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SOB Brewery Run 2023

You may be thinking to yourself “Man, I really wish I could get together with some guys to run a little while also enjoying the booming Charlotte craft beer scene.”  Well as fate would have it you are in luck my friend.  On Saturday, March 4th (the only date that gives a command) we will be marching forth with our first brewery run since June, 2021.
Pax are still regaled with tales of the toasty summer brewery run of 2019, the snow brewery run in 2020…or the time F3 overtook Plaza Midwood in 2021.  This year we are taking it back to South End to show the 20 something’s how it’s done.  The general plan is to start at one brewery, have a beer/water/non-alcoholic beverage of your choice, then run to the next and have a beverage and so on and so on until we hit the 6th and final brewery.  The establishments are not far from each other and the entire route is approximately 4 miles.  And for overachievers there is always the option to go off the directions provided and get more mileage.
We will start at Charlotte Beer Garden at noon for a drink then hit in order: Wooden Robot, QC Pour House, Suffolk Punch, Weathered Souls and finish at Olde Meck.  Full route details to come shortly and will also provided at Charlotte Beer Garden. Feel free to do the whole run start to finish or to join the group at any brewery stop.  *It is highly suggested to Uber or have a ride pick you up after the run.  There is a close light rail stop for Charlotte Beer Garden at the Bland Station and a close light rail stop for Olde Meck at the Scaleybark station.

This is a great 2nd F event and personally one of YHC’s favorites. The timing should be a good recovery for the Oak Island guys and a good tuneup for the P200 guys. Looking forward to it guys and feel free to reach out with questions!

– War  Eagle 🦅


Catch Me If You Can

DATE: 2023-01-13 AO: -Brave Q: war_eagle PAX: One Niner, fire_hazard, soft_pretzel, Brexit, Hippie, wingman, midriff, Rousey FNGs: None COUNT: 9 WARMUP: Take off from Woody’s east on Ballantyne Commons to Ballantyne Corporate Drive. Duck into the first parking garage for COP of SSH, IW, PP, PP, merkins and stretching. THE THANG: -Head down Ballantyne Corp Drive to the spot where we cut through the fitness trail. Stop at every entrance on the right (there are 7) for 10 merkins and 10 squats. -Once all were there mosey to the rock pile at LochNess for a lifting rock. First round is 20 curls, oh presses and tricep extensions (or tricep curls per Wingman). Then partner up and grab the heaviest rock between partners for a catch me if you can around Loch Ness. P1 takes off with rock while P2 does 4 burpees. The P2 sprints to catch P1 for a flapjack, all the way around the lake. Second round was 10 squats and 10 lunges each leg with rocks then another catch me if you can around Loch Ness with 3 burpees. Third round back to 25 curls, oh presses and tri extensions with another catch me if you can with 2 burpees. -Not enough time for another round but not time to head back yet so rocks were put back. Partner back up with P1 running to one set of pull up bars and P2 running to the other set. 10 pull ups then meet in the middle for 10 handslap merkins. Flapjack and hit other set of pull up bars. -Time to head back stopping at every entrance for 10 big boi situps. Once at the garage where we had COP it was a jailbreak back to launch. MARY: T-claps to various guys who led Mary between rounds and throughout. We were a few minutes late getting back to launch…apologies from the Q #cobains. I mistimed how long it would take us to get back and probably should have left the pull ups out. But dangit YHC is determined to include pull ups in every Q when available. #bringbackthepullup ANNOUNCEMENTS: -Awesome to hear about Soft Pretzel stepping up to be the 3rd site Q of The Brave. A lot of veteran leadership at The Brave so keep an eye out for Friday mornings. -Apparently it was pointed out the average age of SOB is trending upward. We need to focus on getting FNG’s out but especially younger FNG’s before the rest of us age out (tongue in cheek sarcasm there). COT: We all have trials and tribulations for sure but ultimately remember how blessed we are. Focus on you to get yourself right mentally, physically and emotionally first so that you can help others do the same. Lean on each other.

