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Dad jokes 2/43

ByKirby Jan 23, 2021

When it is 32 degrees you have to bring the heat. The thang: Mosey to a parking lot near the Y. COP SSH X 20 HAND RELEASE MERKINS

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Water by the Gallons

ByPeriscope Jan 16, 2021

Cobbler tweeted me (is it “tweeted me”? That sounds..... weird) a couple days ago checking to make sure I was still set to Q this morning. Uh

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Children’s Laughter… Silenced

BySoft Pretzel Jan 16, 2021

Don't worry that title is purely ironic.  Please read on. 6 men gathered for the winding odyssey that is the Brave.  Here is a brief summary

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The Joy of Shared Suffering: 100 Burpees and 3 Miles

Bymidriff Jan 14, 2021

I hate burpees with a passion. They are pointless, painful and plain. But they're ruthlessly efficient. And for that reason, they remain a staple

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AMRAP at DaVinci

ByBrexit Jan 9, 2021

Midriff, the bundle of excitement that he is, is hard to say no to when he asks you to take a Q. He doubled down with the offer of Q swapping so

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The Few. The Mighty. The Class of 90.

ByPosse Jan 8, 2021

8 Pax (or 16% of my graduating class ) came out to see what a full 13-year alum of the finest institution in northern Lancaster County could prod

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A backup band slaps floors at the Murderhorn

ByBrexit Dec 18, 2020

Yesterday, I got the text. You know the one. THE text. Can you substi-Q? OK, maybe I made that a little more dramatic than it needed to be. Anywa

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Deck the Halls: Nine is Fine!

ByTuck Dec 4, 2020

Here we go again with the 5th iteration of something that shouldn't have happened once.  15 PAX popped the red pill (and some ibuprofen) and pos

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ByTuck Dec 3, 2020

9 guys posted at The Arsenal on a crisp December morning to see what kind of questionable decisions YHC would make. YHC started with a disclai

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