Wacthaw Workout Monday

Wacthaw Workout Monday

I’m going to start this backblast with an apology, typically I try to be amusing (at least to myself) in my backblasts but I believe today was pretty lame I exhausted my creativity in preparing for the effees. Speaking of which, we had a strong showing and it was a really fun night. I suggest any of you who didn’t make it, do so next year. I assumed the cold December morning and the rust associated with Saturday night would result in low attendance. Turns out between ignition and flash we had 37 men show up, pretty impressive. The PAX tagged are all 37, but I can only speak to what we did at flash. I’ll give you 4:1 odds that you don’t see a backblast If I were a betting man, I’d say you’re unlikely to see a backblast from ignition. If you’ve ever read one of my back blasts before it a whole bunch of stuff followed by ….then mosey. I’ll keep it short and I won’t tell you where we were, I’ll just stick to the facts this time.

The Thang

Opening mosey, stretch, merkins, imperial walkers…….then mosey

50 dips….20 Mike Tysons….20 Speed Skaters….Bear Crawl….20 Squats….20 LBCs….20 Big Boy Situps….25 Step ups…..

All of that done while running in an amrap like pattern behind the middle school, we then repeated it until the LBCs where we broke left towards the high school

20 LBC’s…..30 Calf Raises….RUN…..30 Calf Raises….25 Air Presses…..20 Air Jabs

From there we ran back towards the middle school to the portico closest to the buses

Bear Crawl the length of the portico…..10 Mike Tysons…..repeat

Run to the front of the middle school and grab some bench

10 Derkins…half lap….10 incline merkins (why aren’t these irkins?)….repeat

Back to the parking lot where we started for a couple of sprints and then back to COT


I made up something completely different on the fly We finished with a slightly different workout than I originally planned, you could say Deadwoods audibles were made. For those of you that know me, you know I prefer a stick man running type of workout with exercises sprinkled in along the way to keep us moving and the heart rate high. We still almost got to 3 miles while keeping everyone close. Thanks for letting me lead


  • Posse wasn’t here today so you’ll need to check slack/groupme/Asylum BB for the CSAUP or 5K that’s likely coming up in a place somewhere reasonably close to hear in a time frame also close by
  • Gladiator – a black diamond workout for those looking to workout on the weekend test themselves. This month’s Gladiator will be this Saturday 0630-0730 at Rea Farms (across from Waverly). 9855 Sandy Rock Place. Park near Improper Pig at large open grass field.
  • Downtown Waxhaw cleanup – this Saturday after the non-existent workouts. Waxhaw will provide bags but if you can bring Rakes, Shovels, Brooms, Blowers, Mulchers that would be appreciated

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