South Charlotte

F3 Waxhaw 1776 Challenge – Pre-Blast

ByCarb Load Jun 28, 2021

1776 CHALLENGE Where: Cuthbertson HS Driver’s Education Lot When: Monday, July 5th 6:30 AM Why: To celebrate our Nation’s birthday w

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Muggy Monday Morning

ByRicky Bobby Jun 28, 2021

I was pretty excited to Q this site this morning. This is a big campus and there are many areas to do different things. Chicken Little made sure

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Asylum 6/28/21

ByLoafer Jun 28, 2021

Asylum- 6/28/21 DICS- Swimmers-Loafer-Flanders-Smokey-FuseBox-TB- Ran to rock pile .. Chose you favorite rock ! Headed back to COT to

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Forgotten BB

ByChatterbox Jun 28, 2021

Realized I had not written BB on my Q at watchtower. DICCS given and we are off. Run to Deal road and back to COT. Do some streches. The

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Kettlebells vs. Sidewalk Chalk

ByGlidah Jun 28, 2021

First time I've substi'Q'ed in a while and the first time I've Q'd Cowbell so I was able to finish my weinke as I pulled into Petsmart devote a g

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Angry Elf While Hood Walking

ByChicken Little Jun 27, 2021

DICCS- Nope Warm Up- Nope The Thang Walk and Talk with my brothers and two furry friends in  Cortona Moleskin I always enjoy Neig

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Stairs and Flatulence

ByRudy Jun 26, 2021

Warm Up - Mosey through lower parking lot,  around the perimeter of both schools, stopping 3 times for stretching exercises - Imperial Walkers,

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Potty Break at homecoming

ByChicken Little Jun 26, 2021

DICCS Given Warm up Mosey up hill and down to parking lot in front of school- circle up 15- Imperial Walkers 15- Hill Billies Jimm

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Mileage at Commitment and Where Did the 6 Go?

ByJ-Woww Jun 26, 2021

I wanted to change up my Q for commitment and come out of my comfort zone, which meant a good deal of mileage for the PAX. Everyone did great an

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Lou Ferrigno comes to Centurion

ByHops Jun 25, 2021

YHC pulled in to the launch lot after circumventing the massive faux-fireworks tent.  12 other pax, including 1 FNG - "Bixby", awaited the morni

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