 guys were there (I recall when I Q’d once- it was Paper Jam, Wingman, and YHC…3! #sobcounts)  Was DaVinci going to die?  Not under our watch!  Tuck involved Fredo as co-site-Q…great move.  And when Tuck became an ultra-marathon freak I got more formally connected with Fredo. I had just passed off the Bagpipe site Q to One-Niner, and Tuck quickly passed the torch & flag to YHC.  It was great with Fredo & YHC, but Fredo’s knee started to become a bigger issue – less posting, tough situation.  Let’s get Mighty Mite involved!  We were a 3-headed Site Q team for awhile until Fredo just needed to step back physically.  Now in ’20 SoftPretzel is stepping up again, and ready to help lead the site he loves (workouts & coffeeteria).  I love it too – always will.

The Thang:

MicCheck was scheduled to Q today, but instead tried to turn back the clock and dominate his 2.0 in hoops.  The result was a boot brace & crutches.  I respect that.  So Plan B was the brainchild of Mighty Mite – since we were going to “pass the torch” at DaVinci (i.e. Shovel Flag/Site Q) from YHC to Soft Pretzel, “how about you split Q” #BrilliantDelegation

For my half I led Disclaimer & warmups, and then went with AMRAP – an underutilized, but very effective format at bootcamps.  (AMRAP=As Many Rounds/Reps As Possible).  In the Summer I post WAMRAP at Waverly, where the entire session is “AMRAP”.  It’s absolutely terrible. I hate it and love it.  What’s great about it:

  • it’s “you against you”…push as hard as you can.
  • You don’t lose anyone, regardless of fitness level, speed, etc…it’s all the same recurring loop.
  • Nobody is ever “done” and waiting for the Pax.  Just keep going until Q says it’s time!
  • It can be a variety of muscle groups…stations & stops that can crush multiple movements.

How-to lead AMRAP?

  • Do first round all together as a group, explaining & doing the circuit.
  • Then basically say “go” and let everyone rip!!!
  • When time is close to done, spread word to finish up and meet in the end spot.


The Thang:

Disclaimer given;

-YHC did half

  • Mosey next to Petsmart:  circle for Imp Walkers, Slow Squats, Mtn Climbers
  • Mosey behind Best Buy (with Circuit City 🙂 : circle for Peter Parker, Parker Peter, Merkin, Bulgarian Ball Busters…YA!
  • Mosey toward Blakeney, to set stage for WAMRAP:  8 Wide, 8 Jump Squats, 8 Diamond, 8 Pull Up, 8 Sit Up, 8 Split Squat…15 minutes, all you go, “you against you”

-Soft Pretzel did half

  • partner wheel barrows, wall step ups ( back & forth), up the hill to rocks (OUCH!), circuit with rocks & running, back down, etc.

I was really smoked today – which is exactly what I want!

Hallelujah for Trickle’s M…clear medical test results!

PS- Crazy YHC completely whiffed on it being “Leap Day”.  Once every 4 years AND on a Saturday.  The whole workout could have been themed with “Leap” of some kind!! (I know a few things about leaping)  “Leap to new leadership”  “Leap towards your best you”  …#OhWell #Duh!!   (side note:  “YHC”= “Your Humble Correspondent”)

Warmed up early & often!

Fun group of 8 War Horses out this morning, most dawning old cotton hoodies that are no longer socially acceptable to wear outside of F3 workouts when temps are in the 20s (27 today…felt balmy compared to Tuesday’s 27 but with wind chill).  Pre-workout discussion about “VSCO Girl” – yes sorta “Granola”, but with $120 sandals and $50 water bottles…like “upscale crunchy granola”.  My gaudy old Packers sweatshirt tends to egg on the statement: “you’re from Wisconsin, so you like this weather.”  I wouldn’t say “like”, but I’d say it’s not a bother.  To be clear, Wisconsinites don’t tend to “like” cold – they just know how to dress for it because it because it’s cold so much of the year.  Then again, Heartbreaker has worn shorts the past 2 mornings!