Rain and Pain

DATE: 2023-01-04 AO: -Maul Q: war_eagle PAX: Brexit, Chopper, Saigon Sam, Landfill, midriff, Backup, Stag FNGs: None COUNT: 8 WARMUP: Mosey to Uwharrie Bank parking deck as an attempt to keep the Pax somewhat dry. THE THANG: Collection of triple nickels that could be done inside the parking garage. Triple Nickel #1- 5 wide armed merkins, shuffle right to the long end of the garage, 5 diamond merkins then shuffle left back to start…5 rounds. Triple Nickel #2- 5 donkey kicks, bear crawl to the short end of the garage, 5 second balls to the wall then crab walk back to start…5 rounds. Triple Nickel #3- 5 burpees, run up stairway, back down to base for 4×4’s then run back to start…5 rounds. MARY: Mary in between triple nickels and then 45 second plank when back at launch. ANNOUNCEMENTS: – Saigon Sam invited all to Jacksonville for the Kraken CSAUP. – Ensure someone has a phone on them during workouts as immediate medical attention can be a lifesaver. COT: – Prayers for Midriff’s family as they deal with the aftermath of busted pipes and 3 young children. – Prayers for Saigon Sam’s son.

Rise and Grind

Lately YHC has been running more than bootcamping and was craving a full body burnout. I had a vision of a workout focused mainly around a circuit of grinders.  To do so YHC anticipated at least 6 guys so each “team” would have at least 2 guys a group.  The morning saw the rain stop earlier in the evening and was a comfortable 38 degrees.  Perfect for a good ol bootcamp beatdown.  Apparently this turn of good fortune was lost on the general Pax as the SOB AO of choice this morning appeared to be the fartsack.  As the clock got closer to 5:30 Teddy showed up and shortly after Odd Job turned the corner from a pre-run.  T-claps to these gentlemen.  Alright, 3 guys…we can do this.

The Thing

Mosey to 131 Main parking lot for COP of IW, Hillbillies, Potato Pickers, Peter Parkers, Mtn Climbers and SSH.  Then mosey down Bryant Farms towards the playground but what’s this, we are turning into the neighborhood on the left?  That’s right we took the backdoor route to the playground through the neighborhood stopping at every street corner, 7 altogether, for various ab exercises.

Arrive at the playground and time to kick the grinders in.  YHC visited the park earlier in the AM and put out cones to mark where the stations would be.  As noted earlier we were going to go through the grinders as one group so basically we estimated about 1 min and a half for our timekeepers between stations.  First grinder was Station 1) wall derkins; Station 2) lunges and the timekeeper was bear crawls between the 2 stations.  We made it through 2 rounds of this grinder.  Next up was a 1)pull up 2)squat with crawl bear timekeeper grinder.  2 rounds through of this one as well.  The final grinder setup was 1) dips 2) Sister Mary Catherine’s and a crab walk timekeeper.  We got through only one of these as time was flying on us.

Mosey back to launch stopping at various points along the way back for Heels 2 Heaven, backscratchers and J.Lo’s.  Return to launch with enough time for Rosalita called by COT guest, Mary Kay, and time for a 1 minute plank.

Moleskinny Bop

Small group out there and while we had to modify how a grinder technically works, I was pleased how we modified it and treated it basically the same.  It’s all about adjusting on the fly in F3 and making it work which we definitely did.  I knew that I was going to be gassed when the first exercise of derkins was burning me out and to have to immediately follow it up with a bear crawl was brutal.  Odd Job did not seem to agree as he cranked out the derkins and then scooted through the bear crawls like an actual bear was chasing him.  Teddy rocked the workout as well but it did make the Q feel good that even though Teddy is in great shape, there were still some modifications.  When you have the in shape guys breathing heavy and modifying then you know you did something right in a Q.  Often times the smaller group workouts are the best because, between catching your breath, there can be some good chatter.  Some various observations:

  • We all agreed that if we could keep up the ab work the abs would be ba-dow.  All we had to do was lose the outer layer to see them.  No big deal.
  • Coming back into Blakeney there was a guy at 131 Main getting stuff out of a Jeep that looked just like Teddy’s.  We were kinda interested to get back to launch to make sure that Teddy’s Jeep was still there.  It was.
  • Mary Kay was kind enough to join us for COT after having posted at Stonehenge.  Does that count as a double down?
  • During the last grinder a young lady walking a dog walked by us at which point Teddy told her her dog was a pain in the ass.  YHC assumed either Teddy knew the young lady or really needs to work on his opening lines.  Teddy clarified that it was his fiancee.  OK, that makes more sense.
  • I always enjoy COT at a site like Davinci when you have guys finishing all kinds of various workouts coming together for one COT.  We had bootcampers soon followed by runners finishing their route then soon joined by Wild Turkey and JRR Tolkien who were rucking.  And yes, we finished with a BOM takeout.


