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At Least it Wasn’t Hot

DATE: 2023-02-02 AO: Peak-51 Q: beaver PAX: Full House, Spammer, lois, booyah, beaver FNGs: None COUNT: 5 WARMUP: Mosey to Stumptown Ampitheatre for COP in cadence: SSHx25, IWx25, merkinsx15, LSWx25, MCx20 THE THANG: Mosey to benches: 20 step ups, dips, derkins x2 Mosey to school parking lot: Star work – 20 merkins, WWII sit-ups, wide arm merkins, 50 crunches, plank around the horn Mosey to brick wall: 20 donkey kicks x2 Mosey to grass field: Bear crawl, crab walk, hand-release merkins and Cumberland county viaducts to make sure there were no dry spots. 😀 (y’all are welcome in advance)
MARY: Returned to launch for 20 derkins, mary and some heels to heaven.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: F3 CSAUP at the Gremlin in Mint Hill on Sat 2/4 see Slack for details
COT: Prayers for Sensei’s knee and Slimfasts back.

Wet Beaver #TWSS

DATE: 2023-02-02 AO: Peak-51 Q: beaver PAX: lois, Spammer, booyah, Full House FNGs: None COUNT: 5 Lois recounting this …
WARMUP: Ran to Stumptown Park. It was raining. Did the usual stuff (SSH, IW, MC, etc.) under a nice cozy roof on the stage. Q decides to leave this dry spot for reasons unclear to YHC. THE THANG: Ran behind the school. Did starfish with a bunch of upper-body work, but, in the middle, did 10 crunches. This reminds YHC of watching a Steve Spurrier press conference after a rainy game, where he said the team needed to do some “wet butt drills.” Ran with said wet butts past launch, turned to the grass patch where the dogs of Matthews do their thing, did some bear crawls and crab walks. Between residual cussedness and wet butt, YHC modified as needed. MARY: Ran back to launch. Did some of this. Was still wet. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Blood drive and such. COT: Had one. Prayed for Sensei’s knee. Prayed for Slim Fast’s strained pinky fingernail.

[shield] rainy parking deck day

DATE: 2023-02-02 AO: Shield Q: Benny PAX: Spitball, Carny, Bombay, Pilgrim, Cooter2, ToeJam, @grillz FNGs: None COUNT: 8
WARMUP: THE THANG: AMRAP parking deck start on 3rd floor 10 merkins, run to second floor 10 drydocks, run to 1st floor 10 diamond merkins rinse and repeat MARY: ANNOUNCEMENTS: blood drive March 3rd thanks @grillz for joining us while up in Charlotte for work. he’s a Tallahassee SLT F3 guy. COT:

AYG to Four Mile Creek or thereabouts

DATE: 2023-02-02 AO: -Devils-Turn Q: voodoo PAX: Chopper, midriff, Dosey Doe, voodoo, frasier, Right Turn, turkey_leg, hairball, Wolverine FNGs: None COUNT: 9 WARMUP: No warmup at DT. If you want a warmup, post at 0500
THE THANG: On our group text last night, I suggested we run AYG to Providence this morning, so when Flipper texted that he had stomach issues this morning, it meant I was Qing. 5 of us ran the called route while 2 (TL and Hairball) met up with Joker and Grasshopper at the track and 2 (Frasier and Dosey Doe) started early for some marathon training. Strong work by the 4 pax that pushed for Providence. We didn’t make it, but everyone got to Raintree Lane and most got to Four Mile Creek or to the hill leading to it. Wolverine definitely could have made it, but decided to keep me company instead.
MARY: we don’t do that either.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: 3/3 Blood Drive!
COT: Chopper took us out.

Whiteboard of fun

DATE: 2023-02-02 AO: Nightmare-On-Elm Q: Cheese Curd PAX: wildturkey, sledge, Rousey FNGs: None COUNT: 4 WARMUP: 1 lap in the rain THE THANG: 10/20/30/40/50/60/70/80/90/100 – individual exercises for each count,- see pic. then a lap in-between. Worked through the list again. Also did squats to Flower-Moby (Sally Up/ Sally down) then a lap, also 50 calf raises MARY: did 6”s to Brass Monkey and box cutter on Monkey ANNOUNCEMENTS: major pick up at many houses for scouts this weekend. Put food on your door if you have scouts in your hood COT: pray for the brothers that are both in and out of the gloom. Everyone struggles at times, be there for each other Ye’old Moleskin: Not the best morning…raining, cold, but 4 got after it. Funniest moment is when WT made fun of a song and then for the next 5 mins Rousey went deep into a story about a girl who he did a lot for and I think broke his heart… it was probably the saddest and hardest I have laughed 👊🏼

Bootlegging in the Rain

DATE: 2023-02-02 AO: Hydra Q: MARTA PAX: Queen, Huddle House, Snowden, boerewors, MARTA, bootlegger, Brandi, Foghorn FNGs: None COUNT: 8 bootleggers Q – No slack
WARMUP: standard warm up THE THANG: sprints and shoulders to dodge the rain, rhen laps around OP for 3.2 miles total MARY: lots ANNOUNCEMENTS: blood drive match 3rd COT: pray for Will Smith (metro pax) for tragic loss in family due to accident.

