Does Running in the Cold Help a Sinus Infection?

Does Running in the Cold Help a Sinus Infection?

Answer: NO!

DiCCS: Delivered

Warm Up

  • Mosey from COT to Parking lot behind Queens South and Plank for “6”
  • 10 X Merkins IC
  • Calf Stretch Left & Right
  • Transition to Upward Facing Dog Yoga Pose
  • Transition to Downward Facing Dog Yoga Pose

The Thang

  • Partner up Gazelle w/ Clydesdale (Some didn’t hear this part and sorry if this wasn’t clear), Grab one Coupon for each pair, P1 – Does Curls until P2 gets back from…, P2 – Runs to opposite side of Family Dollar and does 10 Bobby Hurleys and returns to relieve P1 of  Coupon and Flapjack, 3 Sets Each Partner then… P1 switches to Rows, P2 switches to Bonnie Blairs (5 each leg), 3 2 Sets Each Partner
  • Mosey to parking lot behind Asian Grill
  • Circle up for Captain Therkin, 1 Bigboy Situp : 4 American Hammers + 5 Merkins between sets up to 10:40 (I couldn’t count all of the reps anymore once we got to 5 and I started doing all the evens and one of the other PAX…not sure who… joined in to catch the odds for me… Thanks for that!
  • Mosey to Waxhaw Animal Hospital during which the Q lost his proverbial juice due to a lingering sinus infection (Hold on to get the Gazelles on the loose ahead… To be honest…I think they were scared of KJH), Run up Keith Jong Hill and Gazelles circle back for “6” after reaching first stop sign
  • At top of KJH grab some wall (Thanks Deadwood for taking this over for the Q that lost his juice) and do MT:DK ladder up to 5 MT: 20 DK
  • Mosey to COT and Mary for last 2 mins Deadwood called V Ups X 10 then Pistol IBCs X 10 (5 each leg)
  • Done!

Great work from all PAX who posted this morning. Everyone pushed and everyone had each others back. It was a pleasure leading you most of the way through (Thanks again DW for taking over at the end). Cold air does me no good in this condition and at the end it was unbearably difficult to get my wind.  I hope I get an opportunity to redeem myself in the near future.


  • Twinkle Toes – F3 Waxhaw Holiday Party, November 16th, M’s ok, no 2.0’s, need 2-3 volunteers to help with set up and take down. Christmas Tree and Lights help. 
  • Ice9 – Christ’s Closet – Two Giveaways coming up. 10/24 at Petersburg Primary School in Pageland, SC where over 98% of children are on free lunch.  ‘West-Side Whoopin’ – November 9th ends with CC Giveaway and BBQ (Good alternative to Vagabond that is lower distance 6 miles vs. 13)
  • Kid Rock – Veteran’s Day Fundraiser – Vagabond – 6 AO’s tour of South Charlotte – PreBlast is out there, go check it out. Can meet and join group at any AO on the map, T-Shirts can be ordered now and are on sale until 8 days from now to get them in time for the event. Kicks off at 6:30 and ends at 11:00 with free food and one drink ticket for participants.
  • Bottle Cap – Clyent Dinner is serving at 5:30 PM at Cuthbertson MS with Turnpike on Q

Thanks to Mad Dog Who Took us Out

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