At 5:31 we launched, realizing it would only be the 8 of us.  (Nobody “coming in hot”, and nobody still hiding in their heated cars.)

Disclaimer given as we got Moseying – not a pro, suggestions, modify, watch safety, can’t sue

The Thang:

Skipped warm-up circle and went strait up to Elm to get moving, and get warm.  Seemed to work.  Each short lamp post along the sidewalk (around 20?) do 3 Merkins & 3 Jump Squats (watch form!…head up on Merkins).  Most seemed sufficiently warm already.

Crossed to other corner of Elm & BallComm-

  • 10 Romanian Dead Lifts (no weight…yet),
  • 10 Peter Parker,
  • 10 Parker Peter.  

Mosey down to rocks at St Matt’s, grab lifting rock, bring to parking lot.

  • 10 Romanian Dead Lifts (with rocks!), and then
  • 10 Yugoslavian Gonad Stretcher…YA!  (distant cousin of several other exercises from Bulgaria, Transylvania, etc  but this one with rock).  Leave rock, for now.

Around St Matts – stop at each speed bump.  Keep switching off every other speed bump… (meet back at rocks)

  • 8 Diamond Merkins & 8 Monkey Humps
  • 8 Wide Merkins & 8 Flutters

Rocks…went around the horn, each Pax calling one.

  • Curls, Rows, Triple Lindy, Tri’s, Curls (again), Squats, Shoulder, etc

Mosey toward Harris Teeter, brief stop for

  • Superman (x10),
  • Plank Jacks (x10),
  • 6-inch plank jacks (x10),
  • That awesome Yoga stretch (that needs a name) that gets hammys and then hips (learned when Big Tuna Q’d a few months ago, and have do it every since).

All you’ve got back to base for brief Mary.  (Heartbreaker called like 300 Rosalita’s, and then Loogie called Heals to Heaven).


  • Wednesday’s are not a usual workout day for YHC.  I have an agreement with my M on number of days to be home in the AM, and when I’ll be gone.  Important to have those candid & healthy discussions from time to time, so see how we are doing as it relates to the home & family.
  • Great to see both Danica & Graffiti out there, both Kotter’s that “blame” Big Tuna for EH-ing them awhile back (all are colleagues).  Awesome job, and keep coming back out!
  • Strawberry & Heartbreaker are clearing on it in the new year.  Great push by both.  And great work by Heartbreaker who is still clean on his “Dry-uary” commitment.
  • Loogie turned 49 yesterday and celebrates by posting in the Gloom.  Even with one arm, he keeps pumping along.  At one point I’m sure he was spinning a rock on his finger like a Harlem Globetrotter.
  • Patent Pending always has comic relief, and keeps posting and pushing.  Always great to have him in the mix!
  • Teddy showed up cold, but warmed up very quickly, going hard as always.  Great workout, and also to catch up personally.
  • Shout out to Doc McStuffins, who will have surgery in a week.  In his honor called out Plank Jacks & 6-inch Plank Jacks (which I dread when he Qs).
  • Yugoslavian Gonad Stretchers were really on the Weinke!
  • Takeout by YHC.  Graffiti sprinted out mid-prayer, only to let us know later that his PB&J toast he ate before the workout was about to be “exercised” – that would have been a colorful way to end COT.
  • Thanks ToolBag for the invite to Q – great group, and always an honor.


  • 3rd F:  Tonight “The Question” at Middle James Brewery.  While “the question” is still in question, it’s always engaging.
  • 3rd F:  ChurchOnTheStreet (COTS) has had good participation, but can always use more (Strawberry)

It was wet…from sweat

16 Pax braved the threat of rain, avoiding fart-sacking, and shunning the alternative of the cozy indoor confines of Club Stonehenge (“not that there’s anything wrong with that”).  Clearly, guys were ready to shake off the extra fluff of the holidays, sweat it out, and get to work.  Layers were quickly shed, as 50+ degrees and fast movement warm up a body pretty fast!  The over/under on Commish losing his hoodie was 12 minutes…I took the under & won.  The drizzle stopped just as we were starting, so 90% of our sogginess was due to sweat, and not rain.  Covered about 2.5 miles, and all should have pretty shaky arms, core, and legs now.  Scheduled Q OchoCinco rolled into town late last night from Denver with his family, so needed to call YHC out of the bullpen.  An honor to oblige…

