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Bysmokey Jul 25, 2019

Intro: A little foreshadowing never hurts. In other words, if you know what is coming, it helps you to prepare your mind. I don't believe that

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Crape Myrtle 11’s

ByBrexit Jul 24, 2019

19 PAX showed up as the lights were turned out at The Maul. There’s an analogy in that somewhere. This was my first Q off campus and was much


Chiseled – The Return of THUNDERSTRUCK

ByRockwell Jul 24, 2019

The PAX: Fuse Box, Old MacDonald (R), Tupperware, Recalculating, Schneider, Brutus, Chain Saw (R), Banjo, Iron Horn, Spike, Xerox, Wedding Singe

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My legs are supposed to go where?

BySwiss Miss Jul 24, 2019

POSTING ON BEHALF OF VQ HOMER: Devotion on Self-Discipline Workout: (each stretch held between 20 and 60 secs) Arm Swing - 10x each

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Back from the Southernmost Tip….

ByZinfandel Jul 24, 2019

Since me tracking my number of Qs is triggering for some of you, here it was my 26th!! I mistakenly agreed to Q after a bachelor par

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Beards are high maintenance

ByLewinsky Jul 23, 2019

Quick disclaimer and acknowledgement that I gave bad directions to a PAX joining us for the first time at Hawksnest #thanksgoogle Mosey down

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The horror, the horror

ByVoodoo Jul 23, 2019

He hated all this, and somehow he couldn't get away. -Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness (also TAF, who seems to be Chester's favorite) 15 pax

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Grass, Grass and more Grass

Byolemacdonald Jul 22, 2019

Station workout in the grass and dew...sorry for anyone sensitive to grass. Warm up - Mosey down the sidewalk until we were next to the socce

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Better Than Saturday Morning Cartoons

ByHoneycomb Jul 21, 2019

We had a great Q school led by Posse & Goodfella yesterday at Cutherbertson Middle School. We started talking about how to do a disclaimer

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When I graduated from first grade, all my dad did was tell me to get a job.

ByBrexit Jul 21, 2019

Although I’ve already had the honor of Q’ing a couple gloomy mornings, it was still a great lesson that gave me some good takeaways this mor

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