  • SOBeer Run February 26th.  Mark the calendars guys, it will be a good one.
  • Waxtravaganza next Saturday, February 12th.

Always Difficult, Never Impossible

YHC had the honor of leading this week’s installment of The Brave.  The night before YHC teased a surprise guest and specifically targeted it towards Happy Meal.  Time for launch and sure enough the surprise guest, Mary Kay showed.  Happy Meal and MK have a whole Felix and Oscar, Odd Couple, dynamic going on so YHC knew their reunion would be entertaining for all. YHC was looking to try and put on old school Brave workout that got the prerequisite 4 miles and a you versus you component, so the night before he advertised that attendees bring their big boy pants.  5:30 hit, the group was properly disclaimed and off we went.

The Thing

Over to the adjoining office park for some warmup of Hillbillies, potato pickers, low slow squats, Mtn Climbers, 6 inches, merkins and SSH.  Next phase of the warmup was to run down the office park stretch on the right stopping at every building for 10 merkins.  7 buildings altogether which gave us 70 merkins and had the upper body warmed up.  Next we moseyed down Community House to Endhaven which was about a mile.  After crossing 485 YHC stopped to let the 6 catch up only to be surprised that there was no 6, everyone was staying together.

At Endhaven Elementary YHC had plans for an AMRAP circuit.  The first circuit we did together and then it was every man for himself.  Circuit was 25 squats, over to the monkey bars for 10 pull ups, sprint to the benches for 30 dips, book it over to the basketball courts for 10 Carolina Dry Docks each bball goal (3 goals) then finish with a lap around the soccer field.  We got about 3-4 total circuits in before YHC called time.  True to character Felix errr…Mary Kay got a head start and headed to the next spot and Oscar …I mean Happy Meal peeled off to keep him company.

No time to rest so the group headed to the parking deck behind Cabo Fish Taco.  Starting at the bottom level we built a parking deck ladder of core exercises with an exercise at the bottom, run up the ramp backwards then forward at the flat level.  At the bottom level we did 10 J’Lo’s run up the ramp backwards, forward to the next ramp.  Continued that way up the levles with 20 H2H, 30 Dolly’s and 40 Alabama Elbows before it was time to run down the stairs and jail break to launch.


Good work out there by all.  It was a grinder but as Wild Turkey so aptly stated The Brave is always difficult but never impossible.  WT is always good for a wise saying or 2 that become SOB sayings (You can’t outrun your diet, The only way to get fast is to run faster, etc.).  The AMRAP worked well because we broke into two groups and for the most part guys stayed in groups which allowed for some camaraderie while pushing it.  The parking deck ladder had an excessive amount of mumblechatter at first but the 30 Dolly’s and 2nd round of backwards running seemed to quell that a bit.   Always enjoy getting after it with this group on Friday mornings.


  • Blood Drive 1/22 at Weddington Methodist. Please see sign up on Slack as there is an urgent need for donors and plenty of open spots for this drive.
  • Passport Challenge
  • Help out others who need it during the winter weather and in general

2022 Passport Challenge

Passport Challenge 2022

As you read this you are probably either a) eating holiday snacks and maybe having a holiday libation or b) thinking about holiday snacks and maybe a holiday libation.  Well PAX, enjoy the next two weeks because come January 1st Area 51/SOB/Waxhaw are here to help you flip that switch.  With the New Year comes a new Passport Challenge and for the months of January and February it’s time to step it up.

For those unfamiliar with the Passport Challenge the concept is simple.  Attend as many different AO’s, 2nd F events and 3rd F events within the Area 51, SOB and Waxhaw regions as possible.  You can only stamp your passport for hitting an individual site or event once so the goal is to get out there and visit as many different ones as you can over two months.  See this link for the wrap up of the 2020 Passport Challenge.

A link will be posted regularly to Slack where you can add your name to the tracking spreadsheet.  Each time you post at a different AO or 2nd F or 3rd F event add the date that you hit that site.  At the end we will tally up who did the most damage and will be crowned the Passport Challenge 2022 Winner.  As the winner you will win custom dog tags stamped with your F3 name and join an illustrious list of winners:

2018 – Mighty Mite

2020 – Das Boot

Ask either of these guys but the title Passport Challenge Winner forever changed their lives.  They no longer wait in lines at restaurants and get seated immediately.  Grocery stores regularly give them the, “this order’s on us” when they check out.  Life changing stuff.


