Confusing Damascus and Schneider!!

Confusing Damascus and Schneider!!

DICCS- Give to cover all items to include school is back in session

Warm up

Jimmy Dugan stretch

Plank- Calf stretch- Right arm high and leg high 10 seconds- flap jack

Fast paced mosey in and around basketball courts up to bus area


Runners pose/ right and left/downward dog / upward dog

mosey up and around down road to other lot near school drop off

single leg work- squat and then tap right leg forward 10 times – flap jack

squat then tab right leg sideways 10 times – flap jack

Mosey fast pace to front of school

The Thang

Partner up and each partner run opposite direction around island and when you meet complete the following

round 1 – 10 hand slap merkins 1 burpee

round 2- 10 Bonnie Blairs- 2 burpees

round 3- 10 hand slap merkins – 3 burpees

round 4- 10 Bonnie Blairs- 4 burpees

Fast pace mosey to lot with rocks near fence line and grab a rock..

Get in a single file line- rifle carry 4 spaces- 20 curls and sprint back to start and mosey back to your rock and rifle carry rock another 4 spaces for 10 squat thrusters – sprint back to start and mosey back to rock and continue this pattern across lot.

At end of lot turn around and on way back complete same concept I but change exercise to 10 triceps extensions and 10 military presses.  ( Of course Damascus ask which way do we go? I misunderstood his question and said that way…..It appears EVERYONE UNDERTSOOD this except two of the 20 that were there this morning– Damascus and Schneider took off running in the wrong direction– I take fully responsibility for my unclear direction, SMH!!!)….

Rifle carry rock  across lot and when done complete 30 curls.

Rifle carry rock across lot and complete 10 squat thrusters and put rock back.

Mosey to front of school for a fast pace web

1 Mike Tyson- 4 ab exercises

either big boys, LBCS or Pistol LBCS– we got to 9 and 32– ran out of time.. TERRIBLE TIMING JOB BY THE Q…


Great large group today who put in the work in the humidity– it was nasty this morning.  Schools are rolling back in boys so please continue to keep your head on a swivel while on campuses – today we only had  few cars and everyone was alert and watching- great work by Maddog, Ricky Bobby, Schneider and few others for covering the road and calling out when a car was on the lot..

Transporter, Dunkin, Easy Button, Magnolia and Shriver were crushing it today.

Fuse Box- reminder me of Covid is still around and we need to be aware and we modified a exercise– Appreciate you brother.. also hell of a job on the rock portion.

Great seeing Big Tuna and Chipotle on this side of the tracks


5 K race for mental health awareness- We are currently at $265.00 I appreciate the support for such a great cause- if you want to race the race , donate or volunteer check news channel for reach out to me. Research Happiness Through Grace

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