Sore shoulders @ the Maul

DATE: 2023-02-01 AO: -Maul Q: Odd Job PAX: f3bigtuna, wingman, Franky, Chopper, patent_pending, super trooper, chippy, madison, kirby, war_eagle, teddyf3, picasso, midriff, strange_brew FNGs: None COUNT: 15 WARMUP: Mosey to the old meetup spot on the far side of AMC. SSH, IW, arm circles, merkins with proper form.
THE THANG: Partner up. Cross the AMC lot with a combination of partner wheelbarrows, lunge walk, bear crawl, and a shocking amount of complaining.
Mosey to the first speedbump behind Tap & Vine. At each speedbump alternate regular, wide, and diamond merkins. Wait for the six in balls2wall / handstand position.
Mosey to St Matts and everyone gets a rock. Circle up for a series of PAX called rock exercises. Break midway for a run over to the shipping container for more handstand pushups / balls2wall.
Mosey back to the speedbumps behind HT. At each bump alternate between lunges and jump squats.
Back to base for one minute of Mary.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: -Blood drive, see Slack for details or reach out to @marta who is the Q for this worthy event. -Second F happy hour tonight, 5pm at Woody’s -The Maul needs Q’s. If you are reading this, you are qualified to Q. Use the Q-signup tool or reach out to Patent Pending or Wingman to get on the schedule.
COT: -Kirby’s dad is in our prayers today. He is in surgery and we all pray for his quick and full recovery.

FNG Revival

DATE: 2023-02-01 AO: Wamrap Q: Orange Whip PAX: Alf, turkey_leg, poptart, Watergate, Kaboom 💥 FNGs: 1 Kaboom 💥 COUNT: 6 WARMUP: Did an actual warmup to show the FNG the ropes.
THE THANG: Top of parking deck: 2 merkins, Romanian DLs, Burpees, Dragonfly’s – run down 2 flights and repeat, add 2 each time (finished on 16s)
MARY: Welcomed FNG Kaboom, artillery army man from Nashville – found F3 through Google and crushed it.
Alf told us all stories of his Costa Rica adventures and how his paid driver asked if he could whip it out. TL and I almost head butted each other doing dead lifts, Pop Tart got mad I didn’t include him in my close out prayer but prayed for everyone else, little does he know I pray for him every night – for obvious reasons, Watergate has her in the road but made a string return back. FNG rocked it on a wet morning.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: The Gremlin this Saturday honoring Rick Pinto’s family who passed away on a run 5 years ago. Mint Hill.
COT: Selfie shot

The weinke always looks softer on paper……

DATE: 2023-02-01 AO: Meaad Q: Unplugged PAX: The Worm, voodoo, Soul Glo, ickey_shuffle, flipper, Uncle Leo FNGs: None COUNT: 7 WARMUP: No SSH – lesson learned from last Q. 10 Swings 10 LSS 10 Swings Pryer Squat 10 Swings 10 Goblet Squats
THE THANG: #1 – Iron Cardio – 5 rounds (L/R) -1H Snatch -1H Clean -1H Press -1 Rack Squat
#2 – Double KB Grinders 10- Double KB Romanian Deadlifts 10- Double Front Squats 10- Double KB Swings 10 1 KB Front Racked 1 KB Suitcase Grip Reverse Lunges Right 10 1 KB Front Racked 1 KB Suitcase Grip Reverse Lunges Left This Sucked! An much whining and complaining about these exercises. Looked a lot easier on paper. Adjustments and Q modifications were made. Also much debate on what is considered singing vs screaming.
#3 – Humane Burpee Ladder Down/Up 5-4-3-2-1-1-2-3-4-5 -15 2H swings 5 – GB squats 5 – Merkins Finally we got some Swing in to get to the our 250 number.
#4 – Random “Fill the Time” Complex 5 Rows 20 Swings 7 Rows 20 Swings 5 Double Rows 20 Swings
260 Swings done! 10 extra credit points for all!
MARY: 15 Bulldogs(Union County Version) OYO 15 Flutter Press OYO 10 American Hammers OYO HBH Plank
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Blood Drive 3/3 Prayers for Mr. Magoo’s wife and Fallout’s son Kai….for recovery. COT: YHC took us out.

Fun in the dirt

DATE: 2023-02-01 AO: Sacs Q: fire_hazard PAX: lex_luthor, wildturkey, Dora, Cheese Curd, Rousey, geraldo, Lafleur FNGs: None COUNT: 8 1 ruck lap around the lot for the warm up. 3 min of 2 ruck pull throughs and 2 burpees 4 min sped ruck 3 min of sandbag throws 4 min speed ruck The above 3 times 10 minutes of deadlift/clean/press 1/1/1, 2/2/2, 3/3/3…… Quick ruck lap to make an hour.
Everyone trained hard. @rousey was a site fng. Lex did it all with a ruck. Cheesecurd had 55 lbs in his ruck and wild turkey ran the laps with 45lbs. Great work from all. Thanks for letting me lead.