Fuzzy Monday

Fuzzy Monday

Ahhhh…. Monday! Flash is a great way to start the week. Usually a good number of PAX post on Monday to get their week started with some high impact work and to knock off the fuzz from the weekend. A particularly high fuzz weekend this time around as some of us (YHC especially) were still getting over the 1st Ever F3Waxhaw Holiday Party.

DiCCS were delivered and we were off.

Warm Up – Mosey around back of school to parking lot next to Transporter’s Shed (Mad Dog’s today) and performed 9 IW’s IC, 9 Merkins IC, Downward Dog, Upward Dog, Jimmy Dugan C/L/R and we were off to the stadium parking lot for…

As we arrived to the parking lot, someone suggested we do curb Monkey Humpers as we came up on the Ignition crew (doing some lame exercise on the curb). Not sure but it looked like they were just lying around doing nothing and didn’t really start doing anything until we came up on them??? Hmmm #ignitiongate?

The Thang – 7 of Diamonds (Not modified today with no rain) Start at bottom corner of lot and run to each corner and do(repsXsets) 7X4 Burpees, 14X4 Merkins, 21X4 LBCs, 28 X 4 AHs, 21X4 Flutters, 14X4 Sq, 7X4 BH’s Moseyed back to Transporter’s Shed for 50 air presses IC and 25 air jabs IC then AYG to COT for Namorama!

I think we were several seconds late but no one seemed to mind much.

Shout Outs!

Big 10 – Made it through the entire workout! Keep pushing! High Hat – Stepping up to lead some MARY while we were waiting on the SIX during 7 of Diamonds Dana – Wearing a vest for most of the workout.

Sorry for the lack of creativity in the Weinki between Friday and Monday. Changing up the venue a little bit and not having stairs to climb, however, made for a little different dynamic. We did get in some miles (3+) and we will definitely feel it in our abs and legs tomorrow. Always great to lead these guys and looking forward to the next time.


Dana – November 23rd Ruck for F3 Cape Fear – Toby, Leaving Hickory Tavern in Ballantyne at 8:00 AM Bring a backpack with 20 lbs of weight and walk the route. Drinks will be provided after. In the United States, one person commits suicide every 12 minutes.

Dana – Potential for a Christ’s Closet AO to have more regular folding and sorting parties. More to come on that.

Sausage Party owes Kid Rock $$ for Shirts

Thanks to Moneyball for taking us out.

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