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Pain Stations with Running

ByVoodoo Aug 26, 2021

A few weeks ago, Christmas did what any responsible site Q would do and reached out to gauge my interest in Qing Sparta. Of course, I said I’d

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Nothing Goes According to Plan… And thats ok!

ByFlipper May 17, 2021

You would think YHC would be able to effectively execute a plan which had been months in the making… but you would be wrong.  Between poorly t

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Running for Tartarus

ByVoodoo May 12, 2021

7 pax showed up at the Arboretum for another episode of Fast Twitch. I spent the previous night trying to plan a route that would include the hil

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New Slim Fast Hill but no Coffee

ByRetread Apr 16, 2021

14 of F3's finest pax assembled in a middle school parking lot at 0515 for this week's installment of Mountain Goat. Conditions were pretty close

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Running on Empty

ByOrange Whip Apr 13, 2021

Perfect morning for running yet again as the Charlotte spring has been undefeated for two straight years.   Benny had to reschedule th

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Fast Twitch Return to Red Light District

ByBenny Apr 6, 2021

5 pax made the smart decision to post at Fast Twitch this morning for YHC return to Fast Twitch and first Q at the site since November. After a p

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Sportsplex Heaven

ByOrange Whip Apr 1, 2021

Did you hear? Backblasts are required again. It feels like 2015 and it's great. Waxhaw isn't gonna know what hit them once A51 takes back our lan


Stick to the classics

ByHoover Mar 30, 2021

"They told me that the classics never go out of style, but ... they do, they do. Somehow, baby, I never thought that we do too." They said the

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Long time listener, first time caller

ByVoodoo Mar 5, 2021

YHC pulled into the lot next to Seaboard a little after 0500 this morning. Slim Fast's Expedition was there, but no other vehicles I knew. Gradua

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Round and round we go

ByVoodoo Feb 9, 2021

Flipper texted me last night with his latest terrible Tuesday plan: 33:00 warm up, 26:00 of intervals, and 33:00 cool down. Little did he know th

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