The Thang:  Welcome FNG Mike (eventually “Trickle”) Disclaimer given (not a pro, suggestions, modify, can’t sue)

-Warmup circle: Imperial Walker, Low Slow Squat, Mtn Climb, PeterParker/ParkerPeter, Bulgarian Ball Busters…YA!

-Mosey/Warm-Up toward Target: butt kicks, side shuffle, backward, high knees

-Partners behind Target (that doesn’t sound good!)- 10 Ab Throws/flap jack, then at each light post do 10 Hand Slap Merkins and 10 Jump Squats, then finish other end with 10 Ab Throws/flap jack.  (Transporter led some wall sit/shoulder stuff awaiting the Six.)

-Run toward Old Navy Wall- 60% speed to curb (5 burpees), 75% speed to gate (5 burpees) All Out to wall (5 burpees).

-To the Hill…10 Carolina Dry Dock & 10 Sister Mary Kath (x2), then up the hill and grab lifting rock.

-Rock Circle – Various Pax called out Shoulder Press, Curls, RHL, Calf Raise, Squat, Rows, Triple Lindy, Merkins (etc), Hammy Stretch Thing (from FNG “Trickle”).  Rotated around the circle various times to change up the rock sizes.  (put rocks back, head back down hill)

-Some Mary in parking lot of 131 Main.

-Stairs, Rails- 10 Pull Ups under rail 1, 10 Split Squats at rail 2, upstairs and over, do 10-15 Wide Merkins up there.  Loop that for 5 or so minutes.  Swift mosey back to AO.



As we took off at 6:31 and Circuit City sprinted out of his car, “Circuit City, we’ll be at Best Buy” was a no-brainer (he actually works for Best Buy).  During Imperial Walkers, I looked at Boitano and said “Where-is-One-Star?” in my cadence, only to have OneStar sprint into the circle 10 seconds later – that was perfect.  Usually One-Star’s ability to entertain is very purposeful, but in this case it was a happy accident.  Wisconsin contingent of 4 today (Circuit City…Sheboygan, Hearthbreaker…Madison, Transporter…Kenosha, Bucky…Greendale/Milwaukee), who each called Mary in succession at one point-  Transporter’s never-ending American Hammers were not popular, yet appreciated.  Wow, quite a variety of rock sizes for Rock Circle – some stones, and some planets.  Lots of mumblechatter about “compensating” for various things based on size of rock picked.  FNG “Trickle” was called on during the Rock Circle, and provided both an explanation & demo of an elaborate hammy stretching move #OverAchiever #TooGoodForUs?  Soft Pretzel & Transporter were out front on most moseys, and circled back for Pax for extra mileage.  Many are on the “Dry-uary” train, and further connected at Coffeeteria to help support each other with a month of general detox.

Paper Jam, Chopper & Madison joined COT from the runners (there were at least 10 more, most at Coffeeteria…which was BIG!).

Announcements:  Likely convergence next week at Stonehenge…try to stay tuned.

FNG “Trickle” was EH’d by Gilbert (we all live in the same neighborhood).  He comes into ’20 wanting to serve more in the community, and be more purposeful about his health – perfect alignment with F3.  How many others in our communities want this, but don’t know we are an option?  Be a talent scout for FNGs, and get them out!

Takeout by PaperJam.  Prayers & good vibes to Chopper (test results), Doc McStuffins (big procedure in 3 weeks), and Gillooly (baby coming).

Always an honor to lead/Q.  Great to see you all today, and great push – thanks for your efforts.  We all are coming into 2020 with hope & intent to improve, grow, shed, slim, strenthen, etc.  There is no magic formula – got to put in the work and get uncomfortable on a recurring basis.  And that is much easier to do together.  So get out this week!