Grab a ball to start your day

Grab a ball to start your day

The hype was posted that there would be playing with balls at The Body Shop and 2 site FNGs responded excitedly, along with some familiar faces for a solid group of 6 PAX.


Mosey and then…

  • Hillbillies 19x IC
  • Squats 19x IC
  • Newton’s Cradle 19x IC
  • Moroccan Night Squats 19x IC


Long mosey around the school, picking up an extra couple of balls along the way and head to the track, where each PAX grabs a sports ball (soccer, basketball, generally semi-inflated).

Variations of merkins around the track, with one type 10x at each corner

  • Staggered, right hand on ball
  • Staggered, left hand on ball
  • Both hands on ball
  • Feet on ball, hands on ground


Febreze of 2 Big Boys + 10 air presses while holding a V, then 4+20, then 6+30

Another round of merkins on the track in the opposite direction


Mosey around back of the school with ball in hand

At the parking lot, do an ab exercise x 25 OYO with the ball between knees, then run the length of the lot for 20 baby dips on the curb

  • LBCs
  • Big Boys
  • Heels to Heaven

Complete the Febreze at 8+40 and 10+50

Mosey back to return the balls, then finish with a merkin circle of Dive Bomber merkins.



YHC was excited to arrive at The Body Shop to see some unfamiliar cars.  Sweetwater showed up on a recon mission for a future Q — which the Wax PAX are already abuzz about.  Not sure why, maybe it’s just the rumors of his hard weinke?  The Bushwood crew has recently brought El Toro out of the woodwork and he was very excited to play with balls this morning and is welcome back anytime.  Smuggler proved so fast at taking advantage of the facilities at Smuggler’s Cove that the PAX couldn’t even get to it quick enough to bang on the walls and frighten him a bit.  We were also happy that he didn’t have to lose a shirt at a workout for the second day in a row.  After a full day on the road, Tanyatine brought plenty of pent-up energy to the workout and even had the wherewithal to grab a pump from his car and inflate some of the under-inflated balls.  True service.  And Big Ben celebrated a not-yet-respectful birthday this week and doesn’t get why everyone wants him to offer up a birthday Q or some ridiculous number of burpees (or dive bomber merkins here) — it’s just out of love and respect, man, not at all because there’s an open slot on the calendar.

The mumblechatter was good, the effort was strong, YHC is writing the backblast too late to remember the details, so come out to the next edition of The Body Shop where there may be less playing with balls — or more, who knows?



  • Sign up for the Iron PAX Challenge
  • SOB Blood Drive Oct 29


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