F3 Waxhaw’s 3rd F goals/strategies for 2020

F3 Waxhaw’s 3rd F goals/strategies for 2020

7 PAX met at Dreamchasers on Thursday night to have beers and get away from wrapping presents brainstorm on what the 3rd F (Faith) means and how F3 Waxhaw should live it out in 2020 and beyond.


  • Deadwood and Bottlecap have stepped up to be the Functional Qs for 3rd F on the F3 Waxhaw Board
  • DW and BC voluntold identified several HIMs (High Impact Man) to participate in a 3rd F Sub-Committee
  • Meeting Goals:
    • Explain what “Faith” means to Banjo
    • Identify priority local charities/ministries that fit into F3 Waxhaw’s DNA
    • Discuss which 3rd F groups should F3 Waxhaw focus to grow
    • Select Site Qs for each area under 3rd F

LOCAL CHARITIES/MINISTRIES/PROJECTS:  The below charities/ministries are what the group identified as our initial priorities.  Are these perfect?  Maybe not.  But let’s put our coordinated efforts behind these few initiatives and see if we can make a difference before we extend ourselves too much.

  • Christ’s Closet
    • Site Qs:  Dana and Shop Dawg
    • What is it?  A local Wesley Chapel charity started by the F3 men of Sanctuary that collects and provides clothes, books, and furniture to the less fortunate
    • How can we partner?  Many local opportunities to provide physical help (ie Folding clothes, sorting) as well as participating at giveaway events.
    • COMING SOON:  A new site coming soon.  Dana and Shop will be leading (Insert Name Here) which will be a sort/fold/fellowship “workout.”  7:30-9:00pm on 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month at Christ’s Closet.  Details coming soon.
  • Ray of Hope
    • Site Qs:  Dancing Bear and Bottlecap
    • What is it?  Local charity based out of the Sweet Repeats building in Downtown Waxhaw.
    • How can we partner?  Work with Nicole Jordan, founder, on adhoc requests (ie elderly lawn project, single mom needs help installing washing machine) as well as partnering on their bigger projects (ex. Christmas party, Back to school, Food pantry).
  • Waxhaw Service Projects
    • Site Qs:  Deadwood and Carb Load
    • What is it?  F3 Waxhaw adopted area downtown.  Also, explore partnerships with local schools on cleanup/beautification projects.
    • How can we partner?  Quarterly cleanup projects in downtown.  Adhoc projects with the local schools (ie Mulch, Painting, Career Day)
  • Union County Homeless Shelter
    • Site Qs:  Dancing Bear and ?
    • What is it?  Homeless shelter in Downtown Monroe
    • How can we partner?  Be the MEN to treat the homeless as peers, understand their situation, and to help them take their next step.  Figure out small ways to make  big impact in their lives (ex. Shampoo Crew, Job Fair, Weekend workout, etc.)

3RD F GROUPS:  These groups take F3 to the next level for all PAX.  We are not built to do life by ourselves so this is an opportunity to be vulnerable and realize that we are all broken men that need help as Husbands, Fathers, Son, Friends, Brothers, Neighbors, etc.  #IronSharpensIron

  • Open Door
    • Site Q:  Bottlecap and ?
    • What is it?  Sunday morning 0700-0815 Men’s Bible study group that meets at Five Stones office building.
    • Purpose?  Allow men, regardless of where they are at in their Faith journey, to read a chapter of the Bible each week and then discuss how we can apply it to our lives.
  • Sanctuary
    • Site Q:  Ice9 and Ackbar
    • What is it?  Monday evening 7:30-8:30pm Men’s group that meets at Brooklyn Pizza in Wesley Chapel.
    • Purpose?  Read a chapter in a book, usually a Christian-themed book (ie C.S. Lewis), and discuss how it impacts and applies to our lives.
  • Q Source
    • Site Q:  Shop Dawg and ?
    • What is it?  An F3 leadership course curriculum delivered weekly.  Generally held for 30-45 minutes after a workout.
    • Purpose?  Discuss the weekly leadership topic and applicable questions to see how we can apply it to our lives


  • Fundraising:
    • “100 Men”:  Another F3 region does an annual event where 100 PAX put up $100 each ($10,000 total) and ask 2-4 charities to present their ideas to be granted all or part of that money.
    • Do we need $?  This is still a very big conversation wondering if we need money, how we get money, and what we would use the money for in our area.
  • Future Events:
    • Monthly/Quarterly “Donation Drives”:  We are planning on putting together a calendar where we are intentional about collecting certain items (ie Laundry Detergent) at certain times (ie first 2 weeks in May) to benefit our “Priority charities”
    • Come to the Table Luncheon:  For those whose attended or heard about the recent lunch that F3 Metro put on, it was incredible.  Something that F3 Waxhaw should strive for.  They were trying to raise $150,000 at ONE EVENT.  Incredible, not because that they got a lot of money but that they are trying to use their resources to make a difference in their community.  Truly putting F3’s mission (“Invigorate male community leadership”) into action.
    • Fixing It For Christ, 2 PAX and a Truck, Sandbox, etc:  What are other projects/ministries that F3 Waxhaw PAX want to pursue?  What are YOU passionate about?  If you lead, others will follow.


  • We have a big OPPORTUNITY:  How many sad clowns need to find their purpose or just something “more than a workout”
  • We have a bigger RESPONSIBILITY:  We have been immensely blessed and it is time to #PayItForward with our Time, Money, and Gifts.
  • RAISE YOUR HAND:  Are you ready to do more within F3?  Reach out to any of the 3rd F sub-committee PAX (or Banjo).  There is no time commitment, just an acknowledgment that you are ready to #Live3rd.  You will be AMAZED how God uses you.
  • NEW GROUPME CHANNEL:  Just what you have been asking for.  This will be a communication platform for PAX who want to help with 3rd F opportunities.  Think about a time when we get a request from Ray of Hope that an elderly lady needs somebody to pick up and move a washer/dryer for her house.  We would send out this request on that channel to get a volunteer.

May God bless you and your family this Christmas season and prosper each of us in 2020 in order to better serve our communities.


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