Prepare for the Challenge

Prepare for the Challenge

 7 Men Posted at SPEARHEAD with 1 Goal in mind; “Get us ready to handle a GORUCK Challenge”.   It was time again to spice it up a little bit and try a few new exercises that may make it on the Cardre’s list for Feb 7th GRC  or F3 Custom if you are doing any GORUCK events soon, there is nowhere better to prepare your body for what you are about to go through…

The Thang

Coupons: Telephone Pole, 2-Man Log, 65lbs Sandbag, 50 Foot Rope and a Football

ALL Exercises Performed with Challenge Weight + Ruck

                           On Your Belly, On Your Back, On Your Feet 

In Cadence:        “On Your Belly” (Forward Leaning Rest Position)

                           “On Your Back” (Swivel from Forward Leaning Rest in one motion to Laying on Back)

                            “On Your Feet” (Similar to Turkish Get Up)

 Cadence went as Follows: On your belly, On your back, On your feet.  During this cycle, we would pause and perform exercises at key moments of the cadence

On your belly, on your back on your feet x 26

On your belly…Merkin Wave x 15/ Elbow Plank Wave – up to Regular- down to Elbow Planks x 10

On your back…

On your feet…Squats Wave x 20 / Monkey Humpers x 50

Repeat for 15 Minutes

Dead Man Drills: Sprint 1/8 mile

–          Every Man gets killed off (one or two at a time)

–          Pax has to figure out how to carry that human 100 yards

–          Pax not carrying had to carry Sandbag and Lunge Walk

–          4 Rounds = 400 yards of Dead Man’s Carry

Field Work:

Partner Bear Crawl x 100 Yards 

Football Game 

–          Pax Line up on End Zone

–          2 Pax play Pitch and Catch to 35 yard line and back

–          ANY DROPPED PASS = Infraction

–          Infractions for each dropped pass x 3 (8) count Body Builders

–          Pax not playing ball had to do series of exercises

 Round 1: Squat with Ruck Press

–          4 dropped passes

–          12 (8) count Body Builders as penalty

Round 2: Front Squats

–          2 dropped passes

–          6 (8) count Body Builders as penalty

Round 3: Bicep Curl with Ruck

–          No dropped passes

–          Merkins x 20 as penalty

Round 4: Tricep Extensions

–          2 dropped passes

–          6 (8) count Body Builders as penalty

 More Field Work:

 Low Crawl WITH Telephone Pole and Log x 50 Yards

 The Shimmy, Shim, Shim x 30 yards

 Backwards Bear Crawl WITH Logs x 50 yards

 TUG OF WAR – 2 Rounds

Team 1 Wins first

Team 2 Wins second

Call it a Draw as time expired



Outstanding work from the Pax today.  T-Claps to Flo Rida as he carried my 235 frame 100 yards non-stop #BEAST, Double Trouble for coming out and making it through the grind, also being strong enough to hold himself up for 100 yards while others carried him (it is extremely hard to be carried in the way he was being carried) #mansgotheart!, Liquor Cycle for coming out despite being injured #restupfool!and all the rest of the Pax.  You guys make it great to be a Q.

We got all sorts of nasty with some GORUCK type exercises.   These kinds of exercises do more than test your cardio and strength; they test your mental fortitude.  Unnatural and Uncomfortable moves like low crawl, duck walks, partner carry, shimmy shim shim, etc. make your body think twice because it isn’t familiar.  They make you want to quit while your mind races constantly thinking “when is this going to be over”.  Additionally they are extremely tough to accomplish and take a long time.  This is the kind of training that you need in order to prepare yourself for the Welcome Party and the long ruck with log 15+ miles under weight (btw, there is also PT along the way) at the Challenge.  Simply strapping on a Ruck and attending a normal workout is good for cardio and strength, however your body also needs to prepare itself for what you are about to put it through. 

–          Shoulders need to get strong by carrying logs and poles

–          Back needs strength training for partner carries, log work, etc.

–          Feet need to get MANY miles under a Ruck in order to be assured you have the right socks, clothes, gear, etc.

–          Joints need to be ready for awkward movements

–          Elbows and Knees will need to get used to crawling

–          All muscles need to be ready for complete fatigue

–          Rucks and gear needs testing

–          Getting use to being wet or in water with Ruck

–          Etc…the list goes on and on…

As always it is an honor to lead you today.

Respectfully, The Hoff

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9 years ago

Round 3: Bicep Curl with Ruck
– No dropped passes
– Merkins x 20 as penalty


BTB (Bob The Builder)
BTB (Bob The Builder)
9 years ago

Great looking workout, Hoff! I woke up with some bad congestion and figured this wasn’t my best move. Looks like I was right.

Looking forward to the challenge on Friday. Shadow Team ready to deploy.

Big League Chew
Big League Chew
9 years ago

Hate I missed it. Love seeing what come out of Hoff’s sick twisted mind.

Reverend Flo-rida
9 years ago

this whole thing just sucked. plain old suck.
I loved it, and look forward to more.
anybody in for a ruck sunday let me know.
needs to be after 11 and be done by 530

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