Lots of ‘Heart’ shown at Rebel Yell

Lots of ‘Heart’ shown at Rebel Yell

4 pax including YHC, Purple Haze, Splinter and Semi-Gloss took to the streets early for a little pre Rebel Yell warm up run and probably put in ~ 2.5 miles.  8 others denied the ole’ sac and joined us for what turned out to be a pretty tough, not planned, BRR work out.  To steal from one of TR’s recent posts, thought you’d like to hear 10 fun facts about ‘Hearts’:

1. In an average lifetime, a human heart pumps enough blood to fill 100 swimming pools.

2. The human heart is not heart-shaped. A cow’s heart is more heart-shaped than a human one.

3. The use of a heart shape in a logo to signify love was popularised by graphic designer Milton Glaser in his 1977 ‘ I Love New York’ posters and T-shirts.

4. According to the two billion-word Oxford English Corpus, the adjective most often used to qualify the noun ‘heart’ is ‘broken’.

5. In an average lifetime, a human heart will beat almost three billion times.

6. I Left My Heart In San Francisco was the 19th most-performed song of the 20th century.

7. The King of Hearts is the only king without a moustache in a standard pack of playing cards.

8. On the day the Netherlands lost to France in a penalty shoot-out at Euro 1996, the death rate from heart attacks and strokes among Dutchmen rose by 50 per cent compared with an average day.

9. Aristotle believed that the heart was the body’s source of heat.

10. Spackler had no idea so many Hearts would be drawn at Rebel Yell on 3/20/14

Enough of that……

The Thang

Circle the lot a few times

SSH x 30

IW x 30

Mosey to the hill for a little ‘8 or 9 card pick up aka 52 card pick up’

YHC dropped the cards on the pavement face down, mixed them all up and had a pax draw a card to which all  would complete a called exercise by suit X the amount on the card.

Heart – backward run up hill, perform squat, run back down = 1 x whatever number drawn

Diamond – partner merkins

Club – partner jump knee tuck

Spade – burpee

Joker – run across street, down Murderhorn and back

Exercises completed to best of my knowledge in chronological order:

Jack of Hearts

9 of Hearts er…8 of Diamonds


A of Spades

6 of Hearts

6 of Clubs

Q of Hearts (audible – forward run up hill)

5 of Clubs

10 of Spades

The Ol’ Moleskin

Great work out there today by everyone and awesome seeing some new faces out there.  Keep it coming and tell a friend.

The deck was shuffled and cards weren’t marked as some have accused YHC of doing in the past.  I confess, it’s been done before but, today was one those ‘fly by the seat of the pants’ type work outs.  No clue if I got the order correct above.  Let the cards fall as they may.  And they did in an overwhelming way towards Heart.  OUCH.  If I never see another Heart I will be just fine.  Mumble chatter was either pretty low or the feeling of my thigh/head/chest combo about to explode drowned most of it out.  YHC does remember a few smart aleck comments from Semi Gloss but what else is new there?  I also faintly remember Alf shouting towards my end of the hill and accusing someone of doing the karaoke up the hill instead of backwards run.  If your hurtful comments were meant for YHC – that was no karaoke.  That was simply a lack of display of coordination #athlete.  Pretty sure they were targeted toward Haze.   Think we now know why Chipotle has the name.  At least you were next to Haze most the morning.  Wait, maybe that is why Haze was doing the karaoke?  Kind of a head dodge type movement which ultimately effects the lower body movement? And Semi Gloss ending things out with the Protractor???  Who knew.  Thank you Haze for taking us out in prayer.


Need one more to complete BRR team 4 (eh hem – Rock Thrill).  Contact Splinter.






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10 years ago

My shouts were mainly for Haze rocking the uphill karaoke. Spack – you just got called for guilt by association. I was still playing catch up to you and Soul Glow charging up those hills. It’s always a good workout when the burpees are the easy recovery exercise.

Purple Haze
10 years ago

For the record gentlemen, that was not karaoke…just an occasional weight shift to give each quad a little break. Those things sucked and I did what I could to keep my quads from spontaneously combusting. But my back stayed to the hill the entire time…that is my story.

Agreed Alf…when you celebrate the draw of the burpee card, then the rest of the workout is truly bringing on the hurt.

Nice Q Spack #runner

Fireman Ed
Reply to  Spackler
10 years ago

Great lead Spackler only my second rebel yell, real beat down. I was close to spilling my merlot on that queen of hearts. Special thanks to LD for kindly making that first card disappear.

Reply to  Spackler
10 years ago

For the record I swapped out the blue cleats before the ridiculousness of the 52 card pick up. Want to keep them Fresh!

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