What’s Tabata With you?

What’s Tabata With you?

Tabata training (also called Tabata protocol) is a type of HIIT (high-intensity interval training). It originated in the research of Japanese scientist Dr. Izumi Tabata and his team from the National Institute of Fitness and Sports at Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan, on high-intensity exercise during the early 1990s. Their objective was to find out if short bursts of high-intensity exercise followed by shorter rests might condition the body better than a continuous moderate-intensity exercise. The high-intensity workouts benefited the test subjects more significantly both aerobically and anaerobically, which, evidently, was due to the unbalanced exercise-to-rest ratio. The reasoning behind this is that a shorter period of rest in between longer periods of intense exercise during a workout does not allow the body to fully recover. By the second half of the workout, the body is forced to work at maximum capacity physiologically, causing the heart to pump faster and the rate of metabolism to increase. In the end, the high-intensity routine builds endurance and muscle, and burns lots of calories. Hence, we have the popularity of the Tabata 20-10 workout (20 seconds of exercise, 10 of rest—and repeat).


Moseyed around to the front of the middle school and did

15 side straddle hops

15 imperial walkers

calf stretch

runners stretch

downward dog and upward dog


We then moseyed over to the front of the high school there we began the first  of our 5 Tabata style workouts. We did each of these exercises as many as we could in 20 seconds taking a 10 second rest in between. we did this 2 times.





We then moseyed over to the wooden benches behind the high school. our second Tabata station. Here we did:

Heels to Heaven

American Hammers


Shoulder tap planks

We then moseyed over around the high school to the bus lot by the high school. our Third Tabata station. Here we did:

Donkey Kicks

air presses

Big Boys

Mike Tysons

We then moseyed around the bus parking lot and over to the  benches behind the middle school. our Fourth Tabata station. Here we did:




Incline Merkins

We then moseyed over to Rudy’s poop shack our fifth Tabata station. (This one was not actually planned but we arrived faster than I expected and had to kill some time. Here we did:

Heels to Heaven

American Hammers


Shoulder tap planks

With 2 minutes left we moseyed back up to COT.


Transporter wanted to give out a new award – “The Sweaty T-shirt Award” He presented it to Smithers and Deflated for their efforts.

Posse announced that they are restarting the Lycan at a new time -Monday at 5:45 Waxhaw Elementary

Prayers for Centerfolds family friend Shelly – Slapstick’s mom she is going through a double mastectomy today due to breast cancer.


Overall I felt this was a pretty good workout. You could see several Pax struggling with it towards the end. I came up a little light on the mileage I wanted to accomplish. We came up slightly less than 2 miles but it seemed everyone left there sweating and breathing heavy feeling like they got a decent workout in. Some time was wasted fumbling to take my phone (which I used for the timer) in and out of my plastic bag. Schneider kept making jokes about me constantly playing with my bag. Thanks to Chatterbox for asking me to Q. I really do enjoy this site and I am thankful for all the F3 brothers who encourage me and motivate me every time I come out.

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