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11 for 7 at Ignition

ByFoundation Jul 6, 2020

11 idiots Pax made it out for 5:15 showing of Ignition.  YHC covered DCCS at the start, and for all those who attended Swarm on Friday this time

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Waxhaw Express Speed Day

ByGerber May 12, 2020

Thanks to Wolverine’s challenge Waxhaw Express has taken off as an official/non-official F3 speed workout with the goal of completing a target

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Another Day Another Race (virtual of course)

ByGerber May 8, 2020

Another week and another virtual race. This week the race is a virtual 10 miler with every person running 2 miles. Since we did this about th

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Speed Work for Dummies

ByGerber May 6, 2020

Speed work day for F3 Waxhaw.  With the upcoming virtual race series upon us and F3 Waxhaw's desire to get faster this has sort of become a new

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Fool Us Once, Shame on You; Fool Us Twice, Shame on Us

ByGerber Apr 25, 2020

So Wolverine did it again to us.  Another week.  Another trick.  This time Waxhaw Express 2.0 had to run a half marathon relay.  Four 2.5 mil

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ByGerber Apr 22, 2020

Warm Up: Run 1 Mile SSH x 15 IC Stretch to the middle, left, right On your six, stretch middle, left, right Some other stretches

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50 Burger

ByEasy Button Mar 28, 2020

9 guys ventured over to the good side of Lawson today and met up at one of our multiple clubhouses. DICC's given and quick mosey around the hood

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Lawson GroupMe Playhouse Tickets

ByFoundation Mar 19, 2020

6 pax met at Mill House Parking lot for a appropriate spaced workout.  Here is how it went. Warmup: Short mosey around front of mill house

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