Deck the Halls: The 12-1 Decks of Christmas Preblast

  • When:12/11/2022
  • QIC: Midriff

Deck the Halls: The 12-1 Decks of Christmas Preblast

Tuck and I decided that 10 decks weren’t enough last year. So we’re taking it up to 11. Tuck also decided that he wanted YHC to lead this thing. The annual tradition must continue so here goes nothing. We had over 40 guys last year, can we get 50 this year? 

For the uninitiated, this event is quite simple:

  • Launch from the Brave
  • Run up to the top of a parking deck
  • Take the stairs down
  • Run to the next parking deck

Only this year it’s bigger and badder. Can you hit all 11 decks within a 2-hour period while running approximately 10 miles?

Feeling a little daunted by 11 concrete corridors? Take on 7 parking decks in 1 hour. Either way, it’s a fine opportunity to push yourself and share in a unique experience. 

The Thang

  • Friday, December 16th at the Brave (AO)
  • Launch from the parking lot in front of the Gibson Woody’s, Broken Egg cafe at intersection of Community House and Ballantyne Commons
  • 4:30 a.m. launch to hit the first 4 decks and run about 4.6 miles in less than an hour. Here’s the route
  • 5:30 a.m. launch to hit 7 decks in an hour and run about 4.32 miles in less than an hour. Here’s the route
  • Psychos will hit all 11 decks and cover just about 10 miles in two hours XD
  • Whether you take on all 11 or just 7, we’ll finish at 6:30 with Christmas cookies + coffeeteria back at launch

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