Pre Murph

Pre Murph

So I’ve Qed Commitment the last 3 out of 5 weekends. This AO is good but hands down my favorite site is ranked 87th of all AO’s. My goal for all these Q’s was to prepare us for the upcoming Murph challenge on the 27th. I am now broke from paying Rubbermaid to bump Q’s in order to get on the books as much as possible! Mad Dog sealed my fate today in COT as he assigned Q’s until the end of time in hopes he would never have to do another pull-up or Cpt. Therkin. Well played!!

Zinfandel had a great idea when he mentioned we should complete “Cindy” at Commitment this weekend. I already had pull-ups on the weinke and thought his idea was great..AUDIBLE!


Di Cell Cpr Safety

  • Mosey to Cul-da-sac – Circle up
    • 5 SSH
    • 5 Merkins
    • 5 IW
    • 5 Low Slow S
    • Leg Stretch
  • 1 MILE RUN
  • CINDY – AMRAP – 20 Mins
    • 5 Pullups
    • 10 Pushups
    • 15 Squats
    • 1 STR8 ARM SU / 4 Protractor 5/45
      • 2 Merkin
    • 10 Kicks/10 Hold/1 Merkin 9/10/2
  • Lt. DAN – but shorter
  • 1 Squat/4 Jump Lunges – We made it to about 7 and skipped to 10/40
  • 10 Merkins OYO
  • Jailbreak to COT


The Moleskine: #soapboxversion #sorrynotsorry

Welcome Vegas and Brutus to the group! Both did fantastic for their first post. Looks like Lawson may have to step up the recruiting game!!

The typical Moleskine consists of “everyone pushed hard” and all that fluff. I will say a lot of people worked hard..they did. But a few Pax (no names mentioned) would not shut up! Look, if you want to post and talk non-stop you can meet us at McDonald’s or Duncan Doughnuts around 7:30…otherwise stop all the mumble chatter and bust your ass. DO NOT try to carry on a conversation with me while I’m trying to take my body through a terrible workout and need all the mental focus I can muster up to make that happen. Don’t do it! You want to chat during a mosey I’m all for that…you just have to keep up.

I know people post for different reasons…I get that. If you can’t do the reps and have to modify no judgment here at all…DO YOU! But standing around trying to interact during an AO when others are literally killing themselves isn’t what you need to be doing…just sayin’. We have a place for that…see above.

Let me also add, I’m by far not the strongest or the fastest Pax…not even close but I give it my all! I know when its time to talk and a time to work. If you have a fellow Pax and you know he will stand around and talk with you during an AO I encourage you to find him and embrace…possibly join FIA…Don’t come to me…I will not embrace.

To all the Pax that didn’t stand around and chat…WELL DONE!! To all the Pax that attempted the pullups, the whole 20 mins and didn’t chat the entire time…WELL DONE!! A few of us almost got the full 20 rounds!! Damascus well done wearing the vest and getting 20 rounds…the real Murph should be a cake walk!!

I recorded the entire 20 mins mainly to see myself and how I did. Has zero to do with anyone else. If you would like to see how you did and not use the video as ammo to degrade anyone else I will send you the link. Let me know. As always, thanks for letting me lead all of you today! I love all you guys…some of you just need to zip it up a bit… πŸ™‚


Chastain needs site Q’s at Outland – The AO is a good one and ranked higher than #87

The real Murph is one week from Monday – Bring your A game… @ 6:30 Nesbit Park…Coffeteria to follow.

I’ll see you all at Flash Monday… Im on Q…SHOCKER!!!

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