So enjoy the holiday season but go ahead and get your name on the Passport Challenge spreadsheet.  When 2022 kicks off it is time to kick your posting into another gear.

Was It Everything You Expected?

7 Pax ignored the fart sack on a chilly, rainy morning that would have been an easy morning to mail it in.  Instead they did the opposite and manned up for another edition of The Brave.  To follow is a written history of what transpired.

The Thing:

Full disclaimer and off towards 521.  Stopped at Ballantyne Corp Drive and into the first parking garage for COP consisting of SSH, potato picker, hillbilly, mtn climbers and stretching.  Frehley’s noted that we passed several dry parking decks on the way to this one.  True…and to further go against Frehley’s desires to not get wet YHC explained that we would not be staying at said parking deck but to remember it for later.

The group continued down Ballantyne Corp Dr with instructions to stop at Campbells building at the bottom of Bagpipe Hill.  In addition, we were stopping at every cut into a parking lot for 10 merkins, starting with wide arm then regular then diamond.  Keep this cycle going until reaching the bottom of the hill.  Cut over to the fitness trail and partner up.  P1 runs one direction to pull up bars and P2 heads the other direction to the other set of pull up bars.  10 pull ups each and then meet in the middle for 10 should taps (R+L = 1).  Then flapjack and head to the other set of pull up bars and continue for 6 rounds altogether.

Head back to the parking deck where we did COP (I said to remember if for later) stopping for rotations of 20 LBC’s or 20 heels to heaven at each cut into a parking lot.  At the parking deck YHC called for parking deck suicides.  Run up the first level for 10 Carolina Dry Docks and 20 monkey humpers.  Then down the stairs and up to Level 2 for 10 CDD’s and 20 MH’s.   We were not able to get the whole deck in before time to head back to launch.


Great work out there as we got somewhere between 4.4 and 4.8 miles in with a heavy dose of upper body work in as well.  It can be tricky getting the workout portion in at The Brave AND hit the 4 mile minimum but pull ups are the great equalizer.  It was a rainy morning, which we have not had many of around here lately, but the group put in the work.  I really had no idea what to title this backblast until I went back and listened to my COT recording and the first thing said was Midriff asking “Was it everything that you expected?”  I can’t remember what context it was said in but I think that he was asking Odd Job since it was his first Brave workout.  Speaking of Odd Job, that guy is crushing it and getting in wedding shape.  Happy Meal with the overacheiver award pre-running the Brave for 2 miles….impressive!  Frehley’s may be mostly a kettlebell swinging meathead but he can still get down and dirty with the bootcampers for 4 miles like it is his day job.  Good to see Teddy back out.  Always good to catch up.  Speaking of getting back out, welcome back Fire Hazard.  Obviously you have not been sitting around doing nothing seeing as you led the pack the whole morning.  And Midriff of course was right up there with him.


  • A51 Holiday Part 12/16 at Candlewyck.  It is called A51 party but it’s a South Charlotte party.
  • Deck the Halls 12/17. Special start time of 5:15 for The Brave so that we can hit all 10 decks while staying together.  Coffeeteria and cookies to follow, and who doesn’t like coffee and cookies at 6:30 in the morning?
  • Feliz Navidad Christmas Eve bootcamp hosted by Taco Stand at the green at Rea Farms (behind Improper Pig).
  • Reach out to any guys that you have not seen in a while.  Sometimes this time of year may not be as festive for some guys as others so let’s look out for our brothers.

Great Faces and Gobbler Squats

12 Pax layered up and braved temps in the 20’s to push themselves in preparation for Thanksgiving festivities tomorrow.  Prior to the workout 8 guys took part in the Couch 2 5K pre-run led by Tuck.  Seeing as this is the next to last training session prior to the ImpactLocal race it was time to ramp up the running and Tuck delivered with hill repeats up and down the Murderhorn.  The highlight was as Tuck told the group this plan at the beginning of the session Cold Cuts, who was attending his first C2 5K training, fussed at Picasso, “You said that this was a pre-run where we would just mosey around the shopping center”.  In Picasso’s defense that was what the first couple of sessions were but now we are full-fledged kinda runners.

