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Long time listener, first time caller

ByVoodoo Mar 5, 2021

YHC pulled into the lot next to Seaboard a little after 0500 this morning. Slim Fast's Expedition was there, but no other vehicles I knew. Gradua

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Sprints > Snatches > TGUs?

ByHigh Tide Mar 2, 2021

9 Meatheads, including a very late arriving FNG, Goose (Daniel), and a bunch of #Respects, gathered for doubles, sprints (<> #0.0), and sna

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Olympic Effort

ByVoodoo Feb 28, 2021

4 pax were on time for Olympus yesterday. No rain and warmer temps made for a more enjoyable experience, at least until the workout started. W

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Three’s Company

ByVoodoo Feb 21, 2021

It was brisk out at Calvary Saturday morning. Hoover and I met up at 0600 for a 60-minute pre-run. Both of us had slacked off this week and neede

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Pure Rock Fury

ByHoover Feb 18, 2021

9 men made their regular weekly mistake by showing up to a Hoover Q of Meathead.  YHC is not sure which site q made the worst decision, Voodoo f

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The Eagle Flies at Dawn

ByIckey Shuffle Feb 10, 2021

The latest iteration of Meathead continued the double bell strength program and ten PAX girded up their loins to tackle a midweek meltdown center

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Round and round we go

ByVoodoo Feb 9, 2021

Flipper texted me last night with his latest terrible Tuesday plan: 33:00 warm up, 26:00 of intervals, and 33:00 cool down. Little did he know th

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Gettin’ Swole after the Super Bowl

ByVoodoo Feb 8, 2021

Over the weekend, Mighty Mite texted to let me know that he had tweaked his knee moving furniture (probably single-handedly carrying a recliner s

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Smoked shoulders

ByVoodoo Feb 6, 2021

It was brisk this morning. I figured numbers would be low. Frehley’s was Qing Stonehenge and was a maybe. High Tide is drained from some crazy

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A triumphant return

ByUncle Leo Feb 1, 2021

6 men assembled at the new (old) AO for Swole for our Monday beatdown.  Once again rain threatened, the PAX called it’s bluff and the rain fol

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