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High Heat Low Turnout

ByC3P0 Jul 31, 2021

DISCC for all 3 of us in attendance, all Appetizer regulars. The Thang We started with a mosey around the school and warm-up in parking lot wit

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Kickin It Old School

ByWarEagle Jul 7, 2021

With July 4th falling on a Sunday and most people off on Monday the 5th it was a no-brainer to extend the Independence Day celebration another da

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Are chickens better than bagels???

ByHappy Meal Jul 3, 2021

I had the honor of leading the crew at DaVinci (hail Stonehenge!). There was quite a bit of chatter on Slack the night before, especially from Wa

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T1000 Qs Again

ByC3P0 Jun 29, 2021

T1000 isn't setup to post backblasts and I'm tardy in filling in for him.  Getting credit to the PAX who posted. He planned a nice weinkee (s

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Let’s Band Together

ByC3P0 Jun 29, 2021

Pathetically late in posting this, but that's not going to stop me so the pax at least get credit for showing up.  The main part of the workout

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We Need More Pulling Exercises – Lets Band Together

ByC3P0 Jun 11, 2021

Discc Warm Up Before starting, each PAX grabs a resistance band (thickness doesn't matter #twssNever).  I notice the number of bands is exactl

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Clyent Dinner – Dads are too cool for shade

ByTwinkle Toes Jun 10, 2021

17 dads and 2.0’s pushed hard as we searched for shade and burned some calories! Welcome and DCCS - .25 mi mosey to warm up 20 SSH ic 10 I

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I want to take a little trip somewhere – Appetizer State Capitals

ByDrive By Jun 10, 2021

Warm Up A mosey to the unknow trail did some stretching, and mosey to the rock pile to get a rock. Then a short rifle carry back to the US M

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Helen of Troy

ByJerryWorld May 29, 2021

Was this the PAX that launched a thousand reps and burnt the topless towers of Blakeney Sweet Helen, make me more than just this... &nbs

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