The Thang:

5:30 so time for the main event.  YHC had a preview of what Tuck had planned so I planned my workout accordingly.  The running would be kept relatively low but still ever present so as to build upon the pre-run.  A disclaimer was given and off to the HT parking lot for warmups consisting of SSH, mashed potato pickers, IW’s, Mtn Climbers and stretching.  YHC noted that the workout would consist of Thanksgiving references sprinkled about so we led off with an Indian/Native American/Indigenous Peoples Run to the light by the Chick Fil A.  Next stop was the parking deck.  Since it took the Mayflower 66 days to cross the Atlantic we used loose math to do 11 pilgrim pushups at the bottom, up the stairs to the top level for 11 turducken kicks  and repeato for 6 sets.

Next off to Plymouth Rock which was the big boulders by the office complex along Ballantyne Commons.  The group was instructed to break into groups of 3 for a Thanksgiving grinder where 2 of the 3 Pax grab a rock.  P1 does curls while P2 heads to the end of the parking lot for LBC’s.  P3 is the timekeeper by walking from P1 to P2 holding the rock over their heads for musket carry.  Keep rotating.  We did this for 400 seconds in honor of the 400th anniversary of the first ever Thanksgiving.  A couple of extra minutes left so we did another partial round of gobbler squats, dying cockroaches and musket carry.

Mosey back to launch.  A couple of minutes left for heels to heaven, chippy cross and a minute of Planksgiving.


Great group who made it a fun workout.  Apparently where I thought Gobbler Squats was a clever play on words but Picasso noted that I should probably Google it and not on my work computer.  YHC stopped by prior to the workout and put a sign on the boulder that said “Plymouth” thinking it would be a mildly humerous take.  Olaf sarcastically laughed and then promptly almost ate it tripping over a speed bump…Karma.  Also, when YHC stopped to put the Plymouth sign up it was noticed that there was a pretty large water pipe break and there was lots of water in the parking lot.  Good thing the lot is a square and we could easily modify to move the grinder to another stretch opposite Plymouth Rock.  Overall YHC tried to bring some Thanksgiving spirit to the workout but apparently failed because Jerry World asked as we headed home, “What was the theme or point of that workout?”  🙂


  • 6th annual Turkey Jam Thanksgiving morning at 6:30 behind the Improper Pig at Rea Farms.
  • ImpactLocal 5k/10k on 12/4.  Get those sign ups in as Saturday is the last day for t-shirt orders.
  • Escobar’s clothes and toy drive for children in Colombia, South America is ongoing.  Bring any to the workout and give to the site Q for getting to War Eagle.
  • The Maul needs Q’s for December
  • Congrats to Odd Job for getting engaged over the weekend.

Go Halfway Around the Loop and Back

Rousey went with some guerrilla marketing Monday afternoon for Bagpipe and somehow promised everyone face tattoos…I think.  Apparently it piqued the curiosity of 17 Pax who came for the initiation delivered by YHC.  5:30 rolled around so we began our mosey to the parking lot near Loch Ness.

The Thing:

COP of SSH, IW, Steve Earle’s, side2side potato pickers, Peter Parkers, hold at 6 inches, Parker Peters.

Run to the rock pile by Loch Ness and rifle carry your rock to the loop around the water.  At this point I informed the group that Rousey was at another recent workout lamenting to me his soccer arms and wanted to address those.  So with that in mind we would focus on the upper body with some AMRAP’s.  Carney apparently snuck a peek at my weinke and dressed accordingly with an AMRAP t-shirt.  He apparently has been practicing his AMRAP because he was crushing it.

The group partnered up with P1 running a lap around the water.  While P1 ran P2 completed as many sets as possible of 20 curls, 20 overhead presses and 20 bent over rows.  Flapjack each time a partner runs the lap with a set AMRAP time of 13 minutes.  When the 13 minute timer hit we carried our rocks back rifle carry style.

Back to the picnic benches for the 2nd AMRAP.  Exercises were 20 dips and 20 incline merkins while the partner ran down the fitness trail to the Lance (I think) building and back.  Again 13 minutes to get as many sets in as you can.  After this time to head back to launch.



Nice big group out there this morning but alas no gang initiations or face tattoos.  Maybe next time.  The mumblechatter started early before YHC even gave the disclaimer and continued throughout.  To no one’s surprise a lot of it came from Frehley’s.  As the timer began to run down on the 1st AMRAP YHC instructed the guys leaving to run to just run part way and come back so as to not get stuck at the furthest point.  Frehley’s of course started joking that we were to run halfway around the loop and back.  Heading back to launch Rousey gave his customary challenge for anyone to race him back to launch but only this time Spitball took him up on it.  Not sure who won but it looked neck and neck from YHC’s viewpoint (I took the hamstring pull free route).


  • Blood drive 10/29 at Matthews Town Hall. Hit Mighty Mite up if you want to sign up.
  • Holiday party 11/19 at Old Meck.  Come hang with your brothers and kick off the holiday season.
  • Beer Mile 10/15 at South Charlotte Middle School

Thanks Rousey and Cable Guy for overseeing Bagpipe and allowing me to lead.

A Timely Workout

6 Pax joined YHC for a half a baker’s dozen at this week’s installment of DaVinci to make 7.  YHC was at launch early because of the setup required for this workout and lo and behold Teddy got there early as well.  This was great to get a chance to catch up with Theodore.  YHC wondered if his watch was off because C3PO rolled in before 6:30.  Double checked with others and nope, my watch was correct at 6:28.  It was a veteran crew so YHC gave a disclaimer, ensured that he had his cell phone on him and off we headed.  Found a parking lot in Blakeney for some COP of Steve Earle’s, IW’s, potato pickers and low slow merkins.  Apparently Steve Earle’s are not common in the Exicon yet because Loogie questioned what exercises have been added since he became a Hemingway clone hanging at the beach all the time.  Side Saddle Hops were intentionally left out as you will find out why later.

The Thang

Moseyed to the corner of TCBY and McAlisters where I let the veteran crew know that we would be doing one of YHC’s favorite workouts, the Clock Workout.  This workout is great because it keeps the group moving constantly and you can either push yourself hard, get it done but also catch up with the other Pax or a combination of both.  For those uninitiated into the clock workout the way it works is you start at a central point.  Run to 1:00 which is a cone preset by YHC with an exercise noted.  Perform said exercise then run back to the center point. Then run to 2:00 and perform the listed exercise, so on and so on.  You basically work yourself around the whole parking lot area with 12:00 being the last exercise. Below are the exercises:

1:00 = 10 burpees

2:00 = 20 donkey kicks

3:00 = 30 Carolina Dry Docks

4:00 = 40 big boy situps

5:00 = 50 merkins

6:00 = 60 monkey humpers

7:00 = 70 plank jacks

8:00 = up the stairs over and back down then 10 squats x 8

9:00 = 90 dips

10:00 = 100 calve raises on the curb

11:00 = 110 side straddle hops (see I told you there was a reason there was we did not do them in COP)

12:00 = 120 LBC’s


Soft Pretzel crushed the workout and planked when he was done.  Great call to plank and do 5 merkins as each Pax finished the clock.  Once everyone was in we counted off and then ran to grab the corresponding cone and exercise paper so that YHC did not have to later.  Mosey back to launch just as the clock hit 7:30.


Thine Moleskine:

A lot of fun out there this morning with the veteran crew.  I felt like I got to catch up with everyone at some point but yet when it was all said and done I was exhausted and sweating like a flying pig (or some version of a figure of speech).  Das Boot noted in the COT that this was a “timely” workout.  It took us all a while to get the pun.  It was not until I got home that I felt like the guy from “Northern Exposure” when he was hosting SNL and did a skit where he did not think about funny responses until after the fact.  He said the funny responses way after the fact when they did not make sense.  Luckily he had a time machine and went back in time and was able to say the funny responses at the exact right time.  I wish that I had that time machine to say “It took all of us a “second” to get that Das Boot but we have to “hand” it to you, that was on time”.

Thanks Midriff for the reminder to go over the mission of F3.  With all the noise in the world today it is important to block the nonsense out and remember that we are working out for a greater purpose to better ourselves but also become leaders and better fathers, sons, brothers, grandfathers, etc.


  • Blood Drive 10/29 in Matthews Town Hall
  • ImpactLocal 5K/10K on 12/4 with “Couch to 5K” program leading up to the race
  • Holiday party 11/19 at Old Meck
  • Beer Mile on 10/15; see the #beermile channel on Slack for more details


Thanks Midriff and Soft Pretzel for the opportunity to lead.